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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 40 Recap

Minna said that she had noticed Su Xing’s changes a long time ago. After Su Xing met Sun Xiaoai, she frequently mentioned her, and then they didn’t have much contact with her. Min Na said that even if they no longer love each other, there are still many things to face together. Min Na took out some scripts. She and investors set up an entertainment company that needs partners. Although Mr. Xue and Pete will not let Su Xing go easily, Min Na will help him set up everything.

I hope Su Xing will think about it. After all, they are Pudding’s parents, and Minna also hopes to recognize Pudding again. Su Xing said that Pudding had always thought that his brother and sister-in-law were his biological parents, and he didn’t want to tell Pudding the truth too early. After Su Xing left, Min Na’s assistant came out of the dark, and he had already taken a picture of the two embracing each other. Minna asked him to post the photos, and later post about their feelings.

Qingping told Yan Xi and Liang Yuxuan that Qi Yue did answer the call, and Yan Xi quickly found someone to test the medicine Qingping brought back. Minna went to see Sun Xiaoai, and she opened the door and said that she was Little Pudding’s mother. She and Su Xing had a seven-year appointment. She would wait until Xiao Puding was seven years old when she returned to China and the family of three would be reunited. Sun Xiaoai was stunned, Su Xing had never said this to her. Min Na persuaded Sun Xiaoai to quit as soon as possible. She really wanted to help Su Xing and shouldn’t use her method. Tomorrow Minna made an appointment with Su Xing and Cheng Ke for dinner and asked Sun Xiaoai to design the menu. Sun Xiaoai did not reply.

Su Xing and Pete met, and the two recalled that Pete said they were going to open a bottle of wine. This was the wine they had agreed to wait for Su Xing to win the international award. Sun Xiaoai was absent-minded all day, Ye Lang asked her if she was too tired and wanted to take a vacation. When Sun Xiaoai saw the picture of Su Xing and Min Na hugging her, her face changed, and she quickly found an excuse to leave. Su Xing said that they did not blame anyone until today.

When he first met Pete, he said that he wanted to be a good actor. Nothing could stop him from becoming a good actor. Su Xing asked Pete to keep the wine well and there would be a day when he would open it. He had never hated Pete. If it weren’t for him, his family would have moved back to the old house. Pete reminded Su Xing to be careful not to let Mr. Xue catch it. handle.

Ye Lang sent Sun Xiaoai home, Su Xing suddenly appeared and hugged Sun Xiaoai, but Sun Xiaoai took his hand away. Ye Lang said that if Su Xing made Sun Xiaoai unhappy, he would not forgive him, and would never give up Sun Xiaoai. Min Na came to meet Pi Special, Min Na proposed to cooperate with Pete to jointly expand Su Xing’s deductive career. She has a lot of overseas resources, but she must first mention Su Xing’s domestic situation. Pete said that she had no choice. Minna said that she just wanted an authorization. If she can push Su Xing to the front line after Su Xing’s contract ends, she and Pete will regain Su Xing’s new contract.

Sun Xiaoai asked Sun Yihang and Liang Yuxuan if she felt a sense of powerlessness when she was dating. She couldn’t give Su Xing what she wanted, but others could easily give it to her, and Sun Xiaoai didn’t understand what Su Xing liked. Sun Yihang was very worried about Sun Xiaoai and felt that Ye Lang was reliable. Sun Xiaoai told him that Ye Lang was the heir of the Jishi Group and clamored to let Ye Lang invite him to dinner. Sun Xiaoai worries alone, no one talks about it. Su Xing was distressed when seeing the photos of herself and Minna, but could do nothing about it. Uncle He was also very worried when he saw the news. He was afraid that Su Mu was anxious, so he took her to the suburbs to play.

Minna called about Su Xing to meet. Pudding yelled to eat the cake made by Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing said that Pudding’s beautiful aunt who accompanied him on his birthday would come to play with him, and Pudding was soon coaxed. All right. Xiao Puding still refused to give up, and used Su Xing’s cell phone to send a voice to Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai immediately started making cakes when he saw it. Yan Xi discovered that those medicines were all health care products, and none of them were used to treat heart disease. Qingping and Liang Yuxuan were very angry.

Su Xing brought Min Na to see Pudding and brought him a magic wand that Pudding liked very much. Soon, Sun Xiaoai came with the cake. Su Xing opened the door and saw that she was a little at a loss. Pudding couldn’t wait to pull Sun Xiaoai in. Su Xing didn’t respond. When Sun Xiaoai saw Min Na hurriedly found an excuse to leave, Min Na was very understanding and asked Su Xing to explain to Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai was very excited because of being deceived. He ignored Su Xing’s explanation, and Sun Xiaoai turned and left.

Su Xing went back and asked Minna if she arranged the secret shooting. Minna denied that it should be Pete, and said that Sun Xiaoai was not suitable for Su Xing at all. Minna will take Pudding to the game hall tomorrow, and ask Su Xing and herself to have dinner with Cheng Ke in the evening. Minna and Su Xing came to the restaurant and said that they didn’t expect Sun Xiaoai to work here. Minna asked Sun Xiaoai to take pictures with Cheng Ke. The mobile wallpaper was a group photo of Minna and Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai was very concerned. Sad.

Yu Jiaoqiao has returned to the United States, and President Yu doesn’t like to talk to Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s scenes have been cut a lot, not even the second male. Seeing this, Pete decided to meet with Minna and talk about it. Sun Xiaoai thought that Su Xing and Min Na could not fall asleep over and over, Su Xing sent her a lot of news that Sun Xiaoai was very excited downstairs, but still didn’t want to go downstairs. Su Xing kept calling and begging Sun Xiaoai to forgive him.

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