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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 28 Recap

When the group came to the bridal shop, Xiaowen had been waiting for a long time, and the ambiguous interaction between her and Zhao Xiaopeng had made He Daye aware of the strangeness. Fang Min chooses an extremely ugly bridesmaid dress for his girlfriend Xiaowen, and he tries on all kinds of beautiful wedding dresses, even Zhang Meng can’t stand it.

Just as Zhang Meng was telling Fang Min with He Daye, Xiaowen went to the fitting room and fooled around with Zhao Xiaopeng, and they discovered the scene of the two being cheating. Originally, He Daye wanted to rush in and break through the dog and the dog, but Zhang Meng considered that Fang Min was pregnant, so he didn’t want to cause trouble, so he hugged He Daye and went out. It just so happened that the clerk went over with the wedding dress, accidentally opened the curtain of the fitting room, and accidentally ran into Xiaowen and Zhao Xiaopeng, who were disheveled, and could only remain silent with embarrassment.

Since Shi Tao and Jiajia confirmed their relationship, the two ushered in their first date. However, Jiajia couldn’t wait for Shi Tao at the entrance of the theater. He didn’t see him hurriedly until the end of the scene. On the way back, Shi Tao hesitated for a long time, and finally took the initiative to confess to her that he had decided to propose to He Daye. No matter whether He Daye accepted it or not, he could at least prove his intentions.

Jiajia couldn’t conceal her feelings, but she still forced a smile, claiming that the blessings He Daye had cultivated in a few lifetimes could meet a good man like Shi Tao. Although Jiajia likes Shi Tao, she is still willing to send her blessings. Before leaving, she reminds Shi Tao that if she fails, she can always look back for her. She will always wait where she is.

Luo Chang likes to pursue freedom, and Liu Dan simply agreed with him not to contact each other on Sunday, so as to give each other space. As a result, Liu Dan was alone and bored. At first, he wanted to invite He Daye out for dinner, but He Daye was busy with work and refused. While Liu Dan was wandering on the street, she suddenly saw Luo Chang entering the bar alone. In order to retaliate against Luo Chang, she deliberately asked a group of friends to play ambiguously in front of him. She was so angry that Luo Chang was jealous on the spot and tore up the previously scheduled weekend treaty.

Zhang Meng learned that He Daye wanted to have a showdown with Zhao Xiaopeng and immediately blocked her impulse. After all, Fang Min couldn’t be stimulated now, so he tried to conceal it. Under Zhang Meng’s persuasion, He Daye dismissed his thoughts for the time being, and asked Fang Min to meet at the coffee shop the next day to discuss the wedding plan by the way.

Fang Min disliked that He Daye had no creativity, so he wanted to modify the process. He Daye thinks that this approach will reverse the priority, and it seems that the bride is going to marry the bridegroom. Fang Min is so angry that Fang Min can’t help but yell at him. Fortunately, He Daye didn’t mind. Fang Min couldn’t help showing off the necklace she found at home from her husband. At first she thought it was for herself, but when she saw the same necklace on Xiaowen’s neck, she knew it instantly. It was Zhao Xiaopeng who cheated before marriage.

Shu Ying went to the hospital for a physical examination and found that there were lumps in her breasts. Although the doctor needed a specific report to make a conclusion, she was worried by the other party’s tone. After leaving the doctor’s office, Shu Ying wanted to call Wang Haitao for the first time, but Wang Haitao was about to fly to Hong Kong for a business trip, so she hung up the phone casually.

At this time, Zhang Meng was busy serving He Daye, and did not hear Shu Ying’s call. Fang Min found the studio and cried to He Daye, and even ate up the nutritious meal Zhang Meng made by Daye. He Daye wanted Fang Min to remember the lesson. He deliberately sprinkled salt on her wounds. She said that she didn’t know how to respect people and even blindly chose a scumbag.

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