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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 40 Recap

His subordinates hurriedly reported to Pan Liang that he had found Zaifeng’s whereabouts. Pan Liang rushed to the cell to meet with Zaifeng… A few days later, the Hundred Days Banquet began, and Wang Qinruo proposed a game to put cakes on the cake tray. It means to accumulate blessings, and the ministers offered their blessings one after another, one after another, they were tired.

Everyone was overjoyed when they saw the more tired the cakes, but as soon as Wan’er arrived, the cakes collapsed instantly, and Wan’er sat down silently. Pan Liang was at the birthday banquet together. Looking at the crowd behind him, Zai Feng really appeared, his eyes fixed on Wan’er and Liu E. The sharp-eyed Su Yijian quickly caught Zaifeng’s figure, and then secretly left the seat.

Yiyi started crying again, Liu E kept coaxing, the crying was still constant, Wan’er couldn’t help but staring at Yiyi, and offered to try it. Liu E passed it, and Wan’er hugged it in her arms. He coaxed softly, and sure enough the cry of benefit stopped, but at this time Wan’er kept calling the benefit as her own child. Yuan Kan and Liu E changed their faces as soon as they heard it. Zaifeng looked at her sister holding the prince and was about to stand up, but Su Yijian grabbed Zaifeng’s shoulder…

Zaifeng was still locked up in a cell, and Zaifeng was unwilling to complain, but Su Yijian just advised him not to be self-assertive, so he left quietly. Pan Liang came to the bedroom and discussed with Yushu. Yu Shu thought that there was no flaw in the Queen’s pregnancy, but Pan Liang believed that Liu E must be a fake pregnancy, and Yuan Kan must also be involved. Yu Shu was shocked when she heard this.

The nurse is seriously ill and is about to die. Yingluo lay down in front of the bed. Before dying, the nurse knew that Yingluo was straight-hearted and she would surely cause trouble in the future. After that, she handed her daughter Yingluo a bottle of potion to avoid future disasters. Yingluo took it after listening. When Liu E arrived, Yingluo had fallen to the ground and couldn’t make a sound. It turned out that the nanny passed the dumb medicine.

The nanny called Liu E. Please Liu E must take care of Yingluo. Returning to the palace, Liu E and Yuan Kan stood in the attic, lamenting the selfless dedication of the nanny all her life. At this time, Dr. Dong asked to see him, hoping to sue the old man and return home. Yuan Kan gave permission after thinking for a moment. Liu E ordered Su Yijian to protect Taiyi Dong, but assassins came, but Su Yijian repelled him. Liu E knew that the assassin would never be sent by Yuan Kan, so he asked Su Yijian to investigate the matter thoroughly.

A few days later, Cao took advantage of this report, saying that someone had reported the disappearance of a forbidden army. After investigation, Cao used the investigation and found that Pan Mansion had taken the forbidden army. Yuan Kan allowed Cao to use this to conduct a thorough investigation, and Cao used this to continue to report that the missing imperial army was named Zhong Qiao, with six fingers. As soon as Liu E heard it, he recalled that he had seen the scar on Princess Shou’an’s hand, but Liu E didn’t say much anymore, just continued to comfort and benefit.

One day, Liu E received the blueprint sent by Cao utilization. At this time, Shou An ran to visit and benefit from Yushu’s nap. Liu E looked at the wound again and called the guard and imperial physician to the palace. Yushu woke up from a nap and began to look for Shou’an. Yueer reported to Yushu that Yingluo had lost her voice. Only then did she learn that all the witnesses mentioned by Pan Liang had disappeared one by one, and Yushu became more confused as she thought about it.

Yushu thought that if this incident were to be exposed, Liu E’s status would be lost. After Yue’er heard this, she was very frightened, but she continued to advise. At night, Liu E came to Yushu’s bedroom, but Yushu was burning paper money. Liu E deliberately took out the portrait of Zhong Qiao in front of Yu Shu, and it turned out that Yu Shu became at a loss. I saw Liu E talk carefully, six fingers, disappearance, and rumors. Yu Shu became more nervous as he listened.

He only heard Liu E say that he felt sorry for Shou’an and couldn’t bear to encounter it at such a young age. Before Liu E could persuade him, Yuan Kan and Cao took advantage of breaking in. Liu E quickly retracted the portrait, but Yuan Kan was still caught. Yuan Kan was furious, who knew that Yushu was still debating at the moment, so Cao took advantage of it and took out the token of love custom-made by Zhong Qiao for Yushu, which is still hanging on Yushu’s ears.

Seeing the Dongchuang incident, Yu Shu simply told everything, including his neglect, his brother arranged a guard to pretend to be the prince, and he gave birth to Shou’an. Yuan Kan became more and more angry as he listened, and simply pushed Yu Shu away and left angrily. Cao followed with fear and bluntly said that he hadn’t heard anything. Yuan Kan resisted his anger, took a deep breath, and ordered a copy of the Pan family.

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