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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 9 Recap

Lu Jing looked in the direction of Liang Chen, squatting on the ground, but was blocked by a big fat man. Lu Jing continued to search for the figure of the small box, only to find a hurried back. Lu Jing was just about to catch up and was taken away. The people stopped and asked if it was the takeaway from Lu Scenic Spot. Lu Jing overheard a girl who passed by Liang Chen exclaimed that it was Liang Chen who had just gone out. Lu Jing happily chased him out, and wanted to confirm whether the little box was Liang Chen, but Liang Chen had already run away. There was no trace. After returning, Liang Chen felt that he shouldn’t run. He should see what Lu Jing looked like, but he saw his messy hair in the mirror and didn’t go away for fear of ruining his image.

Liang Chen’s birthday party started, but Lu Jing first participated in the competition and rushed over, and missed the interaction with Liang Chen, but fortunately he also caught up with the question and eased. Lu Jing asked Liang Chen’s favorite anchor, Liang Chen truthfully She said it was Herman with a beautiful heart. This answer made Lu Jing feel happy, and sent a happy birthday blessing to the little box with his mobile phone. Lu Jing asked who he played games with every day.

Just as Liang Chen wanted to answer, Jiayun came. Jiayun claimed that Liang Chen played with him every day. Liang Chen did not expect Jiayun to come suddenly. Seeing the situation on the stage, the path thought that maybe he had wrongly judged that the little box was Liang Chen and left a little bit lonely. Liang Chen saw his birthday wishes and thought that Lu Jing had seen her through, so he asked what did he mean? Lu Jing had to explain a misunderstanding.

In the evening, Little Box had an appointment to play games with Lu Jing. Lu Jing had been looking forward to going online and waiting in the Internet cafe early in the morning, but he did not expect Jiayun to propose to accompany Liang Chen to dinner and celebrate his birthday. Liang Chen could not refuse and had to agree. Missed the appointment with Lu Jing. Unexpectedly, but Jiayun still proposed to play games with Liang Chen, Liang Chen, who could not resign, went online. As a result, Lu Jing found out that Liang Chen was playing a game with a man, so he was angry and refused to take care of Liang Chen.

Even Lu Jing, the winner of the competition, had a sullen face without a slight smile. He swore to make a mistake and play with a small box as a dog. When Liu Er offered to go to the Internet cafe with Lu Jing, he was flatly rejected by Lu Jing and shouted. Let Liu Er study hard and play less games. Unexpectedly, the little box sent a message. In order to coax the male god in his heart, the little box proposed to send a gift to Lu Jing. The idea was Koko. Knowing that the top equipment of the game can be bought with money, she just I bought a gift and gave it away. Lu Jing immediately decided to go online, grabbed Liu Er and entered the Internet cafe, completely forgetting what he said just now.

Seeing the little box wearing the skirt he gave was very happy. The little box took out the present to make Lu Jing happier. Lu Jing gave the helmet he treasured to the little box. This was something he couldn’t bear to change, and Liu Er was shameless. After asking for it many times, Lu Jing couldn’t bear to give it. But just when it was about to send it out, he heard Jiayun’s voice. Liang Chen quickly paused the game and got up to greet Jiayun. Jiayun left after taking the things, but the man’s voice made Liang Chen angry and offline again. Liang Chen had to call Lu Jing again.

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