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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 17 Recap

Gu Nanzhou ordered a takeaway for Zhou Jian. Zhou Jianqing was very surprised. Gu Nanzhou took a glass of milk and placed it at her table, saying that it was good for her stomach. Zhou Jianqing scolded him as being proud, and was still very happy because this glass of milk was also sweetened. Gu Nanzhou was injured in order to protect Zhou Jianqing. Although it was only a minor collision, Zhou Jianqing was very worried. After sending the doctor away, he took good care of Gu Nanzhou.

The person who beat Zhou Jianqing was the mother of Miss Black Cat. She felt that Zhou Jianqing had copied her daughter’s work and caused her daughter’s illness to aggravate and pass away. Zhou Jianqing begged Gu Nanzhou to let her go. Jiang Jingxuan hurriedly came to visit Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing was a little jealous when she saw this. Jiang Jingxuan had to put Zhou Jianqing back after changing his shoes. Zhou Jianqing gritted his teeth.

Jiang Jingxuan’s hostess was about to cut the fruit, Zhou Jianqing quickly grabbed it, and the two almost fought in front of Gu Nanzhou, Zhou Jianqing went directly back to the room. Zhou Jianqing thought in a blink of an eye, she was Gu Nanzhou’s nominal fiancée, why did she hide, but when she came out, she saw Gu Nanzhou and Jiang Jingxuan being close, and she became even more angry.

When Zhou Jianqing received Zhang Yin’s call, he remembered the agreement with Zhang Yin and had to let Zhang Yin come to paint at home. Jiang Jingxuan left, Jiang Xiaochuan came to the house, and found the information on “The Terminally Ill Girl”. Gu Nanzhou found that Zhang Yin and Zhou Jianqing were drawing cartoons at home and was very unhappy, so he quickly sat down and asked them to speak down. Zhou Jianqing simply asked Zhang Yin and him to go to the small garden.

Gu Nanzhou refused to let her go because of the intimate scene of the two. Gu Nanzhou was lying on the sofa to sleep. Jiang Xiaochuan said that she had contacted the screenwriter, but she was unwilling to come out to testify. Gu Nanzhou asked him to ask her out. Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing to help buy some food, and Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin left.

Gu Nanzhou took this opportunity to meet with the screenwriter. She copied the script. Gu Nanzhou wanted her to come out to testify. The other party was very emotional and she was forced to copy. Gu Nanzhou said that she understood her difficulties, but she must have done something wrong. To bear. Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin didn’t see Gu Nanzhou when they went home. Gu Nanzhou called and said that he would be back soon, and that he had good news to tell her.

Zhang Yin told Zhou Jianqing that his works for the competition were shortlisted, and Zhou Jianqing was very happy for him. Zhang Yin said that life was different after meeting Zhou Jianqing. He was really grateful to Zhou Jianqing, she was very important to him. Zhang Yingang wanted to say what he had always wanted to say. Gu Nanzhou came back. Gu Nanzhou warned Zhang Yin not to do anything with his fiancée, but Zhang Yin said that he didn’t know what Zhou Jianqing wanted. He only regarded Zhou Jianqing as an accessory.

Zhou Jianqing hurried away Zhang Yin and Gu Nanzhou and explained that Gu Nanzhou thought that what Zhang Yin said was true. Zhou Jianqing really hated him, but he was relieved to hear that she was very grateful. Gu Nanzhou wants to add one more item to the agreement, not being alone with the opposite sex, Zhou Jianqing is speechless. After seeing the screenwriter’s clarification video, Zhou Jianqing realized that Gu Nanzhou helped her, so she sent her fruit to Gu Nanzhou and thanked her.

She always wanted to thank Gu Nanzhou. After meeting Gu Nanzhou, he has been helping herself. Meeting him is Zhou Jianqing’s greatest lucky. Gu Nanzhou jokingly asked her how she wanted to repay herself, and kept pushing her to the corner, asking her if Jiang Jingxuan was upset when she came to see her. Zhou Jianqing denied that, Gu Nanzhou gradually approached, Zhou Jianqing was so frightened that he quickly got out from under his arm.

The next day, Envoy Gu Nanzhou called Zhou Jianqing to give him a massage and pour water. Zhou Jianqing did the same while defamating her belly. She wouldn’t let her call if he hadn’t saved herself. Seeing that Zhou Jianqing was about to go to discuss the plan with Zhang Yin, Gu Nanzhou suddenly became anxious. He kept saying that he was not feeling well, and fell off the sofa in order to be realistic. Zhou Jianqing was shocked.

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