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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 35 Recap

Ding Kai came to see her mother and told her to take the students to the cruise ship for social practice tomorrow. In the evening, my mother took out the old photos and sighed that her son was really handsome in uniform. She knew that Ding Kai did not want to be emotional, and encouraged him to learn to adapt to all of this. She knew that Ding Kai still had difficulties in teaching. Ding Kai asked her mother. Rest assured, saying that he likes this job very much now, Yu Wenli believes that her son will take care of everything.

The little international piano prince Wu Yiyang and his agent Na Jie also took the Ocean Cruise. The two female students led by Ding Kai were his fans. When they went through the security check on the ship, they were very excited when they saw Wu Yiyang.

Wu Yiyang entered the room and quarreled with Sister Na. He wanted to see the children with autism and thought that he should get acquainted with them in advance, but Sister Na said that the people from the live broadcast platform are coming soon, and they are the most important right now. It was a commercial video, not a child. The two were arguing.

Tianyue and Xiaokui came to live on the platform with Wu Yiyang. After the live broadcast, Sister Na and Tianyue went to confirm the process of the press conference with the ship’s Chen Anni. Sister Na emphasized that the ship should ensure that the press conference is not disturbed. Chen Anni said that tourists have the right to move around freely, but the ship will try to cooperate with them. Finish the work.

Ding Kai invited Wang Ziyang as the chief executive officer to explain the basic equipment structure of the Ocean to the students. Liang Zhongwei proposed to let the high-level Wang Ziyang give them lectures in the past few days, lest other people don’t know if it’s right, Wang Ziyang sees After seeing the situation, I said that I have a responsibility to accompany me throughout the process, but I hope that students can learn to obey, cooperate, and look at problems objectively. If they can’t do it, they are not qualified to guard the lives of thousands of people.

After returning to the room after dinner, Wu Yiyang once again proposed that she wanted to see the children. Sister Na still emphasized the importance of the advertising film and pointed out that she had won the first spokesperson of this brand in Asia for Wu Yiyang. Wu Yiyang was angry that he did not like the brand at all. And he knew that Sister Na’s charity event was only designed for the company’s love.

In the dining room, Xiaokui said that Tianyue was very familiar with the Ocean. At this time, He Cai walked over to say hello to Tianyue, Xiaokui went back to the room first. The two were chatting. Mr. Zhang, a tourist from Baohua Travel Agency, came over and sat down. Tianyue looked at Mr. Zhang’s business card and was surprised that he is now the top five smartphone boss in sales. Mr. Zhang generously wanted to pay for them. . Tianyue said that the mission of this trip was the cooperation between the company and Wu Yiyang.

Mr. Zhang said that he was also on board this time for Wu Yiyang. He begged Tianyue to help him pull a line in the middle. No matter whether this matter is successful or not, he will do it. Tianyue and He Cai can be upgraded to VIP cabins, and all their expenses are covered by him. He Cai bluntly pointed out that Mr. Zhang couldn’t always follow the old ways, and Mr. Zhang said goodbye before answering the phone. He Cai thinks that Mr. Zhang is a big flicker, but Tianyue thinks that he may really be in trouble.

In the evening, Jiang Chen saw Ding Kai standing alone on the deck. She walked over and told Ding Kai that a year ago, Liu Chang was here to tell herself to take her around the world. She asked Ding Kai what she was thinking about facing the sea. Who? Ding Kai said that he missed his father. He used to be a crew member because of his father. Later, he gradually discovered that he really loved the sea, and Jiang Chen went to Maritime University to realize Liu Chang’s dream. Jiang Chen didn’t regret her choice. She felt that death was not terrible now.

The terrible thing was that the living people gradually forgot everything about him. In the past, she thought it was natural for Liu Chang to be by her side, but now she deeply realizes that everything can only be felt and cannot be grasped. Ding Kai saw Liu Chang sad and desperate, and gently put his hand on her shoulder, encouraging her to say that they have all experienced pain, but these pains will make them grow and face tomorrow more bravely! After seeing this scene at the corner, Liang Zhongwei secretly photographed it with his mobile phone.

The next day, the classmates showed Jiang Chen the video taken by Liang Zhongwei and reminded her that this was the real hammer of the love between teachers and students. Jiang Chen did not want to explain. Liang Zhongwei was angry that Ding Kai’s teaching level was not high as a teacher and harassed female classmates. Jiang Chen actually wanted to defend him. He hoped that Jiang Chen and Ding Kai would cut off contact before he gave the video to the school, and Jiang Chen would smash the bread Stopped Liang Zhongwei’s mouth and warned him not to always follow himself. Then she told Ding Kai that if Liang Zhongwei troubled him again, Ding Kai could no longer control her fighting hand.

Chen Anni and Wang Ziyang were flirting and swearing. Ding Kai came over. Wang Ziyang was busy leaving first. Chen Anni told Ding Kai that Wu Yiyang was about to shoot an advertisement and there was a charity event. Ding Kai said that many of his students were A fan of Wu Yiyang. Sure enough, at the shooting scene, two students broke into the venue. Sister Na scolded Tianyue in public and took Wu Yiyang away angrily.

Annie Chen brought Tianyue to Sister Na’s room to coordinate. Sister Na warned Tianyue that Lou Zi was too big. If there were any problems in the subsequent process conference and formal charity activities, their cooperation would be a one-shot deal. After the two left, Wu Yiyang was in a situation like this. He put on sunglasses and said that he was going to eat, and refused to be followed by the assistant. Sister Na arranged for the assistant to follow quietly.

In the corridor, Chen Anni comforted Tianyue and said that the two students were originally tourists and were not obliged to work with them. Sister Na knew about this situation and just complained. She asked about Tianyue and Ding Kai. Tianyue said embarrassingly that she had no fate. Tianyue asked about Annie and Wangziyang. Annie said that they were both very busy, and she hoped to keep her fresh. Annie believes that Tianyue will meet someone suitable for her.

He Cai took the initiative to make an appointment with Mr. Zhang for dinner, saying that she and Tianyue are good sisters now, Mr. Zhang should not come back to the original set, the two talked a lot. An entertainment reporter discovered that Wu Yiyang was in the order, and the person who notified them hurried over.

In the restaurant, Ding Kai apologized to Tianyue for the student’s recklessness. Tianyue said tolerantly that little girls are so excited to chase stars.

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