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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 36 Recap

Tianyue asked about Jiang Chen, Ding Kai told her that Jiang Chen was admitted to Haida University for Liu Chang, and Tianyue found out that they were on the same floor after asking about Jiang Chen’s room. Ding Kai asked about Tianyue’s life, and Tianyue said lightly. I don’t want to say much, I left.

Mr. Zhang and He Cai ran into Wu Yiyang head-on after they broke up in the restaurant. He couldn’t wait to pull Wu Yiyang to beg to cooperate with him. Wu Yiyang hid in Tiancai’s room in a panic. He immediately recognized that Tianyue was the previous one. The person who messed up their program, Tianyue handed her business card. Wu Yiyang asked her age, hometown, and elementary school in detail, and recognized Tianyue as his neighbor in elementary school.

He reminded Tianyue to recognize it. Wu Yiyang turned out to be her neighbor in elementary school, “Pig Dazhuang”, and taught herself to play the piano. Tianyue said at the time that Wu Yiyang would definitely become a pianist, but Wu Yiyang smiled bitterly and said that if he could choose, he would rather teach piano or Form a band and live a plain life. Sister Na on the other side couldn’t find Wu Yiyang and was furious, so she immediately sent additional staff to continue searching.

In the evening, Jiang Chen took a white flower and stood on the deck facing the sea and was talking to Liu Chang. Liang Zhongwei followed. He told Jiang Chen that he had deleted the video, and he still chose to believe Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen said that other people’s opinions are not important to her. She has no feelings for most people, and Liang Zhongwei is the same.

Where is Liang Zhongwei asking Ding Kai? He took Jiang Chen’s silence as a default. Jiang Chen asked him if he liked himself. Liang Zhongwei dared not admit it. Jiang Chen told him: Ding Kai was different from them. When he was as old as them, he did meaningful things instead of wasting time. Mr. Liang Zhongwei Tidingkai made a mistake, but the diamond is still noble.

Ding Kai went to the room to find Tianyue, and wanted to invite her to have a supper. Tianyue only dared to open the door and contact Ding Kai if it was more convenient.

In the early morning of the next day, the Yuji saw Tianyue serving breakfast for two into the room. Tianyue persuaded Wu Yiyang to cheer up and attend the press conference and charity activities after eating. He had been missing for one night, and they were all mad. But Wu Yiyang lazily said that he didn’t want to go, and went to take a bath by himself. At this time, Annie was showing sister Na to watch the surveillance on the ship. They found that Wu Yiyang had entered the guest room, but they were not sure which one it was.

Just after Wu Yiyang came out wearing a bathrobe after taking a bath, he found a mobile phone hanging outside the window to take pictures. Tianyue hurriedly helped him draw the curtains. At this time, the Yuji informed his subordinates to outflank Room 8818 in two ways.

Alisha came to deliver breakfast, Tian Yue quickly stuffed Wu Yiyang’s coat into the dining car and asked her to take it to 8875 Jiang Chen. Sure enough, Yu Ji and fans blocked Jiang Chen, who was wearing Wu Yiyang’s coat, as a little piano prince, which allowed the real Wu Yiyang to take advantage of the opportunity.

Wu Yiyang came to the press conference as scheduled and played a piano piece for the children. Although Na sister was angry, she didn’t have a good time at the scene. Wu Yiyang said that children are silent in their own world, which is a special existence. He asked the media to focus the camera on the children. At this time, the entertainment reporter asked who Wu Yiyang slept with last night? Wu Yiyang called this a private life.

Sister Na hurriedly explained that the theme of today’s press conference is caring for children with autism. She hoped that everyone will pay attention to the children, and she immediately announced the end of the press conference. Back in the room, Sister Na asked Wu Yiyang to explain her relationship with Tianyue. Wu Yiyang ignored her when she played on her mobile phone. Sister Na was so angry that she seized his mobile phone and called him a white-eyed wolf.

Tianyue was followed by entertainment reporters and fans because of that scandal photo. She took Jiang Chendong into hiding, but the naughty Jiang Chen found it too exciting. The little boy Lele ran around and bumped into Ding Kai. Ding Kai overheard the students talking about Wu Yiyang sleeping with the live broadcast representative last night. He wanted to take a look at the photo: Wu Yiyang wore a nightdress and Tianyue panicked. Pulling the curtains in a loss, Ding Kai wondered about the scene when he went to the room to look for Tianyue last night.

Tianyue and Jiang Chen sneaked to Mayfair’s place for dinner. Ding Kai followed. Jiang Chen warmly invited Ding Kai to have a meal. Ding Kai refused and sat at the bar alone for a drink. Jiang Chen feels that Ding Kai never forgets Tianyue. Tianyue denies that Jiang Chen thinks they are too complicated. If you like others, you have to let him know. She enthusiastically called Ding Kai over, but Ding Kai just greeted him and left. Up. Jiang Chen and Fei’er asked Tianyue curiously the reason, but Tianyue remained silent.

Tianyue went to the restaurant in the afternoon. In the evening, the restaurant was outflanked. She was so frightened that she didn’t dare to go again. She and Xiaokui hid on the top deck of the boat. At this time, Tianyue received a call from He Cai, saying that fans had found her , He Cai reminds Tianyue to be careful, fans are pervasive. Tianyue begged He Cai to take in Xiaokui for another day, but their room still couldn’t go back.

After Wang Ziyang saw Tianyue in the surveillance, he called Annie and asked her to arrange a room for Tianyue. At this time Ding Kai came over, Wang Ziyang reminded him to try his best to fight for the things he likes, otherwise he will miss his love.

Annie Chen found Tianyue on the deck and invited her to her room, which was the crew area. Fans could not get in. As soon as the two of them entered the room, Sister Na came, and Annie went out to avoid her. Anna said that regardless of whether Tianyue and Wu Yiyang are true or not, Tianyue can make a price. Tianyue explained that they were neighbors who met on the cruise ship when they were young. She could come forward to explain this matter. Sister Na told her that things would only get darker and darker. , What Tianyue said now would ferment this incident, Tianyue had to ensure that her relationship with Wu Yiyang would not be told to anyone. Sister Na said when she left to remind her of Tianyue’s price, she could carefully consider it.

Annie was also curious about the relationship between Tianyue and Wu Yiyang. Tianyue was angry that accidents happened every time she boarded the boat. Annie asked Ding Kai how to think about it. Tianyue said that Ding Kai didn’t care about gossip, let alone her own affairs. concern. After Tianyue fell asleep, Ding Kai sent a message to Annie Chen. Annie told Ding Kai that she now knew why Ding Kai liked Tianyue because Tianyue was simple.

Liang Zhongwei said loudly to his classmates as he walked: Wu Yiyang’s rehearsal place was the Royal Theatre, where Ding Kai was disembarked for his crime. Jiang Chen berated him to shut up.

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