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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 42 Recap

Mingyuan’s stocks have been rising all the way, Fang Weiguo can no longer have the funds to continue to buy, but once the rising stocks are sold, they will still make a profit without losing money. The so-called advance can attack and retreat. All of this was the result of Tang Mingxuan’s manipulation behind the scenes. The only condition he promised Zhu Haitian acquired was to use his resources to make Mingyuan’s stock rise all the way.

Mingyuan officially opened the press conference and formally signed a contract to acquire Haiyao. Fang Weiguo also received the news immediately and came to the press conference in person. Tang Qiren deliberately retreated behind the scenes and left everything to Tang Mingxuan to take care of. He also chose to have a smile with Fang Weiguo, play basketball, and enjoy his life.

Since Zhu Haitian solved the company’s troubles, he has been hiding in the hotel unwilling to meet Bai Xiaoman. It was not until Bai Xiaoman chased him to the hotel that he suddenly woke up. Zhu Haitian has chosen to break up with Bai Xiaoman, so why should he give up his villa to a woman who has nothing to do with him, and immediately drive Bai Xiaoman out of the villa.

Bai Xiaoman, who had nowhere to go, looked at the contacts on the phone. She had no friends to help. Bai Xiaoman finally dialed Qi Da’s phone, and Qi Da took Bai Xiaoman home without asking why. Bai Xiaoman cried and sat on Qi Da’s electric car. The luxury goods she brought out were also thrown on the ground. Perhaps she was really ready to live anew.

Fang Xiaoyu was the new instructor of the elective course of Oriental Ethnic Costumes. Although Murphy was surprised, he also had a lot of exchanges and contacts with him. At the same time, Tang Mingxuan took the initiative to ask Cheng Yang to come out to drink with him. In the long-distance love experience and persuasion of the other party, Tang Mingxuan became more and more afraid and missed Morphy more and more.

For a night of hangover, Tang Mingxuan made the wrong phone call and confessed to Cheng Yang, and then he drank again, asking Yang Guang to send him back to the company. Tang Mingxuan didn’t know that Mia had taken the initiative to invite him to France to discuss the acquisition of SLC until the dawn of the next day. Tang Mingxuan rushed to France as soon as he flew for work and miss.

Lu Dan also inadvertently saw Lu Zhu’s phone call and saw the intimate photos of his niece and Mo Fan. He was even more furious, prohibiting Lu Zhu from contacting Mo Fan. Because of this, Lu Zhu had a hangover in the bar where Mo Fan worked, and watching Mo Fan still regard himself as a friend, she said on impulse to break the relationship. It was precisely because of such stimulation that Mo Fan finally took the initiative to confess that the two people formally established a romantic relationship.

Since Tang Mingxuan went to France, Xia Xueling was more relieved than before, but the sadness in her heart could not be smoothed immediately. Until a man in a bear suit appeared downstairs in Mingyuan Company, he would hug those passing by with love every day, and Xia Xueling also became softer in the embrace of the other person.

One day, Xia Xueling happened to see the man in bear clothes on the parking lot when she was going to work. She wanted to say hello to him, but saw that the man turned around. It was Yan Xu. Xia Xueling looked at Yan Xu downstairs in the company and gave passers-by hugs in the hot summer to welcome the love given to Xia Xueling at night.

After Tang Mingxuan arrived in France, he squatted on Murphy’s only way home and gave him a big surprise. Murphy was pleasantly surprised, and was even more pleased that Tang Mingxuan successfully acquired SLC at a price reduced by 30%.

Walking on the romantic French streets, Tang Mingxuan suddenly hesitated to say something. He wanted to blurt out some words but held back. Tang Mingxuan wants to have a date with Murphy tomorrow, a date that is of great significance to them.

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