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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 16 Recap

Duanmucui and Wen Gu go shopping, but they still think of Zhanyan from time to time. Zhanyan follows Duanmucui and silently accompanies Duanmucui. Zhanyan was busy with work like crazy, and the backlog of cases in Kaifeng City for many years was cleared by Zhanyan. Duan Mucui also followed Zhan Yan to catch those You Clan who hurt Zhan Yan, often returning late. One day Duan Mucui ate a bowl of wontons at a frequently visited wonton stall, and the taste was somewhat familiar. After Duanmucui finished eating the wontons and left, Zhanyan slowly appeared. It turned out that the wontons were made specially for Duanmucui.

In the Wen Gu Medical Center, many people who were scratched by cats came for consultation. Suddenly, the black gas from the wound of a patient got into Wen Gu’s body, and the black cat Jiang Mo, who was hiding among the patients, quietly shot Wen Gu’s help. The dragon scales were exposed, and the people exclaimed that Doctor Wen Gu was a secluded clan. Wen Gu got into his body because of seeing a doctor who was scratched by a cat. Jiang Mo took the opportunity to deliberately instigate the people to make trouble. Duan Mucui heard the rumors among the people and rushed out of the encirclement without saying anything. Blocking, returned to Duanmu Caolu. Wen Gu told Duanmucui that his Youzu animality was uncontrollable, and Duanmucui said that he would always believe in Wengu and would not care about Wengu’s Youzu identity. Wen Gu remembered that a thousand years ago, Duanmucui had protected himself in the same way, and he was very grateful to Duanmucui.

Duan Mucui felt that something was strange, and that it had something to do with the nine prisons. Hong Luan went to ask the You Clan elder if this was the case. The You Clan elder said that as long as Wen Gu was willing to bow his head to him, he would untie the spell. Duanmucui and Zhanyan went to check the dead and found that they were all poisoned. The people once again surrounded Qifeng Mansion and Xihualiu and demanded that the real murderer be punished. Zhanyan said that he would take Wen Gu back to Qifeng Mansion for questioning, but Duanmucui was dedicated to protecting Wen Gu and did not understand Zhanyan’s practice and was unwilling. Let Zhanyan take Wen Gu away, and Wen Gu appeared and expressed his willingness to go to court with Zhanyan for questioning. Although Duan Mucui agreed to go to the court for questioning, he still confronted Zhan Yan everywhere.

Zhanyan told Duanmucui not to interfere. He was worried that someone deliberately targeted the Xihualiu, but Duanmucui did not listen. Wen Gu promised Master Jiang to stay in Kaifeng Mansion for the time being to assist in the investigation. Hong Luan was worried about Wen Gu’s injury, and was afraid that Wen Gu would not be able to survive the night. Hong Luan disguised as a man in black sneaked into the prison of Kaifeng Mansion, wounded the guards, and robbed Wen Gu. Zhan Yan found that these crazy victims had been bitten by animals, and by finding the animal that bitten people, he would know the truth of the matter. Zhan Yan wanted to go to Wen Gu to inquire about it, and found that Wen Gu was robbed by a man in black, and the man in black also left a small flowery nameplate on the scene, which made everyone suspect that Duan Mucui did it, and the sentiment was infuriated for a while. Although Zhanyan wanted to maintain Duanmucui, he was unable to do anything.

Zhanyan asked Master Jiang to give himself some time, and he would prove that Duan Mucui was innocent. Zhanyan came to Duanmu Caolu and asked Duanmucui to go with him to investigate the case. Duan Mucui checked the scene and learned that Wen Gu was injured, so he rushed to find Wen Gu. People in Kaifeng Mansion believed that Duanmucui was suspected of robbery and murder, and refused to let Duanmucui go away. Duanmucui had no choice but to hurt Zhanyan. Duanmucui came to the location of Wengu and brought Wengu back to Duanmu Caolu. Wen Gu’s injury was too serious, and Duan Mucui didn’t know the poison in Wen Gu’s and couldn’t heal it. By observing the peach blossom branches left by the robbing people, Zhanyan found that the secluded tribe was Hongluan.

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