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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 41 Recap

Sun Xiaoai went downstairs and appeared in front of Su Xing. Su Xing told her the story of him and Min Na. Min Na was his senior sister and she introduced her for the first job. At that time, Su Xing and Min Na had no choice but to play tricks, and they found themselves very small when they walked out of the school gate. Min Na was taken advantage of by the director. Su Xing couldn’t help but was stopped by Min Na. At that time, Min Na had already recognized the cruelty of society, Su Xing is still the boy.

Later, Min Na decided to go to the United States, and Su Xing was not qualified to stop her. Six months later, Min Na found Su Xing. She was pregnant and missed the best chance of miscarriage. Because of her poor health, Min Na might never have the chance to get pregnant again. Su Xing decided to let him give birth to raise her own. Little Pudding was born under the name of his elder brother and sister-in-law. Su’s mother strongly opposed it at first, but she still raised Pudding. Su Xing’s starting point was to protect Little Pudding, but she didn’t expect Little Pudding’s feelings.

Later, Su Xing gradually became a domestic first-line artist, and some people also affected Min Na. Fortunately, the identity of Pudding was not found. Su Xing had been waiting for Minna to return to China for these years, but later found out that he no longer loved Minna, but he was not reconciled. Sun Xiaoai quickly accepted the truth, and since she was with Su Xing, she decided to face everything with him.

Qi Yue follows Pete and finds that he and Min Na’s people have met. Minna bought a cake for Pudding, Su Xing was going back with Pudding, Minna almost blurted out her identity. Qi Yue came to ask Pitt to help him get the program of Daguo Medicine, and Pete said he had already set the time. Da Guo Yi announced that Cheng Ke would personally direct the show, but Pete was not surprised. Little Pudding, Su Xing, and Min Na came home and found that Su’s mother was back.

Su’s mother asked Little Pudding to go upstairs to change clothes, and then said straightforwardly that their home did not welcome Min Na. Su Xing already has a girlfriend, and Little Pudding is here. Life at home is also very happy, Minna shouldn’t bother. Minna hoped that Su’s mother would give herself a chance, but Su’s mother didn’t want to care about her.

Pete told Qi Yue that Mr. Xue was very dissatisfied with him and questioned his ability to work, so Xiaowei would be Qi Yue’s agent starting tomorrow, and he also advised him not to play with fire and set himself on fire. It turned out that Qi Yue secretly went to Mr. Xue to complain that Pete and Minna were discussing cooperation. After Peter explained it eloquently, Mr. Xue was relieved and immediately decided to use Su Xing. Su Xing persuaded Su’s mother that Minna is Xiao Pudding’s biological mother after all, but Su’s mother asked him to take care of Sun Xiaoai’s relationship. Sun Xiaoai is very sensitive. Don’t miss someone worth cherishing because of Minna, don’t forget him Who was by his side in the most difficult time.

Min Na is not worried about the selection of Da Guo Yi, if it is really fair and open, he will be successful. Qi Yue made an appointment with a female president. Mr. Yoding went to the theater. Of course Mr. Ding could see his thoughts and he did not resist, and the words were very ambiguous. Yan Xi and Qingping followed Qi Yue. Qingping received news from Qi Yue and asked him and the crew to ask for leave to show that the genius was going back. Su Xing brought Sun Xiaoai to Min Na to talk about cooperation. Min Na was a little surprised. In order to understand Su Xing’s industry, Sun Xiaoai reads books and watches movies.

Someone broke a photo of Su Xing going to the amusement park with Minna and Pudding. Pudding’s photo was censored, so Minna did not respond. She wanted to force Sun Xiaoai to leave Su Xing so that she knew who could give Su Xing. What the stars really want. Minna talked about Su Xing about Pudding. Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai to pick up Pudding from school. Sun Xiaoai persuaded Su Xing to think about how to talk to Pudding about this matter.

Liang Yuxuan’s condition gradually worsened, and Sun Yihang advised her not to come to work tomorrow, but if Liang Yuxuan doesn’t sing or play drums, what is the meaning of life. Sun Yihang asked Liang Yuxuan when to get the certificate. Liang Yuxuan said that they could not get the certificate for the time being, and she could not give herself to Sun Yihang in this situation, so it would be irresponsible.

Su Xing went to see Minna. Minna thought that there was no need to press the news to recognize Pudding, but Su Xing did not allow me to hurt Pudding. He persuaded Minna to accompany Pudding and let him accept her. Su Xing’s biggest dream is not to be a first-line artist. His biggest dream now is to hope that his children and lovers can be healthy and safe. Sun Xiaoai came with the little pudding, Minna was a little angry when she saw it, and she kept getting close to the little pudding. Xiao Puding drew a picture with Su Xing and himself on it, and the other was Sun Xiaoai.

Min Na hated and angry, Sun Xiaoai quickly took Little Pudding to do her homework, Min Na was very excited. Little Pudding said that she didn’t like Min Na. Sun Xiaoai persuaded him not to be rude. Min Na was very angry when she saw it. She rushed to reprimand Sun Xiaoai for not disciplining her children. She also told Little Pudding that she was not his aunt, but him. Mother! Su Xing hurriedly stopped, and the two had a big fight, and Little Pudding cried loudly.

Qi Yue sent an antique to Director Feng and asked him to take care of Julie in the crew. Little Pudding rushed home when he got out of the car. Sun Xiaoai persuaded Su Xing to give him more time.

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