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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 30 Recap

Zhang Yangyang saw that his father was in a bad mood, and he would stay at home almost every day unhappy. In order to make him happy, Zhang Yangyang wanted to borrow money from Shu Ying to buy gifts, and said that he liked He Daye, and didn’t mind that she had a child after marrying Zhang Meng, because she had learned from Zhang Meng for so many years what it means to share.

It is precisely because of Zhang Yangyang’s words that Shu Ying is deeply contemplated and even self-reflection. Wang Haitao thought she was worried about the results of the test report and simply comforted her, but Shu Ying couldn’t help but ask Wang Haitao how she viewed herself. After all, she was never a qualified wife or mother. However, Wang Haitao did not agree with Shu Ying’s words, and instead spoke highly of her. Even if he was absent from Zhang Yangyang’s growth, he silently guarded Zhang Yangyang.

Shi Tao went to see He Daye to resign, and brought her the chicken soup made by herself to replenish her body. He Daye readily agreed and reminded Shi Tao that he should find a good position, learn when he needs to study, and go abroad if he wants to go abroad. Seeing He Daye’s reaction, Shi Tao knew that his mother had looked for her before.

After repeated consideration, Shi Tao decided to propose to He Daye, so he went to ask Liu Dan for his experience. Luo Chang was sitting beside him and couldn’t listen. He immediately said that Shi Tao had no economic foundation. He was completely blind and impulsive regardless of the consequences. So while scolding him, he scolded He Daye by the way, thinking that He Daye was unmarried and pregnant. Is not a good person.

Hearing that Luo Chang slandered He Daye in this way, Shi Tao couldn’t help but rushed over and beat him. Unexpectedly, Luo Chang was so excited to say that he was responsible for He Daye, which almost aroused suspicion. When Luo Chang reacted, he immediately found a reason to change the subject. Shi Tao left indignantly, and Liu Dan blamed Luo Chang for his bad attitude.

Fang Min wanted to accompany He Daye to the operation, and couldn’t help but say good things to Zhang Meng. He hoped that He Daye would consider it seriously, not be impulsive, and use his own experience to persuade her that she should give birth to the child, which is a life anyway. He Daye refused to listen to Fang Min’s advice and insisted on having the child knocked out. On the way to the hospital, the two of them accidentally received a call from Shi Tao in a car accident.

He Daye quickly changed his route and hurried to the location of the incident. Instead of seeing Shi Tao, he was surrounded by a few people wearing doll costumes. Just as He Daye was about to break free, he suddenly saw a confession slogan written in the distance. At this time, Shi Tao walked out of the crowd and proposed to her with flowers.

Everyone looked envious and screamed, but He Daye had a solemn expression, and directly grabbed the flowers and beat Shi Tao, reprimanding him for making himself worried. He Daye refused to marry him in public, saying that he regarded him as his younger brother from beginning to end, so he hoped that Shi Tao would dispel this idea, otherwise he would stop trying to restore the previous relationship.

Although He Daye’s words hurt Shi Tao, she thinks that only by doing so can he reduce his pain. Fang Min felt that love should be impulsive and wanton, and should not think too much, so he decided to return to Zhao Xiaopeng, regardless of whether the other party had betrayed him or not. He Daye had a different concept from Fang Min. He left alone and went to the hospital. Fang Min returned to find Zhang Meng and reminded him to stop He Daye from being stupid.

At first Zhang Meng was still in a sluggish state, but when Fang Min left, he immediately became sober, so he dashed to the hospital. Realizing her mistake, Shu Ying finally couldn’t sit still, and immediately drove to find Zhang Meng to keep He Daye, but it was a pity that she missed Zhang Meng and couldn’t meet.

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