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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 1 Racap

Reunion in Subei Road South seven years later.

Seven years ago, on the bridge across the sea, Lunan in a suit walked towards a middle-aged woman. The woman seemed to be very afraid of the man. In anxiousness, she jumped off the bridge and fell into the sea. At this time, Subei rushed over. Calling Aunt Lan.

Seven years later, in Milan, Italy, Subei was watching domestic Huanzhen company news. Huanzhen company is about to go public. The news that its president Lu Nan and the company’s model Su Manni went to the hotel late at night spread. Northern Jiangsu planned to return to China and said: It is time to settle the grievances and grievances of the husband and wife for seven years.

Zhang Yuan, one of the company’s bosses, wanted to commit suicide on the roof of the Huanzhen office building in Nancy, China. He said that if he could not get the company’s shares that day, he would jump off the building and asked to see Lunan, saying that Lunan had forced the company’s veteran to death. Lu Nan came downstairs and took out the fake share transfer book. Zhang Yuan rushed over and was caught by the security guard.

In Yin’s fashion banquet, Su Manni was warmly welcomed by the surrounding reporters when she entered the venue. After that, Subei wore the same dress and met with Su Manni, saying that it was her brother-in-law that Manni wanted to meet, and she wanted to meet. It’s her husband. The two are half-parents. Su Manni was angry and wanted to fight Subei, but she was stopped by Subei, saying that she was no longer the self she was seven years ago. It’s time to pay back what Su Manni snatched back then. came back. Facing the reporter, the two pretended to be very intimate.

At the banquet venue, Subei and Ye Ting’s pretending waiters met and got Su Manni’s room card. After that, Subei pretended to be a cleaning staff and installed a pinhole camera in Su Manni’s room.

When Lu Nan came to the banquet venue, Su Manni pretended to be injured by an illegitimate meal, and put on a pitiful look that she was scared, and asked Lu Nan to send herself back to the room. Although Lu Nan was unwilling, she agreed.

The camera installation takes a certain amount of time. In order to buy time for North Jiangsu, Ye Ting pressed the button on each floor of the elevator in Lunan and others. When Lu Nan entered the house, just when the camera was installed, the northern Jiangsu pretended that the cleaning staff was holding a garbage bag and passing by Lu and Su.

Su Manni took the advantage of Lu Nan to go to the bathroom to get a towel, and put the medicine in the water glass. However, when she asked Lu Nan to drink, Lu Nan saw it through. He said that he was used to such tricks. All these scenes were seen by Subei. Lunan didn’t drink water, and Subei didn’t photograph the breaking news. She started Plan B.

When Lu Nan left the room, Su Manni deliberately fell down and pulled off the straps of her dress to seduce people. At this time, Subei, who had returned to her dress, came in. Subei communicated with her husband Lu Nan, but Lu Nan did not seem to know her. .

The reporters walked into the room, and Su Manni from Subei pretended to be intimate to deal with the reporter.

The hotel incident came to an end. Subei spoke with Ye Ting. She returned to China this time to get close to Lunan to find out whether Aunt Lan’s Pixiangjin was taken by Lunan and where it is now hidden.

Lu Nan asked his assistant if Soupy was his wife. It turned out that he had been in a car accident, so he lost his memory. However, the assistant had promised that Lu Nan’s grandmother could not tell him about it, so he asked Lu Nan to ask himself. grandmother.

In the hospital, Subei went to see the rescue after falling into the water, but she has become a vegetative Aunt Lan, saying that he returned to China this time to find out the truth and find out the real culprit.

On the second day, Subei came to the newly recruited Huanzhen Company as a gold medal model agent. She met Su Manni who was flattered by many models at the company, and they will become colleagues in the future.

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