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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 41 Recap

A large number of soldiers came to the door of Pan’s house. Su Yijian and Cao used their troops to come, and the torches lit up the bright sky. Jiading hurriedly woke up Pan Bozheng and Mrs. Pan. On the other side, Pan Liang gathered his troops, and With his token, sent Jiading to the south of the city to call in troops, with the intention of confronting Yuan Kan. Pan Liang’s crazy behavior was stopped by Pan Bozheng. Pan Bozheng believed that Yuan Kan must have come prepared.

Pan Liang couldn’t hit the stone with an egg. As a Pan family boy, Pan Bozheng must demand dignity. Under Pan Bozheng’s persuasion, the two had to change into court clothes and go out to get the order. Cao used to recite the imperial decree, the Pan family fornicated the palace, the family property was confiscated, and Pan Bozheng took off their official hats and put on shackles.

Liu E puts on Yuan Kan’s imperial uniform, and is about to mention Shou’an, but Yuan Kan just asks Liu E in a low voice when he learned about Pan Yushu’s affair. Liu E lowered his eyebrows and said timidly, realizing it. After arriving at the wound in Shou’an, he found the imperial doctor. Sure enough, Liu E had already discovered the strangeness when Cao used the report. Even wanting to handle such things privately, Yuan Kan didn’t expect Liu E to disregard his own feelings, so “the world of mother rites”, so he looked at Liu E coldly and waved his sleeves to leave.

Cao used to hand over the confession letter of Pan and his son. In addition to fornicating the palace, Cao used to say in a confession that Pan and his son also confessed one more guilt: murdering the prince. Sitting in the cell alone, Pan Liang saw Yuan Kan’s figure. Even now, Pan Liang still considers himself to be one of the best. Although the Pan family has fallen, the situation of Yuan Kan is now known to the world. Pan Liang is very proud, but he still wants to know what kind of mystery is behind the prince. . However, Yuan Kan would not give Pan Liang another chance, and immediately sent people to put Pan Liang and Pan Bozheng to a decision.

Yushu was given poisoned wine, and even Yue’er would die. Liu E deliberately went to comfort the confined Shou’an, fearing that the young Shou’an would be frightened. Knowing that Yu Shu was given poisoned wine, Liu E specially brought Shou’an to see Yu Shu for the last time. Yu Shu’s face was full of tears, and Shou An asked Yu Shu not to leave, but it was too late. Yu Shu took the initiative to say the last word with Liu E. Liu E proposed that he would keep his life safe and secure. After Yu Shu heard it, he bowed down and returned the salute.

Recalling that I have fought with Liu E all my life, or was my own wishful thinking from beginning to end. Originally thought that his current fate was due to his father and brother, but Pan Yushu, who longed for Yuan Kan’s favor, has lost his correct judgment. Zhang Jingzong passed the poisoned wine again, Yu Shu no longer evaded, he toasted and drank, then turned and sat at the table, Yu Shu in the bronze mirror was very calm, his head slowly dropped, but the pearl earrings on the earlobes continued to shine .

Zhang Jingzong reported to Yuan Kan that Yu Shu had taken poisoned alcohol. When asked about his last words, he learned that the last time Yu Shu met was Liu E. Yuan Kan did not say much. Jingzong said in the next sentence that Liu E had already sent someone. Take Shou’an out of the palace. Yuan Kan was very disappointed. He didn’t expect Liu E to treat himself like this. Would he really kill Shou’an, who has been with him for many years? But Liu E’s heart is actually afraid that Shou’an’s appearance will stimulate Yuan Kan several times.

When she arrived at Wan’er’s bedroom, Liu E saw Wan’er who was dancing gracefully in a white dress. He happily took Liu E’s hand to explain that he was in love with Yuan Kan and dreamed of raising children with Yuan Kan. Liu E’s guilt rose again, and she would rather not get acquainted with Wan’er again. Wan’er shook Liu E’s hand with a smile on her face, still asking Liu E, what on earth was Wan’er giving birth to that day.

Seeing Liu E’s eyes full of tears, Wan’er seemed to have got the answer. The smile remained unchanged and stepped back, saying that he would stay in this Yuchen Palace forever and never see Liu E again. Liu E had nothing to say more, tears fell, and he could only close the palace door and make a secret decision in his heart, even if he tried his best to keep the benefit.

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