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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 29 Recap

Although He Daye said it was more hurtful, she was still towards Fang Min from the bottom of her heart, so after reprimanding Fang Min, she took the lead and asked about the thoughts of the elders in the family. However, Fang Min’s parents prefer sons over daughters, and don’t care about their daughter’s life or death. They just want to sell her to Zhao Xiaopeng as a piece of goods. Even if they know that Zhao Xiaopeng has derailed, they still let her swallow her anger, honestly give birth to children at home, and follow the four virtues.

He Daye was angry about this, and simply took Fang Min home to take care of him. He unexpectedly learned that Fang Min had snatched Zhao Xiaopeng from Xiaowen. At the beginning, Zhao Min liked Zhao Xiaopeng’s wealth in his family, and Xiaowen didn’t like him at all, so she just saw the stitches and became Zhao Xiaopeng’s true girlfriend.

Now that it is in this situation, Fang Min really can’t figure out what she has done wrong. She believes that she is incapable and can at most give birth to a child for the Zhao family. He Daye didn’t agree with Fang Min’s opinion, and even reminded her that she should think carefully before making a decision. After all, single mothers need to endure a lot of pressure.

Shu Ying was worried that her life would be imminent, so she wanted to entrust Zhang Yangyang to Zhang Meng’s care. Although Zhang Yangyang is relatively precocious, he is still a child after all. Upon learning the news of He Daye’s pregnancy, Shu Ying asked Zhang Meng to persuade He Daye to have a baby. If she has a three-to-two short, Zhang Yangyang needs to be taken care of by Zhang Meng himself.

At first, Shu Ying thought Zhang Meng would change her mind, but Zhang Meng insisted on starting a family with He Daye and keeping the children, because in his opinion, no matter what the future life is, he would not treat the basic needs of the children. Seeing Zhang Meng insisted on insisting, Shu Ying threatened, claiming to adopt Zhang Yangyang to Wang Haitao if she got sick.

The two broke up unhappily. The conversation was completely overwhelming. Zhang Meng went to the bar alone to get drunk, and called Wang Haitao to tell him about Shu Ying’s illness. Wang Haitao hung up the phone and immediately booked the return ticket, and did not arrive in Shanghai until midnight. Shu Ying thought it was a thief at home, and just about to rush up with a baseball bat, she was moved by Wang Haitao’s sudden appearance.

Zhang Meng was so drunk that he came directly to He Daye’s house and hugged her as soon as he walked in, saying that if he didn’t want the child, he could get rid of her. He Daye didn’t know what happened to Zhang Meng, thinking that he was going to be a guilty man. At first, he thought he would be a responsible and reliable man, but when he heard the drunken talk, he was completely disappointed in his heart.

Seeing He Daye drive Zhang Meng away, Fang Min was at a loss where he was. When Zhang Meng woke up the next morning, remembering what he had said to He Daye yesterday, he regretted it immediately and rushed to apologize to He Daye. However, He Daye felt that Zhang Meng was speaking the truth after drinking, so he didn’t listen to any explanation at all.

After careful consideration, He Daye personally went to the hospital to schedule the abortion. It happened that Shu Ying was also accompanied by Wang Haitao for a gynecological examination, and then learned from the hospital that she was going to have an operation to destroy the child. Considering the child’s innocence, Shu Ying couldn’t bear it, so she went to confess the truth to He Daye in person. After He Daye heard the truth, he angrily criticized Shu Ying for being too much, but when he saw the inspection report handed by Shu Ying, he fell silent.

Shi Tao’s mother took the initiative to meet He Daye because her son hadn’t been home for a long time, and wanted her to persuade Shi Tao to agree to study abroad. He Daye did not pursue the previous contradiction, and at the same time understood Shi Ma’s painstaking efforts, he also promised to do his best. As for the result, it depends on Shi Tao himself.

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