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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 35 Recap

Seeing He Daye gradually falling asleep, Zhang Meng carefully covered her with a quilt. I was planning to go downstairs to pay for He Daye’s electric card. Unexpectedly, Luo Chang came from the other side, apparently looking for He Daye to settle the bill. Faced with Luo Chang’s entanglement, Zhang Meng stopped him from going upstairs and made it clear that he was the child’s father.

Luo Chang was speechless, so he turned and left. He Daye woke up and turned on the light, and found that Zhang Meng had already charged the electricity card, leaving a note to comfort him by the way, and he couldn’t help feeling a warm feeling in his heart. Although He Daye was moved by Zhang Meng’s responsibility and consideration, things happened too suddenly, so during that time he had been absent from work and hid at home, intending to be isolated from the world.

Liu Dan couldn’t help himself, and simply came to check it out. Unexpectedly, as soon as her forefoot arrived, Luo Chang followed her with the tonic. By the way, he lied and deceived Liu Danmeng. There is something in Luo Chang’s words, which seems to be an apology for what happened before, but in reality there is another metaphor. No matter what he said, He Daye basically responded indifferently.

Despite this life, life still has to be lived. While He Daye talks about Fang Min’s wedding, he also wants to admit to Zhang Meng that the child is related to him for the first time. However, He Daye believes that his career is on the rise, so he does not intend to keep the child, and neither of them is ready to become parents.

Just as He Daye and Zhang Meng were discussing the child, the difficult bride Fang Min called and asked her to take Zhang Meng to the wedding venue. After Zhang Meng’s sincere persuasion and intentional pursuit, He Daye gradually changed his mind and promised to seriously consider this matter, provided that Zhang Meng continued to “betray the male sex.”

Jiajia helped Shi Tao change the light bulb and took the initiative to talk about her childhood experiences, which is why she opened a bar. Shi Tao had a better view of Jiajia, but she did not expect Jiajia to hug Shi Tao directly, suggesting that he should not hang himself on a tree, but instead try to date with himself, starting with the most innocent date.

It happened that at this time, Mother Shi personally prepared some food and delivered it to her son. When she saw the intimate scene between him and Jiajia, she was so angry that she rushed over and yelled. The mother and son quarreled in front of Jiajia, and finally Mama Shi threw down the cruel words and slammed the door and left. Jiajia sent Shi Tao home, especially reminding him to keep his temper and be soft with his mother. Because of Jiajia’s understanding, Shi Tao decided to try and fall in love with her on impulse, which made Jiajia somewhat flattered.

However, Shi Ma was stubborn and couldn’t listen to anything that Shi Tao said. Instead, she ordered him to move home, otherwise she would leave the country immediately. Shi Tao blamed his mother for always wanting to control his life, in fact, he was afraid that his life would start again, but he needed friendship and love and didn’t want to grow up in the greenhouse.

He Daye accompanied Fang Min and his wife to look at the venue, Zhang Meng stood by and took care of He Daye carefully, truly thoughtful and caring. As Fang Min had a lot of requirements for the venue, her husband Zhao Xiaopeng was extremely helpless. He wanted to go but couldn’t go. He could only take advantage of the time to buy water and talked with Fang Min’s best friend on the phone.

At the same time, when Shi Tao learned that He Daye was pregnant with Zhang Meng’s child, he was angry and distressed, and decided to take care of He Daye. But Liu Dan thinks that no matter how deep Shi Tao’s affection for He Daye is, Shi Ma will still stop him, so it is hard to believe that he will turn against his family for He Daye.

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