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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 22 Recap

He Jinghua praised Lin Yunyun for being capable, saying that Xiwang’s birthday party was small and could not be compared with the new moon. He Jinghua was very angry and didn’t want his team. Lin Yunyun thought that Lin Yunyun was small-minded. If the two went to war, it would be him who would suffer. Su Xing and Shen Xiaoyan drank and talked freely.

Su Xing envied Shen Xiaoyan having a smart son. Shen Xiaoyan drank too much and said a lot of her own thoughts, saying that she could endure hardships and let her children study. Shen Xiaoyan vented her dissatisfaction and told Su Xing that she was least used to seeing those rich people, especially like Gu Jiawei, who was like a pug in the company. The moment I wake up, I feel that it is not easy for every mother, for the sake of her children, she can sacrifice everything.

Su Xing sent Xi Wang until Mi Ying was in class, and when he saw Xi Wang sat at the back, he let him sit in front. But a child came in and said that the front position was his own. Only when he woke up did he learn that Miying would adjust the seat according to the child’s performance at any time, in order to better motivate the child to study. But Su Xing believes that this will not only cause no incentives, but will dampen the children’s self-confidence. She applied to the teacher of the institution, hoping to give Xiwang a fixed position. However, the teacher of the institution refused, saying that such a precedent would not be set, so that children should feel the cruelty of society in advance, so that they should not be overly protective and scornful when they wake up.

Lin Yunyun’s Weiyun education has opened. She invited Teacher Zhang from the kindergarten to visit her institution, hoping that she can resign from the kindergarten and come to work here. The salary and environment are much better than those of the kindergarten, and the workload is not large. Conducive to physical and mental recuperation. Teacher Zhang was very excited and resigned to the kindergarten when he returned.

After Shen Xiaoyan was sober, she didn’t know if she had said something wrong, and met Su Xing and He Jinghua to buy groceries in the supermarket. Su Xing knew that Teacher Zhang was about to resign, and worried that Xi Bin was just on the right track in his studies and didn’t understand anything. Shen Xiaoyan gave them some special vegetables.

Shen Xiaoyan continued to work at Gu Jiawei and overheard that Gu Jiawei was talking about a custody change case. Gu Jiawei said on the phone that as long as it can be proved that the spouse’s partner has a cause that is not conducive to the growth of the child, the court can change the sentence. After Gu Jiawei finished talking on the phone, he was anxious to have a meeting. While he was out, Shen Xiaoyan flipped through the trash can to find the papers Gu Jiawei had just lost. Wake was taking pictures and accidentally ran into Lin Yunyun’s mother. Lin Yunyun’s mother knew that Su Xing was Xinyue’s mother, so she said a few more words. Su Xing realized that Lin Yunyun’s real name was Lin Caiyun, and her parents had no education at all and were not the legendary university professors.

Su Xing and Assistant Xiao wanted to design a house with Mrs. Zhao, and received a call from the kindergarten midway. Because Teacher Zhang was about to leave the kindergarten, Xiwang was particularly reluctant. He kept holding Teacher Zhang and refused to let it go. Teacher Zhang was also moved to cry, and she was also very reluctant to bear the child. This scene was seen by Lin Yunyun and a group of mothers, who thought Xiwang had no education. After waking up, he finally took Xiwang away.

Su Xing told Xi Bin about the incident, feeling whether Xi Wang was insecure. It was a puppy before and then Teacher Zhang. Every time he parted, Xi Wang was particularly reluctant. Su Xing wanted to find a child psychologist for Xi Wang. Xi Bin thought it was unnecessary, so she didn’t think too much. He Jinghua brought Siyuan over to accompany Xiwang. When he woke up, he received the transcript from Miwin. Xiwang suddenly got the top five in the test, and he was very happy.

After seeing this, He Jinghua complained to Jiang Bo when he went home, thinking that Siyuan was smarter than Yanwang, and how Yanwang suddenly became a bullfrog, and his Siyuan was still standing still. Jiang Bo told her not to think too much, He Jinghua was not reconciled, and he wanted Siyuan to catch up.

Weiyun Education has opened, and Gu Jiawei personally was there to recommend his own Chinese and foreign faculty team, which made the mothers particularly satisfied. The mothers saw that the Weiyun Institute has Guorui’s gold medal teacher Ouyang, Lin Yunyun followed her to praise her teachers, and pretended to share good resources with these mothers.

When He Jinghua talked about Xiwang’s performance in seeking to win, he changed from not knowing anything to the top five in the supernormal class. Lin Yunyun hurriedly said that her Weiyun also has a way, and there are real questions from famous schools, and she wants to share with everyone in secret. Su Xing was very happy because he wanted to make progress. He believed that his son was in the academic hegemony system, and he was indispensable for it.

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