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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 3 Recap

When Liang Chen wanted to go in, he was stopped by Professor Qin. As soon as Professor Qin saw Liang Chen coming, he was overjoyed and called to the office. It turned out that Liang Chen was a student from here before. Liang Chen just wanted to explore the troubles of music with Professor Qin. After hearing the news, Teacher Luo interrupted him again. Teacher Luo directly took Liang Chen to take a photo and praised Liang Chen as their pride here. Then all the students knew that they flew to see Liang Chen, Liang Chen had no time for anything. I asked, so I had to leave by the back door.

When I left, I saw Lu Jing unexpectedly. Lu Jing also saw Liang Chen inside through the car window. The two had their eyes facing each other but none of them spoke. Zhou Zhou happily thought Liang Chen was looking at him, but Lu Jing proudly told Zhou Zhou Liangchen to look in his eyes. It was him that arrived.

Taro’s location was very difficult for shooting. The showers were made up of temporary sheds. Taro only hoped that the filming was completed and left quickly. At this time, the heroine of the play Ma Shanshan came. The director wanted to introduce the two of them to each other. After taking a shower, Taro felt that he was embarrassed and covered his face and hurriedly left.

After Liang Chen went back, there was no inspiration to invest in it anyway, so he had to think about playing games in a good time, but he didn’t expect to be killed in less than five minutes. Helpless Liang Chen had to search for the good luck guide, hoping to get rid of the Xiazi label, but saw that one person in the comment said that it was wishful thinking that he wanted to get rid of Xiazi through this strategy. Liang Chen felt that he was a bit stupid, but if he wanted some comfort, he took the initiative to contact Lu Jing and asked Lu Jing if she was a good cook. Lu Jing unceremoniously praised Liang Chen for her self-knowledge. Liang Chen was very disappointed and angry. At this time, Lu Jing even offered to take Liang Chen to play with the fireworks, and the happy Liang Chen quickly went online.

After entering this game, two newcomers followed, and they recognized that Lu Jing turned out to be Herman, and happily accepted Lu Jing’s order and became his comrade-in-arms, because following a great god like Herman means You can win. When I heard that Lu Jing turned out to be Hermann Liang Chen, he was also very happy, but he didn’t expect to be her fan. Ke Ke once told Liang Chen that Herman would put a downwind song every time after the game was over, so that Liang Chen’s song was quietly gone. Herman was an iron fan, Liang Chen did not expect the god of war.

Adoring her, I was very happy and proud. When I got in the car, I hoped to give Lu Jing a chance to get him into the car. But I didn’t expect Lu Jing to drive away directly. Liang Chen had to run after his butt, and Lu Jing stopped suddenly. Stretched out his hand to pull Liang Chen up. I also took Liang Chen to play speeding, but the speeding turned into a planting ground with too many dazzling skills.

The mission this time is to seize the energy stone and place it in a designated position. It is considered an action to save the earth. This energy stone belongs to the earth. Liang Chen followed all the way to collect equipment and claimed that he was a human backpack. Those weapons and ammunition were all for the purpose of saving the earth. Lu Jing collected it and believed that Lu Jing would be able to take her to see the fireworks. Lu Jing couldn’t live up to this little box with the beauty in his heart. Lu Jing was able to judge the position of the robot through his ears and killed it, which made Liang Chen really admired. To get the energy stone, you need to knock on the bronze medal mechanism. Liang Chen, who is good at music, heard the difference in the sound of the bronze medal, and perfectly matched Lu Jing to obtain the energy stone and successfully returned it.

After seeing the energy stone returned, the fireworks and meteors that the system automatically released made Liang Chen very happy, and the wonderful environment also made her feel good, so she proudly took the victory result of the firework explosion and posted it to the circle of friends to show off and see her friends. The taro in the circle also wanted to go in and play. I didn’t expect that such a box could blow up fireworks, but the connection failed because of the bad signal.

After returning from the game, Liang Chen also admired Lu Jing a little more, and felt that his screen name was not very pleasant. He was obviously a male god but chose a wretched name, so Liang Chen revised the remarks. , Named Lu Jing Peerless Master, but in Lu Jing’s place, he named Liang Chen the Millennium Box Jing.

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