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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 39 Recap

Su Xing entered the ward, and the teacher took off the ventilator. After he became ill, he wanted to see the students he had taught and wanted to talk to Su Xing. He just asked Su Xing to sit at home last time and he did not go. Later, Su Xing came to the school. Did not come to see him. Su Xing quickly explained that it was not that he didn’t want to see the teacher, but that he had no face to see him because he was afraid of embarrassing the teacher.

The teacher knew that Su Xing suffered a disadvantage and was too late. People who have not experienced a small death do not know about a big life. The teacher encouraged Su Xing. He was his proud disciple and told him to act well. After saying this, the teacher passed away.

Peipei asked Pan Jianing to look for a chance to stare at Qi Yue. Pan Jianing said that Qi Yue’s heart was not on Yu Jiaoqiao’s body. She and Yu Jiaoqiao became half girlfriends, and Peipei was very satisfied. At the memorial service of Teacher Kang, the mother told Teacher Su Xing that he hoped that the memorial speech would be given by Su Xing, and Su Xing took the stage. Su Xing remembered what the teacher said to him back then.

The brighter the star, the easier it is to lose sight of him. Su Xing is most qualified to say this. After all these years, he has been lost in the entertainment industry and dare not face his greed. And desire. Su Xing said that maybe he will still make mistakes in the future of his life, but he will not lose himself. What Mr. Kang said before his death is something that Su Xing will never forget. He is an actor named Su Xing. I hope Mr. Kang will be here. Waiting for his new work in Paradise Cinema.

After the memorial service, Su Xing hadn’t left yet, and said he wanted to stay with Teacher Kang for a while. Director Cheng Ke also came. He said that Mr. Kang had not mistaken Su Xing and he was looking forward to working with him. After Qi Yue and Pan Jianing finished their makeup, Pan Jianing casually chatted with Qi Yue and asked him to come to his room to discuss with him about fitness issues. As soon as Qi Yue left, Pan Jianing picked up the phone and sent a message to Pan Jianing that Qi Yue always gave him some hints and said that he would come to her room at night.

When Yan Xi saw Su Xing’s words at the memorial service, he was moved with tears in his nose. Liang Yuxuan and Sun Xiaoai also shed tears at the computer. Sun Yihang was very helpless. On the contrary, he felt that Su Xing was a bit inspirational. His true feelings were touched. Sun Xiaoai couldn’t wait to find Su Xing. Su Xing said that Cheng Ke had withdrawn the prosecution against him. In the evening, Qi Yue came to Pan Jianing’s room.

Pan Jianing kept pouring him wine, making some ambiguous actions, asking him to look at his back, let him press his back, and then suddenly resisted pushing Qi Yue to the door. outer. Standing outside the door, Yu Jiaoqiao, Yu Jiaoqiao left angrily, Pan Jianing very proud. Soon President Yu became angry and wanted to cut out Qi Yue’s scenes. Qi Yue and Pete were very passive. Pete said that Qi Yue could not beat Su Xing by a little bit, but Qi Yue stood up and warned Pete that they were ants on a rope. Grasshopper, it’s no good for Pete to lose power.

Sun Xiaoai was watching Cheng Ke’s narcissism and said that he wanted Cheng Ke to help Su Xing stand up. Sun Xiaoai ran to find Cheng Ke but was stopped by the bodyguard. Qingping sent Qi Yue home, offered to help him pack his luggage, and then secretly took out Qi Yue’s medicine. Yan Xi called to say that the call could be made, but no one answered. Qingping did not hear Qi Yue’s phone ring. Cheng Ke went to the store for dinner, Sun Xiaoai hurriedly went to the box to speak for Su Xing. Director Cheng Ke did not answer. Before leaving, he asked Sun Xiaoai to tell Su Xing that everyone deserves a second chance.

Unexpectedly, the photos of Sun Xiaoai and Cheng Ke were taken and said that Sun Xiaoai helped Su Xing fight for the role, and Su Xing became a soft rice man. Minna saw this news and decided to return to China. Su Xing and Liang Yuxuan were troubled by the news. Sun Xiaoai just wanted to tell Su Xing about this. Liang Yuxuan complained to him and showed him the news. Su Xing’s image was finally destroyed. Sun Yihang couldn’t hear it and quickly pulled Liang Yuxuan into the room. Su Xing took Sun Xiaoai’s hand to comfort her, saying that cyber violence could not harm him at all. On the contrary, Su Xing was a little self-blaming. He did not protect Sun Xiaoai well. Sun Xiaoai said that Cheng Ke would give Su Xing a second chance, but she forgot to contact her.

Minna’s return to China caused a lot of shock. Pete thinks that Minna and Cheng Ke have some problems. If she supports Su Xing and Qi Yue, the situation will be even more difficult. If Cheng Ke re-enables Su Xing, Qi Yue will be anxious. If it is true It was only a moment for Su Xing to stand up. Pete asked Su Xing to meet and dropped Qi Yue.

After Minna returned to China, she made an appointment with Su Xing and booked his previous room, saying that she would help him find his lost things. Su Xing said that he could not travel their seven-year appointment because he and Sun Xiaoai were together. Su Xing kept reminding him that the person he loved should be Minna, but when he saw her, he realized that he no longer loved Minna.

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