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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 4 Racap

Northern Jiangsu pretended to have a relationship with Lu Nan, who was drunk and unconscious. Lu Nan, who woke up early the next morning thinking that she had done something ridiculous, asked her what tricks she wanted to use. Northern Jiangsu recalled tit-for-tat Lu Nan seven years ago. In some scenes, I sighed that I was no longer the weak I was seven years ago. Yunfan and Zhang Yuan met at KTV and handed Zhang a check, saying that it was given by Lu Nan, hoping that he could manage his mouth, Zhang Yuan readily agreed.

Yun Fan was fined to sort out the financial statements for playing Lu Nan’s jokes, and happened to collide with Ye Ting. Ye Ting claimed that she was Annie’s assistant. Yun Fan said that according to company rules, she should first go to the personnel report after a week of training. Ye Ting claimed to be Anne’s subordinates. Anyone who wants to arrange their own job must first get Anne’s approval. The two met for the first time but they broke up.

Gu Chengze was punished by the elders of his family for drinking with Subei before. His brother Gu Yan came to ask about the cooperation contract between Gu and Huanzhen Starlight. Gu Chengze was very unfriendly and said that Gu Yan was an illegitimate child and had no right to inquire about anything.

The northern part of Jiangsu Province came to the Gu family for negotiation because of the arbitrary cancellation of the contract between the two parties. She met Gu Yan by chance. During the conversation, Gu Yan inadvertently revealed that Gu Chengze would go to the eastern suburbs to play golf the next day.

Returning to Lu Nan’s home, Subei continued to study the password of the safe, and tried repeatedly, and finally found that the password was actually the wedding anniversary of the two. Subei was shocked. She could not figure out why Lu Nan had forgotten herself but still used it to get married. Make the password for the safe on the anniversary. Lu Nan, who had just opened the safe and ended overtime early, returned home, and Subei pretended to take a shower in his room. Lu Nan found out that the behavior in northern Jiangsu was different, so he called Yunfan and asked to monitor him at home the next day.

On the golf course, Mr. Gu and his elders played with each other and failed repeatedly. Northern Jiangsu relied on his superb skills to help Mr. Gu win the game. However, afterwards, Gu Chengze still refused to sign a cooperation agreement.

Yun Fan asked someone to check Subei’s information in Italy and found out that she had undergone an abortion operation in a private hospital. Yun Fan ordered this matter to be kept secret for the time being.

In the evening, Gu Chengze and Su Manni waited for a KTV party. Su Manni prayed that Gu Chengze would endorse Gu Shikong to herself. At this time, Subei came, and Gu Chengze mocked Su Manni for being inferior to Subei. He took out two glasses of wine and said that he wanted to be a friend first. After doing something, Subei drank the wine without hesitation. Su Manni said that she would still have a platform tomorrow, and her face would swell after drinking.

Gu Chengze falsely claimed that she decided to give Subei the endorsement of Kong, and Su Manni left angrily. Northern Jiangsu expected that Gu Chengze would repent, so he took out the information on borrowing money from his mortgage company’s shares. Gu Chengze was shocked as to why Northern Jiangsu had obtained these confidential information, so he agreed to sign a cooperation agreement, but asked Northern Jiangsu not to disclose the matter.

In the underground garage, Su Manni drove into Subei because he was not happy to find herself in KTV. Gu Yan appeared in time to save her. He drove Subei to the hospital and took her home. Subei thanked Gu Yan for secretly giving They provided information on borrowing money from Gu Chengze’s mortgage company shares. Both of them were marginalized figures who had no right to speak in their own homes. They both felt sorry for each other and became friends.

When Lu Nan came back, he just saw Gu Yan sending Subei into the house, and he quickly took Subei. After entering the house, he was responsible and required Subei to always remember his wife Lu’s identity when doing anything, and not to have too much contact with any man. Subei claimed that he was jealous, Lu Nan denied it.

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