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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 39 Recap

Pan Liang asked his subordinates about the unusual place last night. The person only said that it was the prince of Concubine Yang Meiren who delivered the baby. No one was present. Pan Liang thought for a while and discussed with Pan Bozheng. Uncle Pan ordered Pan Liangduo to visit Yushu, and now he is very old. Perhaps Pan Liang will have to fight for the rejuvenation of the Pan family.

In the court hall the next day, Su Yijian was responsible for counting the losses in the inner library. The accumulation of the two dynasties was destroyed in one dynasty. Taifu Cao immediately knelt down and begged for punishment, and raised the ruler above his head, asking Yuankan to blame. Don’t blame King Ji. Who knows that Yuan Kan picked up the ruler and kept hitting the palm of his hand, bluntly saying that the teacher made a mistake, that the student must have done it wrong.

Taifu Cao was frightened and dared not speak on his knees. Yuan Kan knew that Taifu Cao had been obsessed with the old system of passing thrones, but he was really soft-hearted. He was only demoted from office and allowed him to survive in the book pavilion. Unexpectedly, the day of his birthday ruined his official route, Cao Taifu walked out of the court, his face was ashen ashes.

The newly-born Xiaoyiyi kept crying, no matter how Liu E and the nanny coaxed, they could not stop the crying, Yuan Kan hurriedly called the imperial doctor, Liu E wanted Wan’er to take care of him, but Yuan Kan said, Now Wan’er has lost her mind and is insane, unable to take care of her children. Liu E had been stunned at the same place, and tears floated again.

When the nurse came to Wan’er’s bedroom, she found that everyone was around the table. It turned out that Wan’er was holding the legs of the table and she was very nervous and easily frightened. The nurse patiently coaxed Wan’er to calm Wan’er’s emotions, but Wan’er held onto the nurse and repeatedly asked if she was a prince. It turned out to be the corpse rolled out of the package in the rainy night. Arousing controversy, Wan’er was afraid that the emperor would not like herself anymore. But the nanny was also unspeakable, just saying that everything will pass. Yingluo on the side was also very sad when she watched her sister Wan’er look like this.

Pan Liang came to the bedroom to look for Yu Shu, who knew that Yu Shu didn’t see him behind closed doors. He only wanted to speak behind the curtain and didn’t want to go back to Pan’s house. Pan Liangxin was dissatisfied, but advised Yu Shu not to be so selfish and to consider the glory of the family.

Ding Wei reported to the emperor about repairing the palace. After Yuan Kan read it, he said to Ding Wei that there are now a stack of memorials, saying that Ding Wei’s repairing the palace is very costly. Ding Wei’s tongue was like a tongue, and even mentioned to Yuan Kan about the construction of the canal. He deliberately said that the crane flew to the palace of blessing on the night of the prince’s birth. Yuan Kan was overjoyed after hearing it, and he approved it.

Unexpectedly, when the two were discussing, Wan’er ran up with disheveled heads, trying to argue that she did not give birth to a deformity. Yuan Kan was furious and ordered the eunuchs to pull him away. Liu E rushed to her. As soon as she saw Liu E, she hugged him. Liu E continued to comfort him. Yuan Kan said helplessly that she didn’t want to drive Wan’er out. Outside the palace. Fortunately, with Liu E’s constant comfort, Wan’er calmed down, but seeing that Wan’er was in such an abnormal state of mind, Liu E was also very guilty.

Zaifeng came to Xiangguo Temple. Under the guidance of the little monk, he raised his hoe and started digging. Sure enough, he found the package in Wan’er’s hand that night of the heavy rain. It turned out to be a scorched civet cat inside. Zaifeng shouted ridiculously, and immediately returned to the bedroom. He Wan’er reported the incident.

This fact is strange. Zaifeng thinks that someone must have replaced the child with a civet cat. But recalling that night, there were indeed newborn children in the palace. The more he thought about it, the more he didn’t understand, Zaifeng insisted on taking Wan’er to find the emperor and queen. Yuan Kan learns that Zaifeng has been to Xiangguo Temple, and feels uneasy. Liu E thinks that she is always sorry for Wan’er, but Yuan Kan insists on expelling Zaifeng from the palace. Unexpectedly, when Zaifeng heard the rumors about the civet cat in the palace, he found Pan Mansion. After being driven away by Jiading, Zaifeng went to Kaifeng Mansion and reported.

Yuan Kan and Su Yijian have been tracking his deeds, fearing that Zaifeng will be infested again. Disturbance, he ordered it to be locked up. Yushu returned to Pan’s family to visit his injured father, and asked about the affairs of the palace. Yushu mentioned Zaifeng’s affairs, Pan Liang’s expression changed drastically, and when he asked about his subordinates, he learned that Li Zaifeng had found the Pan’s family. Pan Liang ordered his subordinates to search all over the capital, but also to find Zaifeng again.

The 100-day banquet of the little prince is coming soon, and Liu E is very pleased to see the child grow up day by day. Wan’er’s consciousness has also become more sober, no longer crying, but she has become cold and indifferent. Liu E thought for a moment, and ordered the maid to invite Wan’er to the Hundred Days Banquet.

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