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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 31 Recap

Originally, He Daye had already booked a hospital appointment and planned to have an abortion operation, but when she was lying in bed, she realized that she could not lose the child. When Zhang Meng learned of this, he searched all the hospitals but failed to see He Daye. Just as he was squatting on the corner of the corridor and crying, he found that He Daye was standing next to him.

After this incident, He Daye and Zhang Meng finally saw their hearts and decided to cherish each other’s feelings. He Daye gradually felt the joy of pregnancy, so he called his father to talk. Zhang Meng took the initiative to find Shu Ying and said that he had decided to keep the child, no matter what the future, he must take good care of He Daye and the baby in her stomach. Shu Ying raised her hand in favor of Zhang Meng’s decision, and apologized for what happened before.

In order to ease the relationship between Luo Chang and He Daye, Liu Dan specially arranged a good meal, but Luo Chang was annoyed by He Daye’s attitude, thinking that his unilateral showing of good was completely hot face on his cold ass. When Luo Chang met He Daye in the corridor, he told her Liu Dan’s kindness, but He Daye didn’t want to appreciate it, and she could no longer get along with Luo Chang. Facing He Daye’s response, Luo Chang accused her of having a problem with her attitude, claiming that he originally wanted to propose to her on her birthday, so it was He Daye who pushed him away, not that he was sorry for He Daye.

The two talked not speculatively, and broke up unhappily. He Daye left the restaurant directly, Luo Chang was upset and blamed Liu Dan for his own opinion. Liu Dan tried his best to be blamed. He was also aggrieved and couldn’t help crying on the spot. Luo Chang couldn’t bear it, and simply handed over the spare key to Liu Dan.

He Daye returned to the studio in a depressed mood. Zhang Meng guessed that she was because of Luo Chang, and couldn’t help asking him if he still liked Luo Chang. He Daye said that Luo Chang is already with his good sister Liu Dan, and now he still has the idea of ​​remarrying, which is simply a scumbag behavior. Therefore, apart from complaining about his nausea, he has no other thoughts.

Since Shi Tao was rejected by He Daye, he was determined to study abroad in accordance with Shi Ma’s arrangements. Before leaving, Shi Tao came to Jiajia and said goodbye to her personally.

Jiajia thought that Shi Tao wanted to go back to her after being rejected, but when she heard his intentions, she couldn’t help feeling a little shocked and sad. Although Jiajia could not bear Shi Tao, she still sent her blessings, especially when she learned that Shi Tao had never used herself as a spare tire, and even had the right to choose love, so she promised to wait for Shi Tao to return in China.

In order to give He Daye a better life, Zhang Meng intends to improve his professional ability to earn more money, and at the same time buy some books that are more suitable for the host. Just as Zhang Meng and He Daye were in love with each other, Fang Min took Zhao Xiaopeng to the door and asked He Daye to help them continue planning the wedding, which was held as scheduled.

Because He Daye helped a lot from it, Fang Min invited He Daye to be the bridesmaid, but Zhang Meng suddenly nominated herself and wanted to become the best man. At the same time, the examination report confirmed that the tumor was benign, which meant that Shu Ying did not need to worry too much, and Wang Haitao was relieved.

In the past few days, Wang Haitao took care of Shu Ying personally, even always concerned about her physical problems. She lost a lot of weight. Shu Ying was both distressed and grateful, knowing that Wang Haitao is the one who truly loves herself. During the recovery period, Shu Ying took the initiative to meet He Daye, and the two women shed their suspicions and stopped worrying too much about the previous things. Shu Ying knew that He Daye was afraid of marriage, so she shared her experience with her as a past person.

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