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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 36 Recap

Before the babysitter came, Zhang Yangyang left the school alone to find He Daye, hoping to see Zhang Meng through her. Shu Ying received a call from her nanny and learned that Zhang Yangyang was missing. She immediately went to the school to check the surveillance, and contacted Zhang Meng to search everywhere. However, after searching everywhere, there was still no news. Zhang Meng was anxious for a while and complained that Shu Ying, as a mother, did not pick up her son from school, and had no basic sense of responsibility at all.

Facing Zhang Meng’s accusation, Shu Ying shot back without hesitation, claiming that as a father, he was only concerned with He Daye, hiding in the rental room and not seeing his son. The two quarreled more and more fiercely. Wang Haitao was really helpless and came over immediately. Remind them that they should be prioritized.

At this time, He Daye sent a message to inform Zhang Yangyang that he was in the studio. When several people hurried away, Zhang Yangyang threw himself directly into Zhang Meng’s arms. It was a bit unpleasant for Shu Ying to stand by, but Zhang Meng was angry that Zhang Yangyang ran around alone, and couldn’t help but beat him. Wang Haitao and Shu Ying stepped forward and gave Zhang Yangyang a chance to explain why, and at the same time understood that he didn’t want to go to the United States at all, but wanted to stay with Zhang Meng.

Seeing that Zhang Yangyang was so considerate and considerate, everyone was a little distressed. Wang Haitao helped Shu Ying persuade Zhang Yangyang to live at home first. When Zhang Meng was no longer so busy at work, he could move back to the studio at any time. Under the enlightenment of everyone, Zhang Yangyang agreed to go back with Shu Ying first. After they left, Zhang Meng took the initiative to talk about changing the lock.

He Daye thought Zhang Meng wanted to leave, and was so angry that she drove people on the spot. Seeing that He Daye refused to give him any opportunity to explain, Zhang Meng leaned over and kissed him. Unexpectedly, He Daye had a nervous reflex and subconsciously gave Zhang Meng a slap in the face, slapped him in a daze. He Daye later realized that he was too radical and felt a little embarrassed. Zhang Meng apologized for what happened before, and wanted to move back to the studio and stay with He Daye to take care of her. He Daye was very happy, and the relationship between the two gradually warmed up.

Liu Dan took Luo Chang to see Father Liu. Because he was very dissatisfied with his stepmother, he kept his face cold at the dinner table and didn’t give the right person at all. Liu’s father was not very optimistic about Luo Chang and did not agree to this marriage, but Liu Dan didn’t care at all. She came here to inform, not to seek the consent of the elders, let alone the need for them to attend the wedding.

The meal broke up, and Luo Chang wanted to postpone the marriage, but Liu Dan refused to agree. Luo Chang went home in a daze. He didn’t send a message to He Daye until dark, but he received a blessing from He Daye. On the day the two agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to collect the certificate, Luo Chang did not show up for a long time. Liu Dan waited for a long time before finally deciding to call He Daye.

Because the studio needs manpower, He Daye began to recruit a lot. However, there were not a single suitable candidate for many job seekers. Shi Tao learned of the recruitment notice issued by He Daye, and took the initiative to ask Ying to return to the studio. He Daye didn’t want to delay Shi Tao’s future, and his profession was not compatible with wedding, so he persuaded him to think about Jiajia and make long-term plans.

While He Daye was chatting with Shi Tao, I saw that Lin Weina’s old colleague came to apply, and learned that Lin Weina seemed to have had an accident recently, leaving the company alone, even the big star Feifei and the rich second-generation marrying big order refused. Pick up. After all, Lin Weina belongs to the owner who sees money open, and the reason for her sudden change of sex must prove that the company will disband soon or later. He Daye wanted to keep asking, but suddenly received a call from Liu Dan and learned that Luo Chang had escaped from marriage again during the days when he got the certificate, but he never showed up.

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