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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 5 Racap

During the dispute between North Jiangsu and Lunan, Lu Fei came to visit Subei with soup. Su and Lu immediately pretended to be very affectionate, feeding the soup and massaging each other. Lu Fei intended to explore the relationship between the two. He was fed a mouthful of dog food and quickly said goodbye.

Su Manni thought she really hit Subei, so she called Lu Fei. Lu Fei told Subei that she was at home and she was healthy. Su Manni received the news of Subei aborting her baby and quickly hung up the phone. On the other side, Lu Fei talked to herself insidiously. She said that the two Su wanted to steal her brother, so let them hurt each other.

The next day, the report of miscarriage in northern Jiangsu made the headlines of major media after the time was tampered with. Lu Nan was very angrily asked whether Subei had been pregnant with someone else’s wild species. She thought that her purpose of approaching herself was for property, but now it seems that her soul and body are filthy everywhere. The two quarreled and separated.

Lu Nan is going to announce his divorce at the conference. Yun Fan said that the matter is strange. He has sent someone to Italy to investigate, and there will be results soon. Hope Lu Nan can wait a little longer. Lu Nan refused to listen to dissuasion and insisted on divorcing.

At this time, Lu Fei leisurely arranging flowers while watching Huanzhen’s press conference, it was very uncomfortable. I thought that Lunan would definitely announce the divorce at the press conference, but what was unexpected was that he suddenly took the hand of Subei. He and Subei were married because of their love for each other. The two people trust each other and love each other.

The so-called separation, divorce, Bastard and abortion are all slander, and all those who slander the marriage relationship between the two will be investigated by the company. What was originally a crisis of public relations has instantly become a venue for two people to show their affection. Seeing this scene, Lu Fei swept all the flowers to the ground angrily. She said to herself in anger, why things have reached this point, Lu Nan still wants to help Subei.

There was news from people who went to Italy to investigate. The news of the miscarriage in northern Jiangsu was true, but it was Lunan’s child who miscarried. Seven years ago, Subei went to Italy and suffered from broken heart syndrome due to excessive sadness. When she found out she was sick when she was pregnant, and she had to abort.

Lu Nan listened to this news and returned home to comfort Subei who had spent his sorrow with wine. The two drank together. Subei claimed that Lu Nan was a bastard and had been wronging herself. She was very wronged.

In the early morning of the next day, Lu Nan changed his bad temper and took the initiative to make breakfast for Subei, saying that it was Su Manni who had leaked the news. Since the two were sisters, they would do whatever Subei would do. Su Manni wanted to terminate the contract with Su Manni immediately. After Su Manni refused, she quickly went to Lu Nan and complained about Su Bei while acting like a baby. Lu Nan sternly said Su Manni was too arrogant and didn’t mean anything to her. The company’s interests are in mind. Su Manni left angrily.

At night, Subei followed Zhang Yuan to KTV. She said that she wanted to discuss business with Zhang Yuan. Subei bluntly said that she would kick Lunan to take charge of the Huanzhen Group. Zhang Yuan had been with Lunan for many years, and she must have herself in her hands. Wanted something, and gave a generous reward. Ye Ting received the call, and she told Subei that Kreis had returned to China.

At the gate of Huanzhen Group, a boy playing with a ball saw Lu Nan entering the door, and he was hurriedly taken away by Ye Ting when he was about to call out his father. Lu Nan thought it was a bear kid playing. Subei came to see his son. Kreis said that he missed his father, so he secretly changed the address of the summer camp and came to Nancy City. It turns out that Subei did not kill himself and Lu Nan’s children.

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