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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 38 Recap

Sun Xiaoai always troubled Su Xing when he was filming. The director broke down a bit. He accidentally took away the director’s takeaway while eating. Su Xing was also a little bit dumbfounded. Finally, the filming was over. Sun Xiaoai again. It’s gone, it turned out to be asleep because I was too tired to find a place. Sun Xiaoai blamed Su Xing for being a hindrance. It was a bit embarrassing, but Su Xing didn’t think there was anything. He also talked about his own affairs and solved Sun Xiaoai. He also took out the book he loved to read in front of Sun Xiaoai. During the performance, Sun Xiaoai was fascinated. Director Xia was very dissatisfied with Qi Yue’s performance, he was not talented.

Sun Xiaoai went home dejectedly and was still helping Su Xing understand the project of Daguo Medicine. She had already signed up for Su Xing. Sun Yihang was still thinking about Ye Lang, Sun Xiaoai was speechless, Liang Yuxuan left angrily, and Sun Yihang was innocent. . Ye’s mother asked Ye Lang why he wanted to help Su Xing. Ye Lang said that he didn’t want to help Su Xing by default, but wanted to see if he worked hard enough, and just hope that Sun Xiaoai can be happy.

If Sun Xiaoai chooses to stay in the end Ye Lang beside Su Xing wouldn’t say anything, just hope that Sun Xiaoai can be happy. Sun Xiaoai came to Ye Lang to learn about Daguoya. Ye Lang truthfully confessed that he was responsible for this project. Sun Xiaoai was surprised. He didn’t expect Ye Lang’s identity to be so amazing. Ye Lang asked Sun Xiaoai to tell Su Xing. If you want to receive this resource, you can get a taste of Chinese medicine.

Mr. Xue is not satisfied with the development of Qi Yue, Qi Yue comes to Pete and hopes that he can help Julie, but Pete in turn asks Qi Yue to please Yu Jiaoqiao. Mother Ye went to see Sun Xiaoai and said that Ye Lang liked her very much. Not only did she live in the house, but also because Sun Xiaoai was casting the whole network. If Sun Xiaoai chose Su Xing, she should leave Ye Lang completely. Let him give up, Ye Mu also hoped that the content of today’s conversation would not be known to Ye Lang, and Sun Xiaoai quickly agreed.

Qi Yue went to see Yu Jiaoqiao. Yu Jiaoqiao graduated in two years, so Qi Yue hoped that she would give herself two years. Yu Jiaoqiao believed it immediately and went to Mr. Yu. Mr. Yu knew if Qi Yue was true. He has no choice but to become a big star, but he will never let others hurt Yu Jiaoqiao. Julie came to apologize to Pete, Pete persuaded her to be a good actor, and gave her a play. Sun Xiaoai questioned Ye Lang angrily. It turned out that her job was owned by Ye Lang, and the house was also owned by Ye Lang. Ye Lang patiently told her that he had never thought of giving anything back. He just hoped that Sun Xiaoai would be happy. Moreover, the project of Da Guo Yi did not directly give Su Xing, just want him to get this role through his own efforts.

Qi Yue came to Pete to ask Daguo doctor about the matter. Pete said that the casting was just their hype, so Qi Yue didn’t worry. Su Xing came to Sun Xiaoai. He was very excited to receive a call from Da Guo Pian. He also wanted to seize this opportunity. Sun Xiaoai wanted to explain but didn’t have time to say it. Peipei went to see Mr. Xue and expressed that he wanted to bring Louis Wei to work with him. Louis Wei was on the same level as Su Xing, and the development of Su Xing after he fell was obvious to all.

Su Xing rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from her mother. Su Xing’s teacher was in the rescue room. She was very worried. Su Xing asked her what kind of disease the teacher had. The teacher said it was the advanced stage of liver cancer. It’s not good, but I still have to go to school to teach. The doctor said that the teacher’s condition had stabilized, but he could no longer be stimulated. Su Xing entered the ward to see the teacher for approval.

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