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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 18 Recap

Zhou Jianqing comforted Gu Nanzhou with the method Jiang Xiaochuan used before. Gu Nanzhou hugged Zhou Jianqing in Zhou Jianqing’s arms, and the corners of his mouth rose. Gu Nanzhou fell asleep, Zhou Jianqing sent a nympho at him. Unexpectedly, Gu Nanzhou was not asleep, so Zhou Jianqing hurriedly ran back to the room in fright.

Zhou Jianqing called Su Youxia to complain, saying that a friend had a problem and wanted to consult her. There was a girl who was unrequited love with a boy, but because of professional ethics, she must not fall in love with this person. Su Youxia was also very distressed. They were deeply emotionally affected. Sleepy, at the same time, the two realized that all the friends they were talking about were themselves. Zhou Jianqing said embarrassingly that she had a feeling of rapid heartbeat when she saw Gu Nanzhou recently. Zhou Jianqing began to guess who Su Youxia liked. Su Youxia said that she met him in a photography class. Zhou Zixuan came, saying that Zhou Jianqing asked her to give Su Youxia fruit, but Su Youxia was surprised and at a loss.

When Gu Nanzhou returned to work at the company, Zhou Zixuan and Su Youxia were both ambiguous and awkward. Jiang Jingxuan was approaching a new project. Gu Nanzhou was hesitant to worry about the project affecting Xingling Lake. Jiang Jingxuan persuaded him to slow down the progress of Xingling Lake. Zhou Jianqing accidentally saw a new project. Gu Nanzhou asked her which one would choose if she chose one of the two.

Zhou Jianqing asked him to do the project he liked, regardless of what others said. Gu Nanzhou thought about what happened when he was a child. Zhou Jianqing offered to help him make a choice. Gu Nanzhou answered immediately. Gu Nanzhou subconsciously replied that he liked Zhou Jianqing, and the two were a little embarrassed. Gu Nanzhou turned his face and said that he didn’t like Zhou Jianqing at all, and even belittled him, Zhou Jianqing was very angry.

Zhou Zixuan was worried about finding a job. A friend said that Mr. Peng had opened a new store and wanted someone to manage it. Zhou Zixuan quickly made an appointment to meet with him. Gu Nanzhou decided to continue to do Xingling Lake. Jiang Jingxuan thought it was too risky. Gu Nanzhou could only let everyone vote. Everyone chose Xingling Lake, so Gu Nanzhou decided to go all out to do this project. Gu Nanzhou visited six investment companies one after another and finally got a new round of investment.

Gu Nanzhou asked everyone to have dinner to celebrate in the evening, and Zhou Jianqing also came to participate. He said Zhou Jianqing was a mascot, not an outsider. Everyone saw Zhou Jianqing shouting to the boss, Jiang Jingxuan was a little angry and deliberately put fish in Gu Nanzhou, Zhou Jianqing specially put pepper and ginger on him when he saw it, Gu Nanzhou said embarrassed all over his face.

Jiang Xiaochuan resolved the embarrassment for Gu Nanzhou, but Zhou Jianqing did not give up and fed Gu Nanzhou a piece of ginger, and Gu Nanzhou had to eat it. Jiang Jingxuan also asked Zhou Jianqing to take pictures of Nebula’s people. Gu Nanzhou quickly stated that Zhou Jianqing was also a member of Nebula and took pictures with everyone.

After dinner, where everyone wanted to go to play, Jiang Jingxuan left under the excuse of being unwell. Zhou Jianqing proposed to see the fountain and said that he had saved Gu Nanzhou a certain amount of money. Gu Nanzhou teased that she was the housekeeper. Gu Nanzhou plucked up the courage to confess to Zhou Jianqing and said, I like you, but Zhou Jianqing did not hear it because of the noise of the people next to him. Gu Nanzhou gradually collapsed and grabbed Zhou Jianqing, and asked her to meet at the square near her home at 7 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. He said that there was something very important to say, Zhou Jianqing was puzzled.

At 7 o’clock the next day, Zhou Jianqing went to the square. Gu Nanzhou hid behind the grass and let Zhou Jianqing go forward.

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