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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 33 Recap

Leaving the hotel, the two went home together. Like a little girl in love, He Daye couldn’t help asking why Zhang Meng liked herself. At first, every answer from Zhang Meng made He Daye feel sweet, but he was too sincere and couldn’t help telling a few shortcomings about He Daye, so angry that He Daye almost got out of the car.

Jiajia accompanied Shi Tao home to confess the truth with her mother. It happened that there was no one at home. Shi Tao wanted to find a reason to escape, but Jiajia stopped him. Shi Ma learned that her son had not gone abroad, and even wanted to fall in love with Jiajia, suddenly became angry and fainted on the spot. When she woke up, she saw Jiajia standing next to her. The two were not speculative, and once again theorized, as if they were playing a debating match.

Shi Tao rushed to the ward to calm down the fighting. Seeing Jiajia was about to leave, he immediately followed her and hugged her, and couldn’t help but coquettishly say thankful words. Shi’s mother was even more angry about her son’s actions, but Shi Tao had already made up his mind to stay in the country and explained his true inner thoughts to her clearly. At the same time, there was no way to leave her mother in the country. Because of Shi Tao’s glib tongue, Shi Ma’s mood finally improved, and she promised that she would not quarrel with him in the future, and that everything should be discussed.

Not long after Luo Chang got off the plane, he suddenly received a call from Liu Dan and learned that He Daye was not undergoing an operation, so he immediately went to persuade her to destroy the child. He Daye looked down on Luo Chang’s face, and he was now Liu Dan’s boyfriend, so he was not qualified to be nosy.

Seeing He Daye’s stubborn opinion, Luo Chang maliciously downplayed Zhang Meng, claiming that he was useless and could not give He Daye happiness at all. However, He Daye believes that they have a lot of common languages, and during this time saw Zhang Meng’s various advantages, he also cherishes the current life.

The two people quarreled and quarreled endlessly. It happened that Zhang Meng brought his son back, only to hear misleading words in the corridor. Luo Chang thought that He Daye still had him in his heart. Even if he had a child, it was just because he was unwilling. He Daye was so mad at him that he hit back without a word, saying that he was with Zhang Meng for the purpose of being together. Revenge on Luo Chang.

It was originally just He Daye’s angry words, but Zhang Mengxin thought it was true, and was even completely injured. Zhang Meng decided to move out of the apartment, so he found a reason to let Zhang Yangyang stay at Shu Ying’s house for two days, and then took him back when he was stable. Although Zhang Yangyang was a little unhappy, he obediently went upstairs to pack his things.

He Daye couldn’t believe it when he learned that Zhang Meng was going to leave. He really couldn’t understand why Zhang Meng suddenly changed his attitude. Faced with He Daye’s questioning, Zhang Meng confessed to He Daye, saying that he had heard her conversation with Luo Chang. At first, He Daye wanted to explain clearly to Zhang Meng, but Zhang Meng’s self-esteem was frustrated and insisted on moving away from He Daye’s house. She was so angry that Zhang Meng was as unreliable as other men.

On the other side, when Liu Dan cleaned up the room for Luo Chang, he accidentally found out the photos of his marriage with He Daye, as well as the divorce documents. Thinking of Luo Chang’s abnormal behavior before, Liu Dan knew it instantly, but she couldn’t accept the fact that she had robbed a good sister’s ex-husband, and could not forgive Luo Chang’s deception.

However, Luo Chang felt that he was already trying very hard to get rid of the past. Liu Dan shouldn’t just blame him, so he threw the box containing the photos downstairs in a rage. Liu Dan hurriedly ran out to pick up the money in the box and cried bitterly while picking it up. Luo Chang hugged Liu Dan heartily, but still couldn’t hold her back.

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