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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 15 Recap

Zhan Yan returned to the original workaholic’s unsmiling appearance, which made Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang extremely worried. Lord Jiang was infected with the cold and coughing more than ever, and the black cat on the side showed distressed eyes looking at Lord Jiang’s appearance.

When the Qiqiao Festival was approaching, Zhanyan, who was on the street, recalled that Duanmucui’s preferences unconsciously bought a lot of things, but was intercepted by Wen Gu. Zhanyan still refused to give up Duanmucui, Wen Gu advised Zhanyan not to be obsessed with Duanmucui anymore, and promised Zhanyan to transfer the things he bought to Duanmucui. Duan Mucui thought that Zhanyan was usually too busy at work, and wanted to cook for Zhanyan on the Qiqiao Festival, holding the small blue and white to try the dishes, the small blue and white was miserable. Wen Gu saw Duanmucui cooking for Zhanyan, and took the initiative to ask Ying to teach Duanmucui to cook. Duanmucui’s cooking finally succeeded once.

Duanmu learned from Zhao Wu and Zhang Long that Zhanyan was in Qifeng Mansion, so he brought food to Qifeng Mansion, and finally saw Zhanyan under the stalker. Zhanyan saw Duanmucui’s injured hand because of cooking, and felt very distressed. After eating the food silently, she saw the illusion that Duanmu was killed by the heavenly soldiers.

Wen Gu threw all the gifts Zhanyan gave Duanmu into the river and destroyed them, and put the drug in the food for Zhanyan. Zhanyan saw the fantasy and made up his mind to break up with Duanmucui. Duanmucui couldn’t believe it, and kissed Zhanyan eagerly to prove that he still loves himself, but Zhanyan was indifferent to this, and looked at such a desperate Zhanyan Duanmucui very much. Is sad. Duan Mucui chatted with Hongluan. Hongluan’s enlightenment made her not believe in Zhanyan’s unfeeling, so she decided to go to Kaifeng Mansion to check Zhanyan.

Duanmucui came to Zhanyan’s room invisibly to see that he was holding the doll he had given him. Zhanyan saw the falling hair and learned that Duanmucui was hidden by the side. He deliberately gave the doll to Shangguance and said that he was opposed to Duanmucui. Just being grateful is not love. This remark angered Duanmucui, and Duanmucui appeared and told Zhanyan that he would not pester him anymore and left sadly. After Duanmucui left, Zhanyan took the doll back from Shangguance.

The love-lost Duanmu Cui borrowed wine to soothe her sorrow, and Wen Gu came to look for her, but she mistook her for Zhanyan and cried bitterly at him. Duan Mucui told Wen Gu not to follow her anymore. She came to Yuelao Temple alone, removed the matchmaker mole from the statue of Yuelao, and cried with Yuelao. Duanmucui took the red line to prove that the gods had a marriage line, but the red line was broken. Yue Lao told Duan Mucui that he couldn’t get the marriage line by himself, and it was impossible for the gods to have marriage. Knowing the truth, Duanmucui cried bitterly in the street, and Zhanyan hid behind and followed Duanmucui silently. Seeing Duanmucui fainted, Zhanyan wanted to hug him, but was preempted by Wen Gu. Zhanyan came to Duanmu Caolu to take care of the drunk Duanmucui, and then left before Duanmucui woke up.

Duan Mucui made up his mind to break up with Zhanyan and threw all the dolls with the memories of the two into the river. Hongluan led Duanmucui, and Duanmucui regretted throwing the doll and wanted to retrieve the doll, but the doll could not be retrieved. Wen Gu accompanied the sad Duanmucui, and Zhanyan hid in the dark and picked up all the dolls that Duanmu had thrown at him, silently following Duanmucui.

The black cat came to see the elder of the You clan, and the two made a deal. The elder of the You clan gave the black cat a spell to deal with Wen Gu, which can make Wen Gu give his original form. The You Clan elder asked the Black Cat to retrieve the Penglai Tu fragment from Duan Mucui, and the You Clan envoy helped the Black Cat fulfill his wish.

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