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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 34 Recap

Tianyue came to the manhole to find his father who was working, and told him that the company had sent himself to do charity tourism to travel to France for half a year. His father suggested that Tianyue should take a look at the outside world at this age. He Cai learned that Tianyue and Ding Kai had parted by accident. She supported Tianyue’s decision and suggested that she change her lifestyle.

After her mother knew that Tianyue was going to go abroad, she immediately packed her luggage and prepared to withdraw the rent. Tianyue firmly opposed it. She did not want to go back to the days when the family of three had to be in a restaurant when they met. Dad supported Tianyue, and the father and daughter finally convinced her mother. . He Cai came to pick Tianyue to the airport. On the way, she persuaded Tianyue not to be sad, and maybe he would cherish this relationship after he was separated from Ding Kai.

When He Cai took the group to the Ocean Cruises, David Fang found her and said that He Cai had been estranged from herself since the last time. He Cai explained that she did so to protect herself, because David Fang still had contact with her ex-wife, and she did not want to affect the progress of the two. David Fang helped Ding Kai ask for Tianyue’s overseas address and phone number. He Cai refused categorically, saying that when Ding Kai gave up, he didn’t think about Tianyue’s feelings. Now it’s too late to find him, but after Fang David left, he Cai still sent him Tianyue’s message.

Lai Shen persuaded Ding Kai to face her feelings boldly. He knew that Ding Kai was afraid that Tianyue would worry about her and affect her training in France. On the other hand, she was worried that she would rely on her to learn to be independent. Lai Shen advised Ding. Kay said that even if he made the wrong choice at the beginning, there is still time to recover.

Ding Kai went to France to find Tianyue according to the address. He happened to meet Tianyue’s friend at the door and talked to her. After learning that Tianyue was in a bookstore, Ding Kai went to look for her, but he just bought a book and rode away after arriving at Tianyue. Ding Kai had no choice but to chase after him. When he reached the door of his house, Ding Kai saw from a distance that Tianyue was picked up by a handsome French boy in a car. He stood silently in front of the door for a while, and wrote on the glass: You want to be happy, and then left sadly.

In the car, everyone expressed their gratitude to the French boy guide. Tianyue’s roommate mentioned that a handsome guy at the door of his house asked him about the nearby bookstore. Tianyue didn’t realize that that person was Ding Kai.

Five months later, Ding Kai ran into Jiang Chen at the entrance of the university. He wondered why Jiang Chen didn’t go to the art school. Jiang Chen said that he had come to help Liu Chang fulfill her wish. Ding Kai reminded Jiang Chen that she was studying art but Coming to Maritime University, the future will be very hard. If you have any difficulties in studying in the future, you can come to yourself. The scene of the conversation between the two was seen by Pan Wei not far away.

Pan Wei called Ding Kai to the office and told him that his classmates had responded well last semester. He hoped that Ding Kai could continue to teach at the Maritime University, but kindly reminded him to keep a distance with female students. Seeing Ding Kai and a female student walking very close, he didn’t want to listen to Ding Kai’s explanation. Ding Kai said that he has a pure teacher-student relationship with every student in the school, and it is absolutely impossible to forget his criteria for being a teacher at any time.

Student Liang Zhongwei found out on the Internet that Ding Kai was expelled by the Ocean. He told his roommates that Ding Kai had not even done his duty well and was not qualified to teach them.

Wang Ziyang told Annie Chen that Maritime University would invite him to give a guest speech tomorrow. Ding Kai did a good job at Haida. Annie said that Wang Ziyang is the one she cares about.

The next day, Wang Ziyang, as the chief mate of the Ocean, went to Maritime University to give a lecture. He talked about the emergency avoidance knowledge of cruise ships. Liang Zhongwei pointed out that what Wang Ziyang said was different from what Ding Kai said.

Teacher Ding told them that cruise ships are not the same. It must be anchored at an empty anchorage. Wang Ziyang said that this is stipulated by the maritime regulations. Ding Kai explained that he said that under certain circumstances, if there are more ships at anchorage, and a certain ship cannot leave the port on time, the probability of collision of other ships It will be much bigger. Wang Ziyang said that what Teacher Ding taught was that students should be able to control the emergencies.

The next day, as soon as Ding Kai entered the classroom, a few students led by Liang Zhongwei got up and walked out of the classroom. They ran to Director Pan to complain that the school arranged for a tainted teacher to give them lessons. Jiang Chen pulled Liang Zhongwei out of Director Pan’s office and accused him of framing Teacher Ding. Liang Zhongwei said sternly that a tainted teacher would face the possibility of being picked up at any time. Ding Kai silently walked away after hearing it not far away.

Jiang Chen caught up with Ding Kai and hoped that he would stay. Ding Kai said that he was indeed not qualified to be their teacher. Jiang Chen persuaded Ding Kai to face his past mistakes and start all over again, and he had promised to help her and Liu Chang. Jiang Chen then ran back to the classroom and organized the students to jointly sign a petition to the school.

Ding Kai approached Pan Wei, hoping that he would allow him to stay and impart knowledge. He would prove to the school that he could do it through the next efforts. Pan Wei took out the petitions of the students and said that more than two-thirds of them The students signed on it and asked Ding Kai to stay, indicating that most of the students affirmed Ding Kai’s teaching level, so he was willing to give Ding Kai another chance and decided to let Ding Kai lead the team in this social practice class. Taking the classmates aboard the Loya Ocean cruise ship, and taking the opportunity to ease the tension between Ding Kai and some classmates.

Jiang Chen waited at the door and learned that Ding Kai had stayed. He jumped three feet high happily. Ding Kai told her that they must face their mistakes and face difficulties, so that they can make progress!

Tianyue returned from France. The first task Bailing arranged for her was to exclusively follow up and report on the popular stars. He hoped that Tianyue could perform well and let everyone see her abilities and progress.

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