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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 42 Recap

When the carriage was speeding, Zai Feng suddenly woke up and came to the wilderness. Zai Feng saw Su Yijian’s back. Su Yijian gave Zaifeng a sum of money, advising Zaifeng not to cause rumors to recur, instead, it would cause Wan’er to suffer in the palace. Zai Feng naturally understood the truth, so he had to hold on to the purse silently.

Liu E learned that the Pan family had confessed to the murder of the emperor’s heir, and his memories flashed past, which connected all the doubts together. It turned out that Yuan Kan didn’t see himself for a few days because of his guilt towards the emperor. Liu E took the initiative to find Yuan Kan. Yuan Kan stood in the dark, closing the palace, exterminating the family, and giving death. Yuan Kan did too many vicious things in desperation, just to protect the country, Liu E also lowed after hearing this. After he turned his head, how could he not be burdened with guilt for Wan’er. Before nightfall, Yuan Kan held Wan’er’s hand, and the two looked at the illuminated capital and promised to support each other.

Ten years later, the hunting feast is underway. Liu E watched Yuan Kan keep closing his eyes and rested, looking very tired, but worry arose in his heart. Ding Wei came forward to report on the matter of digging the lake. Yijian and Su Yijian were hunting outside at this time. With the help of Su Yijian, Yijian shot the prey. But Liu E was still worried, so Yuan Kan proposed to check the situation in person. Liu E was even more worried after seeing Yuan Kan’s situation, but Yuan Kan insisted on going.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before his subordinates came to report and talked about Yuan Kan’s fall. Liu E frowned and hurriedly called the imperial physician. Yifei and Liu E checked on the side. Yuan Kan was still awake and learned that Yiyi had shot an elk. Yuan Kan was very happy and bluntly said that he wanted to shoot again with Yiyi.

In the court hall, Li Deming from the party department sent memorials, which meant borrowing grain. But Ding said that now the state treasury does not have enough food, Kou Zhun proposed to use borrowing as a retreat, deliberately saying that he had prepared millions of food in the capital. This forced Li Deming to use troops to get it, and the two sides had a huge disparity in force. Naturally, Li Deming did not dare to act rashly. It was resolved for a while, Yuan Kan asked about the drought again, before he heard a few more words, Yuan Kan suddenly felt a headache, and hurriedly told his officials to withdraw from the court.

Shou Kang and Benevolence played in Liu E’s bedroom. Now Shou Kang is in the year of Ji Jin, and Liu E personally sews clothes for the two of them. But the eunuch sent a message again, saying that Yuan Kan had a headache again, so Liu E hurried to check it out. For the banquet of monarchs and ministers, Liu E deliberately prepared coarse tea and light meals, in order to take into account the drought in the south of the Yangtze River, so that everyone would not eat delicacies, but experience the suffering of the victims.

After tasting the rice porridge, everyone discovered that there was a mystery inside. It turned out that this is millet from dry land, which is suitable for the land of Jiangnan. The ministers had an epiphany and praised Liu E for his wit. However, Kou Zhun was prepared to prevent Liu E from interfering in the affairs of the previous dynasty. Yuan Kan came forward to relieve Liu E and Kou Zhun stopped.

Kou Zhun and Yuan Kan came to the study quietly, thinking they were going to discuss matters, but Yuan Kan took out a pot of aged royal wine and had a drink. Liu E forbids Yuan Kan from drinking, mainly because of Yuan Kan’s headache. The two talked about the disease again. Yuan Kan said that he would often fall into a coma. Many times, the queen would take care of state affairs. Now Yuan Kan is gradually feeling powerless. After hearing this, Kou Zhun really knelt down and asked Yuan Kan not to let Liu E be in charge of state affairs, but to allow the benefit to study politics in advance. Later, the auxiliary ministers will help each other. Yuan Kan was silent after listening, just looked out the door.

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