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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Jianqing was shortlisted for the semifinals and jumped to Gu Nanzhou with excitement. Gu Nanzhou laughed. Zhou Jianqing reacted and jumped down quickly. He also invited Gu Nanzhou to see his shortlisting speech. Gu Nanzhou quickly agreed. Jiang Jingxuan let people run Zhou Jianqing’s comic contest rankings and check Zhou Jianqing’s information. The teacher told Zhou Jianqing that Zhang Yin refused to participate in the competition, saying that he had given up the competition for part-time job.

Zhou Jianqing quickly went to Zhang Yin and asked him why he didn’t participate in the oil painting competition. Up. Zhang Yin said that if they won the comic contest, there would be hundreds of thousands of prize money. Zhou Jianqing drove him directly to let him participate in the competition, but he was still his strongest junior. Zhang Yin finally agreed to participate in the competition, Zhou Jianqing gave him an invitation letter, asking him to come on Friday.

On Friday, Zhang Yin was sitting between Su Youxia and Zhou Zixuan. Therefore, the atmosphere between the two was very embarrassing. Zhou Jianqing wore the last skirt, and Gu Nanzhou could only stay in the background. Zhang Yin almost suffocated, and asked Gu Nanzhou when he would receive the award. Gu Nanzhou said that after receiving the award, he would invite everyone to eat hot pot, and Gu Nanzhou would also go. Zhou Jianqing was about to play, and she was a little absent-minded, but Gu Nanzhou reminded her. Jiang Xiaochuan called Gu Nanzhou to read the comments.

Gu Nanzhou discovered that everyone thought Zhou Jianqing’s Taiwanese copy was plagiarized. Zhou Jianqing took the stage anxiously, and the audience suddenly screamed. Some people even rushed up and threw things at Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou hurriedly endured psychological problems and rushed up to take Zhou Jianqing off the stage.

Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou were all embarrassed, Zhou Jianqing threw into Gu Nanzhou’s arms very wronged and started crying. Zhou Jianqing had been hiding in the house all day, Su Youxia and Zhou Zixuan were very worried, Zhou Zixuan was so excited that he almost kicked the door, Zhou Jianqing quickly opened the door. Su Youxia was very worried about Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing said that he was very strong and it was nothing wrong with him. He also said that he wanted to catch up with the manuscripts and drove them out.

Zhou Zixuan and Su Youxia instructed Gu Nanzhou to take good care of Su Youxia and let him be a sandbag to vent his anger to Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou reluctantly agreed. When I went back, Su Youxia was still worried about Zhou Jianqing, but they knew Zhou Jianqing very well, and she needed to be quiet now. Zhou Zixuan asked about Su Youxia’s current situation. She hadn’t seen Su Youxia for a long time recently, and Su Youxia ran away with embarrassment.

Zhou Jianqing amplified the TV sound and hid in the room crying. Gu Nanzhou walked around outside the door, not daring to disturb her. Jiang Jingxuan was very satisfied with her handwriting, but she became more jealous in her heart. Gu Nanzhou and Mr. Sun signed an investment agreement. Jiang Jingxuan proposed to have dinner together to celebrate in the evening. Gu Nanzhou received a message from Su Youxia saying that Zhou Jianqing had no news, so he left quickly and ignored Mr. Sun. Gu Nanzhou told Su Youxia that Zhou Jianqing has been doing well recently, and she is still watching horror movies, but Su Youxia knows Zhou Jianqing very well. Whenever she encounters unhappy things, she will watch horror movies, just to give herself a reason to cry.

Gu Nanzhou returned home and sat next to Zhou Jianqing and said that he wanted to watch horror movies with her, but was shocked by the horror scenes, Zhou Jianqing was speechless. Zhou Jianqing’s watching Gu Nanzhou was really scared and switched to a romance. Gu Nanzhou said that if Zhou Jianqing wants to cry, he should cry. Zhou Jianqing asked him to cover his ears, and then began to confide in his sadness. She had to admit that she had done something wrong, so that she could go further and better.

Zhou Jianqing said that he must fight a beautiful turnaround next time. Gu Nanzhou was a little envious. In fact, Zhou Jianqing was braver than him. Zhou Jianqing leaned on Gu Nanzhou’s shoulders and put his arms around him, selfishly thinking that as long as he leaned on his shoulders today, he would be a good Party A tomorrow!

The next day, Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou went out at the same time. Suddenly, Zhou Jianqing was pushed to the ground by the people who rushed out, and Gu Nanzhou hurriedly stepped forward to protect.

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