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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 27 Recap

Team Huo had a temporary conference call, and Wang Xiaocong and Qiao Yuqian went to the clinic together. The patient was also a doctor, named Qiao Dawei. He was very resistant to going to the hospital, but he was still taken away by the ambulance. The smelly Qiao Dawei was just pushed into the ward, and the other patients felt dissatisfied, thinking that the smell on him was too great.

Qiao Dawei refused to change clothes in front of the female doctor and nurse, so Wang Xiaocong asked Qiao Yuqian to leave first and helped him change the dirty clothes. Later, Qiao Yuqian told Wang Xiaocong about Qiao Dawei. He was once a popular gynecological sacred hand on Zal Island. After losing his wife in his early years, he acted with another woman. He did not expect that the other party was a liar and deceived all his money, so much so. Qiao Dawei’s spirit became trance for a while.

Zhou Yue asked Qiao Yuqian about Xifu Gold Shop. Qiao Yuqian said that this was an old shop on Zal Island. Their house was all pure gold, so all the things they sold were expensive. Zhou Yue thought about it after hearing it. Qiao Dawei was still very resistant to Xin Lu. Wang Xiaocong knew his weakness and prescribed the right medicine to stimulate him. Qiao Dawei actually acquiesced to let Xin Lu take care of herself. Xin Lu was puzzled, and Wang Xiaocong gave him his own experience by the way.

Zhou Yue made a special trip to find John to help Aunt Lan ask about Dr. Ruan. I heard John mention that Dr. Ruan has government welfare subsidies, but this can probably only support life, and it is obviously impossible to support the extra expenditure. Liao Yu and Qiao Yuqian talked, but Qiao Yuqian’s reaction was so intense that Liao Yu actually agreed to her and promised not to talk to her if there is nothing wrong.

The medical team has been on Zal Island for so long, and finally has a collective outing. They received the blessings of the villagers on the beach, and then went to the beach to fish for seafood. Everyone’s face was full of smiles, and it was rare to relax. Unexpectedly, John also came, handsomely swimming over the wave towards the crowd. In this collective activity, Qiao Yuqian took his carved puppet and asked him why he didn’t admit that he liked himself.

Liao Yu didn’t admit it, but he couldn’t say that he hated Qiao Yuqian. Qiao Yuqian’s further stimulation caused Liao Yu to be agitated for a while and thumped at her, but reason made him leave after Qiao Yuqian closed his eyes. After thinking about it, Zhou Yue still intends to tell John that Aunt Lan has a gold bracelet in her hand.

In addition to the gold bracelet, Zhou Yue also discovered that the owner of the Yishengle manufacturer and the owner of Xifu Jinpu are the same person. She talked to John about Xie Hua being falsely accused of advertising as a probiotic music manufacturer. She said that the villagers were very hostile to Xie Hua because of this. Huo Xiang once went to the manufacturer, but their person in charge put the matter down completely. Xie Hua has passed away for so long, this matter has not been clarified until now, and Xie Hua has not been able to return to his innocence.

Intuition tells Zhou Yue that the epidemic, Xie Hua’s framed up, Ge Nuwen and Dr. Ruan, and the rumors of the Friendly Hospital are all connected behind the scenes, or there are some secrets they don’t know. As the sun sets, the villagers held a fun party for them, and Qiao Yuqian danced the local folk dance, which looked brilliant.

The next day, Zhou Yue also told Li Tiancheng what he had said to John yesterday. Knowing that Zhou Yue had told John about Aunt Lan’s affairs for Deputy Xie, Li Tiancheng was worried that the forces behind him would pose a threat to Zhou Yue and quarreled with her. Aunt Lan was taken to the police station for investigation. When she saw Doctor Ruan who was handcuffed, Aunt Lan was crying with her baby in her arms. Aunt Lan ran to the Friendly Hospital and scolded Zhou Yue and personally destroyed the sign that gave the child Guanyin. Zhou Yue felt sorry for her, but she had to do it again.

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