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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 2 Racap

Except for the small model Liu Qianying, all the models were very flattering when they saw Su Manni and said Su Manni was their eldest sister. The two sisters were extremely jealous when they met. Su Manni ridiculed that Subei couldn’t hang on abroad anymore, and she could introduce her big boss resources. Subei called her vulgar language, coquettish and rude, and various brand collaborations in the next quarter will be stopped for her, and severely criticized the flattering models. The models were about to blast Subei away, but they knew she was. The gold broker who has made many models popular, Annie.

After being taken into Lunan’s office, Subei eagerly searched for Phi Xiangjin’s trail. Lu Nan ran into him and she lied that she was looking for earrings. Lu Nan asked her to sign the divorce agreement first. At this time, Yun Te helped in, and he learned that Subei was the company invited Annie, so he threw the divorce agreement into the trash can. After carefully analyzing the current situation of Huanzhen’s modelling company, Subei and Lu Nanli divorced and bet on a divorce. She promised that within three months she would turn Huanzhen Starlight into the largest model agency in China and cultivate more models that surpass Su Manni. Lu Nan bargained and asked for results within two months.

Lu Nan discussed with Yun Tezhu about why it is so difficult for North Jiangsu, but Yun Tezhu said that North Jiangsu is a kind of bun, which anyone can handle, but Lu Nan asked him if he had seen a softer who asked for the division of property as soon as he came up. Buns? He also asked Yun Tezhu to find a lawyer immediately, and he asked Subei to go out of the house.

Yun Te helped find Subei to drink coffee and asked why Subei had changed so much in the past seven years. Subei claimed that he was thrown with dirty water seven years ago and was swept out by his husband. If he hadn’t changed a bit in the past seven years, wouldn’t it? Important jokes. Subei understands that Lu Nan is asking Yun Te to ask for the news. She lied that she came back to return to Lu Nan and wanted to start the marriage again. She asked why Lu Nan didn’t seem to know her anymore, and Yun Tezhu didn’t tell the truth about Lu Nan’s amnesia in the car accident.

Subei officially started training for models. Su Manni was rightly late and asked for a postponement of the assessment. Subei claimed that the assessment was over. From now on, all business activities of Su Manni were cancelled, and the two Soviets quarreled. Su Manni slandered Subei in order to become a gold broker and get the endorsement place, relying on sleeping on the top all the way. Subei spoke on the phone with the so-called “golden master” on the spot, and the “golden master” exposed Su Manni’s lies. Su Manni then said that her contract with Huanzhen was about to expire. There were many brokerage companies who had thrown olive branches. She didn’t have to be Huanzhen. Subei took advantage of the situation and said that after Sumani’s termination, Liu Qianying was the first player in the assessment He is the chief model of Huanzhen. In one month, Subei will train Liu Qianying as a national model.

The above conversation happened to be heard by Lu Nan and Yun Te, and the two of them were happy that it was a good idea for Sobi to restrict Su Manni.

Su Manni complained to Lu Nan’s younger sister, Lu Fei. Lu Fei was in front of Su Manni but said that Anne was the gold broker hired by her brother after all, and she wouldn’t be able to speak ill of others without evidence. As soon as Su Manni left, Lu Fei aggressively cut the flower arrangement and called to check Subei’s information in Italy.

In the Gu fashion show, Su Manni made a mistake and spilled wine on President Gu. Subei apologized for her, and President Gu asked Subei to drink alcohol to make amends.

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