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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 10 Recap

Lu Jing seemed to hear Liang Chen’s voice. After putting on the headphones, he listened carefully to Liang Chen calling Lu Jing. Liang Chen was anxious to go online and forgot to change your voice. Looking back on the suspicious circumstances, Lu Chen was almost certain that this little box was Liang Chen. , I can even imagine the situation when Liang Chen played games with him every time, and he was happy when giving gifts. Lu Jing quickly responded to Liang Chen. Liang Chen didn’t listen to Lu Jing’s voice and felt relieved, watching Lu Jing Jing wants to continue to carry the small box. Liu Er reminds Lu Jing that the things Lu Jing once said before carrying the small box are dog words. Lu Jing quickly yelled twice, stunned Liu Er.

This time the two of them started playing the game again. Lu Jing already knew that the little box was Liang Chen. He was a little lost and at a loss. He was absent-minded in playing games and didn’t know how to pick up the equipment, which made Liang Chen a little confused. . Look at the time at four o’clock in the morning and the two went offline, but Lu Jing was a little worried. He didn’t know that the little box was Liang Chen before. When he first contacted, he did a lot of bullying the little box, which made Lu Jing very regretful. .

Lu Jing remembered the things he had to do for the school celebration before. Then he would ask Gu Feiming to present flowers to Liang Chen. Originally, Lu Jing didn’t care, but now he had to go. Lu Jing went to Gu Feiming the first thing he did when he returned to school. Asked him to go to flowers, but he was unceremoniously rejected by Gu Feiming.

Liang Chen asked Lu Jing if he was participating in the school celebration. Liang Chen said he would go there. He was confident to get Gu Feiming, and then Lu Jing followed Gu Feiming like a shadow. He bought whatever Gu Feiming liked, rushing to pay, Gu Feiming seemed to be Hidden Lu Jing like the plague, and Liang Chen practiced singing every day, looking forward to seeing Lu Jing.

Qi Qi always liked Lu Jing, but Lu Jing turned a blind eye to it. On the contrary, Gu Feiming liked Qi Qi. After catching this, Lu Jing deliberately went to Qi Qi. Knowing that Qi Qi wanted to explode fireworks, he talked about playing games. As a result, Qi Qi always wanted to play games with Lu Jing. Before Lu Jing could speak, Qi Qi took the initiative to ask. Gu Feiming was so scared that Gu Feiming clenched Lu Jing’s arm tightly. Lu Jing recommended Gu Feiming to play well. Given Gu Feiming’s face, Gu Feiming called Lu Jing to the toilet for an in-depth negotiation.

Liang Chen could not wait to hurry to the school. The car finally stopped at the school under constant urging. The students swarmed and finally looked at Liang Chen who was alive. Gu Feiming also rushed away. Only Lu Jing looked at Liang Chen who was so energetic. The corners of the mouth rose. When Liang Chen entered the auditorium, he sent a message to Lu Jing asking where he was? Lu Jing stood under the stage and looked at Liang Chen, and deliberately asked if he had arrived. Liang Chen lied that he hadn’t arrived. Lu Jing lied that he was at the registration office. The curious Liang Chen ran to the registration office to see what Lu Jingchang did. In this way, it turned out that a little fat man with glasses was there, and Liang Chen was so scared that Lu Jing couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene.

After Liang Chen took the stage to perform, it was time for Gu Feiming to make flowers. In order to fulfill Lu Jing’s wish, Gu Feiming had to pretend to have a stomachache and ran away, and gave Lu Jing the souvenir in his hand. Lu Jing asked Teacher Luo if he could replace him, and Teacher Luo nodded quickly. As promised, Qi Qi was also very happy, because one of them presented flowers and the other presented souvenirs.

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