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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 3 Racap

President Gu took out three glasses of white wine, as long as Subei drank it, Su Manni’s affairs were wiped out, and Kong’s endorsement was also given to Huanzhen’s model. Subei drank it happily and recommended Liu Qianying as the spokesperson for Kong.

All this was seen by Lu Nan and Yun Fan. Yun Fan joked that Lu Nan fell in love with a wild horse with a grassland on his head, Lu Nan angrily left.

Yunfan arranged for the car from North Jiangsu to enter Lunan, and Lunan reluctantly took Subei home. When Lu Nan left to take a bath, Subei suddenly became sober, looking for Phixiangjin all around, it turned out that she was pretending to be. During the search, he happened to meet Lu Nan who was going downstairs to take a bath, and came into close contact. Subei took off Lu Nan’s bath towel along the way, Lu Nan called her crazy woman in desperation, and then hurried upstairs.

Subei discovered a medicine for brain damage and neurological deficits in Lu Nan’s home. She wondered why Lu Nan looked so healthy and would take this medicine.

On the second day, a “Private life debauchery gold broker actually relies on sleeping in the top position” news directed at North Jiangsu. Yunfan speculated that the fake news was arranged by Su Manni, and Lu Nan believed that it was manipulated by North Jiangsu. The marriage relationship was revealed, and the biggest beneficiary would be northern Jiangsu. Lu Nan believes that instead of forcibly removing fake news from public relations, it is better to wait for the changes and wait until the northern Jiangsu trick is finished, and then see what her purpose is.

Lu Nan came to Subei. He blamed Subei for its unscrupulous measures and asked Lu Nan to deal with his negative news within 24 hours. Subei asked Lu Nan. At any rate, the two were married in legal terms. As a husband, why Lu Nan didn’t treat himself. Regarding any trust and concern, Lu Nan said that a woman who had not seen her for seven years, said that she still had feelings for herself, but she was resolute in action and wanted to fight for property. Of course she couldn’t believe her.

Zhang Yuan was abducted, and Ye Ting, who was following him, hurriedly called Subei after seeing this scene. Subei asked to monitor Zhang Yuan’s whereabouts.

Subei used Su Manni’s fake news to fuel the flames, exploding his seven-year marriage with Lu Nan, and the scandal between him and Su Manni began, Lu Nan instantly became a scumbag in the mouth of public opinion. On the vent of Huanzhen’s listing, Lu Nan had only one way to go to admit the relationship between the two.

After discussion, Lu Nan agreed to the public relations plan of Northern Jiangsu. He was willing to cooperate with Northern Jiangsu in recognizing the relationship between the two, hoping that Northern Jiangsu could also play the role of Mrs. Lu.

At the door of the company, Su and Lu played a scene of a loving couple in front of reporters, and denied the ambiguous scandal with Su Manni, and public opinion instantly changed direction.

In the evening, Subei entered Lu’s house logically. After the two signed a cohabitation agreement, Subei took the opportunity to shut Lu Nan outside. She pretended that the door was locked and she couldn’t open it, so she took this opportunity to unlock the safe. The password can’t be opened, so I can only give up temporarily. Lu Nan couldn’t get in, so he could only go to Yunfan’s house to spend the night.

Su Manni came to Lu Fei again. During her conversation, Lu Fei accidentally missed the fact that her brother was divorcing from Subei and dividing his property. She also said that she was worried that in case Subei was pregnant with a child, the marriage would not be possible. Go to Lu Nan’s house to investigate the situation.

On the second day, after returning home from northern Jiangsu, he made a mockery of apologizing to Lu Nan for the previous night’s affairs. Lu Nan was so angry that he drank his sorrows. After being drunk, he entangled northern Jiangsu. The two had a spring night.

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