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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 6 Racap

Zhang Yuan asked North Jiangsu to go to the nightclub to communicate the cooperation between the two. Lu Nan overheard the conversation between the two, thinking that North Jiangsu had an affair, so he asked Yunfan to check the itinerary of North Jiangsu.

Zhang Yuan said that he did know some things that Lunan did not know, but the risk of cooperating with North Jiangsu was still too great. He demanded to give himself 5% of the shares in Huanzhen Company after the incident. North Jiangsu agreed and the two reached a cooperation. .

At this time, Lu Nan came to the nightclub aggressively and met Ye Ting who was guarding the door. Ye hurriedly informed Subei. After receiving the news, he went to the corridor of the private room and ran into Lu Nan pretending to be faint. In order to delay the time, she kissed. Lu Nan, Zhang Yuan took the opportunity to leave. Lu Nan said that Subei was the first to provoke him, so the public went down and kissed in the corridor. At this time, there was a conflict in the private room next door. The two men were fighting with wine bottles, endangering Lu and Su. Subei was injured in order to protect Lunan.

The incident of Lunanjing began to change his attitude towards Northern Jiangsu. Even so, he was jealous and asked who was going to the nightclub with Northern Jiangsu. Northern Jiangsu claimed that he was just going to see a relative and nothing else.

That night, Subei suddenly couldn’t contact Zhang Yuan.

Kris saw other boys playing football with his father on the playground. Others had his father with him but he didn’t. Kris was very sad. He planned to do a “big thing” for the happiness of his family and asked the tutor to help him conceal it. To mother.

One day, Lu Nan met Kreis at his door, and the boy came up and pestered Lu Nan to call Dad. Kris said that his mother was Lunan’s wife, and took out a superman to give Lunan a gift. Lunan didn’t want a gift. The two quarreled. The toy of Superman was thrown to the ground and Kris cried. , Lu Nan gave money to the tutor and asked her to buy a new one for the boy.

Subei came to see his son and learned that the child had gone to see his father. However, Lu Nan didn’t know Kreis, Kreis cried, saying that his father didn’t want himself, and he didn’t want his father.

Subei recalled that when she had just learned about pregnancy in Italy, she had called Lu Nan, but Lu Fei answered the call. She said that her brother had stopped thinking about Subei and hoped that she would not be disturbed again in the future. , Subei informed Lu Fei that he was pregnant but might not be able to keep the baby. Lu Fei said in a ruthless manner that his brother felt that the child could not be the best, and the two should not have anything to do with him. However, the fact is that Lunan had been involved in a car accident at the time and had no idea what had happened.

Subei talked to Ye Ting, asking whether he did something wrong and shouldn’t he deceive his father to love him very much. Ye Ting said, Subei did nothing wrong. As a child, Kreis needs someone who loves him. Dad, even if everything is made up by Subei. Su and Ye decided to take Kreis to leave when things were done, and never return to this sad place.

At night, Subei returned home and Lu Nan took good care of it. The two had a spring supper one night, and when the company had a meeting on the second day, Lu Nan was still thinking about the beautiful moments last night.

At night, when Subei took advantage of Lunan to go downstairs to find gauze for himself, he secretly opened the safe and took out the files of Sanglan costumes.

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