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Mouse 마우스 Episode 11 Recap

Zheng Barin accidentally killed Yu Yongzhe. He looked at his blood-stained hands and was so scared that he was so scared that Cheng Yaohan suddenly appeared in front of him, gloating at him, and asked him if he felt very exciting to kill. Zheng Barin He panicked and ran home in one breath. He couldn’t believe that he had killed someone. Cheng Yaohan appeared at his home again, mocking him.

Zheng Barin came to the police station early in the morning and saw Gao Wuzhi discussing the case with his family. He voluntarily admitted that he had killed Yu Yongzhe, and brought Gao Wuzhi and others to the scene of the crime. There was no sign of murder. There is no trace of Yu Yongzhe and Zheng Barin’s visit. Gao Wuzhi suspected that Zheng Barin had hallucinations and advised him to go to the hospital for examination. Zheng Barin insisted that he killed Yu Yongzhe, but he did not expect the police to watch it under the surveillance of the terminal. When Yu Yongzhe smuggled to the Philippines, Zheng Barin fell into confusion, and soon he was transferred to the reference room.

Gao Wuzhi wanted to go to the police station to inform Zheng Barin. He accidentally saw a group photo of Park Hye-won and Kim Young-hee, and found out the relationship between Yu Yongzhe and Park Hye-won. The Devil of Shun Teng found out that he was the murderer of Song Xiu-ho and others. Zheng Barin fell into entanglement again. What lingered in his mind was the scene where he strangled Yu Yongzhe. Zheng Barin went to the hospital to see Seqi, Dongjiu accompanied the unconscious Seqi, Zheng Barin had to go first.

Zheng Barin came to the hospital and saw the tomb of the bird under the tree under the window of the ward. He remembered that he had choked the bird to death with his own hands, and confirmed that he had killed Yu Yongzhe. Zheng Barin came to the crime scene to investigate carefully. , No blood was found, but there were burnt marks under the oil drum. In fact, after the incident, someone secretly came to clean up the scene, and Zheng Barin had no idea about it.

Zheng Barin took the bus to the police station and surrendered in a daze. When he got off the bus, he bumped into an old man. Zheng Barin got up and picked up the phone on the ground. He was hovering at the police station door, worried that he would be considered mentally ill. Suddenly After receiving a call from the doctor to warn him not to surrender, Zheng Barin realized that the collision under the bus was deliberate.

Zheng Barin woke up in a daze and saw that the old man who collided with him on the bus was at home. That person turned out to be Daniel. Zheng Barin was dumbfounded, thinking that Daniel was killed by Cheng Yaohan. Daniel admitted Zheng Barin killed Yu Yongzhe. He helped deal with the corpse and the scene of the crime. The illegal immigrant Yu Yongzhe was pretended to be someone else. Daniel also told the fact that Zheng Barin’s brain has been completely transformed into Yaohan’s brain. Cells erode, and the killing net will become stronger and stronger. Daniel asks Zheng Barin to provide the DNA of the suspicious person. He wants to verify if that person has a murderous madman gene.

Zheng Barin came to work in the data room on time, and Officer Shen revealed that he was going to participate in Cui Hongzhu’s program. After Wu Fengyi’s persuasion, Yuna’s mother finally agreed to send her daughter to the orphanage. Jiang Dexiu hid and saw this scene. Wu Fengyi was working in a fast food restaurant. She accidentally saw the female classmates who insulted her at the beginning to eat. Wu Fengyi bit her scalp and sent them away. She drank drunk alone, and soon became unconscious. Zheng Barin came to pick her up. Come back home.

Zheng Barin saw Wu Fengyi who was sleeping, and was suddenly controlled by Cheng Yaohan’s brain. He wanted to choke Wu Fengyi by the neck, but he held it back at the last moment. Zheng Barin left in despair, Wu Fengyi woke up in a daze, saw Zheng Barin drop the phone, hurriedly chased it out, and met Jiang Dexiu unexpectedly on the crosswalk. Jiang Dexiu said a few words in her ear, Wu Feng Yi was so scared that she fainted on the spot. Cui Hongzhu also saw it when he passed by, hurriedly picked up Wu Fengyi and sent home. Zheng Barin turned around and saw this scene. He collected the traces left by Jiang Dexiu on the spot. Zheng Barin also took the belongings of colleagues from the police station and handed them together Tell Daniel.

Cui Hongzhu wanted Wu Fengyi to appear on the show. Wu Fengyi didn’t want to expose the scars in public. She flatly refused. Cui Hongzhu came to inform Gao Wuzhi overnight. Gao Wuzhi knew that Jiang Dexiu was back and furious at his colleagues and complained that he didn’t say it beforehand. Zheng Barin looked through the file of Jiang Dexiu’s rape of Wu Fengyi, and learned that Wu Fengyi went to a pub to buy wine for his grandma under heavy rain. Jiang Dexiu used a puppy to lure Wu Fengyi into the bait, and took the opportunity to rape her. Gao Wuzhi took over the case. Jiang Dexiu was quickly arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison. After reading the files, Zheng Barin felt pity for Wu Fengyi.

Zheng Barin came quietly to Jiang Dexiu’s house, and started to kill him. Later, Gao Wuzhi also came to Jiang Dexiu and asked him what he had said to Wu Fengyi. Jiang Dexiu claimed to go to Wu Fengyi when it rained. Gao Wuzhi was so angry that he drew his gun at him. Jiang mother went home and saw them. The mother and son reported Gao Wuzhi. When Gao Wuzhi was locked up, Jiang Dexiu sneered triumphantly. Gao Wuzhi worried that Wu Fengyi was in danger and asked Police Officer Shen to help protect Wu Fengyi.

Zheng Barin went to the hardware store to buy iron chains and tools. He came to kill Jiang Dexiu overnight and found that he committed suicide in fear of crime. Zheng Barin hurriedly sent him to the hospital. On the way, Zheng Barin accidentally saw his aunt’s son Hun Seok on the bus arguing to buy a cat. He hurriedly got out of the bus to persuade him and promised to give him one when the cat at home gave birth, Hun Seok-cai Willing to give up.

Seeing that the kitten was born, Jeong Barin hurriedly called Hun Seok, only to find out that his aunt was back to Jeju to visit her sick mother-in-law, and Jeong Barin asked Hun Seok for the address at home and took Hun Seok home overnight. Officer Shen came to participate in Cui Hongzhu’s program again. He met Mother Jiang at the police station. Mother Jiang admitted that the mother and son framed Gao Wuzhi and wrote a statement. Officer Shen handed the statement to Officer Li.

It started raining heavily, Jiang Dexiu broke free from the chain and escaped from the hospital. Wu Fengyi saw the news, and she learned from the boss’s wife that Yuna was back home. Wu Fengyi hurried to Yuna’s house and found that Yuna’s mother was unconsciously drunk. Personnel, Yuna has long since disappeared. Gao Wuzhi was worried for Wu Fengyi and asked his colleagues to open the iron cage of the detention room. He went to Wu Fengyi’s house in the rain. Police Officer Li saw him leave and pretended that nothing happened.

Wu Fengyi called Cui Hongzhu for help. Cui Hongzhu kept calling Zheng Barin’s phone, but no one answered. Jung Barin’s water pipe is blocked. He is repairing it. Hun Seok kept pestering him to play hide-and-seek. Jung Barin can’t help but find Hun Seok with a fierce face. He raises his wrench and smashes it down. Suddenly he sees it. There is a call.

Wu Fengyi quickly found Jiang Dexiu. Jiang Dexiu was trying to kill Yuna. Wu Fengyi desperately blocked him and was severely injured by Jiang Dexiu. When Zheng Barin came to the scene, Wu Fengyi tried his best to beg him to take Yuna and Zheng Ba. Rin smashed Jiang Dexiu to death on the spot, dragged his body with an iron chain and left. Gao Wuzhi drove over, but unfortunately suffered a car accident halfway.

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