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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 4 Recap

The boys in the dormitory were all talking about Liang Chen. I heard that the girls’ dormitory used to be the boys’ dormitory they live in. Liu Er began to look for traces of Liang Chen’s stay, but he found a line on the wall of Lu Jing’s residence. The word was pulled aside by Lu Jing before he could read it.

Liang Chen and Meng Lanzhi were going to attend an event at the same time. Liang Chen dressed up and rushed over, chatting with Lu Jing as he walked, and with a happy smile. Unexpectedly, Yue Yuxun would come to entangle him because he broke up with Liang Chen and cheated. After the incident, the company stopped all Yue Yuxun’s work. Yue Yuxun reluctantly pleaded with Liang Chen to get back together.

He also satirized Meng Lanzhi that she was not the woman he took seriously, and vowed to love Liang Chen forever. But Meng Lanzhi, who did not expect to hear that but was not standing at the door, gave Yue Yuxun a loud slap in angrily. Jia Yun originally thought it was just a contradiction between Meng Lanzhi and Yue Yuxun, and couldn’t sit still when he heard that Liang Chen was entangled.

In an aisle, Jia Yun stopped Yue Yuxun and warned him not to pester Liang Chen from now on, because he was unworthy, and now he just stopped his work. If he continues to pester Yue Yuxun completely, and Yue Yuxun knows his job. It was stopped by Jiayun, daring not to speak up.

After finishing work, Jiayun invited Liang Chen to dinner, and ran into Lu Jing who was eating with his grandparents. Lu Jing looked at Liang Chen who was passing by him, but Liang Chen, who was protected by Jiayun, did not. Saw Lu Jing. When Liang Chen left, he found that one of his earrings was missing. Lu Jing unexpectedly picked it up. Lu Jing wanted to return Liang Chen when he came out. He was probably too nervous. Lu Jing stood quietly and watched. After Liang Chen for a long time, when he had the courage to return it, Liang Chen turned his head, and Jiayun took the earring instead. Liang Chen just heard Lu Jing’s voice and felt familiar, and turned around in surprise to see At a glance, Lu Jing had already left.

After returning, Liang Chen wanted to let Lu Jing take the game with him, but Lu Jing who was live broadcast had no time to take it with him. Lu Jing watched Liang Chen’s live broadcast and there were tens of millions of fans, and many people showed off his affection. Lu Jing unexpectedly knew Liang Chen was watching the live broadcast, and he bluntly said that the little box would not learn it. Unconvinced Liang Chen insisted on going in to complete the task by himself, but he was shot dead in five minutes. Lu Jing decided to take Liang Chen to play the game again.

The two changed their gear this time to steal the chips. Although Liang Chen had a spoon in his hand, they didn’t know what it was for. Lu Jing used the spoon to block the exhaust. The fan of the hole took out the chip from the back. When the two were about to leave, they encountered many robot attacks. Lu Jing handsomely guarded Liang Chen in his arms and charged into the battle. When they were fighting, grandma suddenly came into the room to deliver milk to Lu Jing. Lu Jing lied that he was watching a movie.

It was possible that the action was suspended until the grandmother left and she quickly went into the fight, which made Liang Chen almost shot. Fortunately, she had learned the snake-like position with Lu Jing before and escaped the fate of being shot. After killing the enemy, Liang Chen curiously asked why Lu Jing was motionless just now. Lu Jing said with a smile that he recorded Liang Chen’s serpentine position, and he wanted to treasure it, and put it to Liang Chen. He was happy to hear Lu Jing. Liang Chen’s laughter pouted and angry.

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