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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 15 Recap

Jiang Xiaochuan saw Zhou Jianqing cry out in surprise, and Gu Nanzhou also noticed that Zhou Jianqing had strode over, and Zhou Jianqing was stunned for a while. Gu Nanzhou pushed the brother away and asked Zhou Jianqing to tell him who he was. Zhou Jianqing said he was a friend, and Gu Nanzhou angrily said that Zhou Jianqing was his fiancé, and then pulled Zhou Jianqing out. Zhou Jianqing was very aggrieved and explained that she was pretending to be the fiancée of her senior brother. Gu Nanzhou said that she had ever thought about how others would think of him when she did so.

Zhou Jianqing asked him to have dinner with Jiang Jingxuan and if he ever thought about how others would think of her! The two quarreled. Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing not to do such a dishonest thing again. Zhou Jianqing was very sad. She had to support herself and still had debts to pay. Gu Nanzhou thought she was cheap, but what choice did she have? Zhou Jianqing left in tears, and Gu Nanzhou froze in place. Zhang Yin passed by and heard the truth about Zhou Jianqing pretending to be Gu Nanzhou’s fiancée. Zhou Jianqing was also very sad, and took her to eat crayfish in order to comfort her.

Gu Nanzhou sent Jiang Jingxuan home. Jiang Jingxuan said that Zhou Jianqing was very playful, not to mention that they were just pretending to be, but even if they were pretending to be fiancée, they should find a safe person. She could also help. Gu Nanzhou would let her take care of Xingyun, and he could handle personal matters. Gu Nanzhou refused Zhou Jianqing’s invitation, sent her downstairs and went home. Gu’s mother hadn’t slept yet and asked Gu Nanzhou what happened to Zhou Jianqing’s photo. This month Zhou Jianqing had to do messy part-time jobs every day in order to repay Gu Nanzhou.

Gu’s mother asked why Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing had agreed to get married. Gu Nanzhou quickly explained that it was not because of Gu’s father, but because he liked Zhou Jianqing. Gu’s mother suddenly laughed and said that Gu Nanzhou was stupid. It turned out that he thought of such a way because he couldn’t catch up with others. Gu’s mother enthusiastically gave Gu Nanzhou ideas and taught him how to date girls.

When Zhou Jianqing came back, Gu’s mother was not asleep. I heard that her cartoon was shortlisted for Gu’s mother and wanted to celebrate for them. She also asked if Zhou Jianqing had quarreled with Gu Nanzhou, Zhou Jianqing hesitated. Gu’s mother asked Zhou Jianqing what kind of person Gu Nanzhou was. Zhou Jianqing only thought that he was good-hearted and handsome. Gu’s mother quickly talked about Gu Nanzhou’s many advantages, and also told her about Gu Nanzhou’s interesting things when she was a child. Gu Nanzhou couldn’t listen to it anymore. , Let Gu’s mother hurry to sleep.

Zhou Jianqing refused to take care of Nanzhou, but had to return to the room after saying goodnight to Gu’s mother. Gu Nanzhou hesitated to explain, Zhou Jianqing turned his back to her and told him to stop talking. Gu Nanzhou ran out to drink water depressed. Gu’s mother asked him if he had been kicked out. The first time she took care of Nanzhou, she would let others. Gu’s mother felt that Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing were good together, and even if there was no result in the end, she supported it, and she also advised Gu Nanzhou not to be sullen and take down the daughter-in-law according to her instructions.

Zhou Jianqing couldn’t sleep over and over again, and when he came out to see Gu Nanzhou sitting in a daze, he awkwardly asked Gu Nanzhou to apologize and forgive him. Gu Nanzhou quickly stood up and apologized, and promised to buy snacks for a month as compensation. Gu Nanzhou hoped that Zhou Jianqing would stop pretending to be someone else’s girlfriend. He didn’t feel embarrassed, but he was afraid that Zhou Jianqing would be in danger. Zhou Jianqing agreed.

Su Youxia went out to have dinner with her blind date again. The other party said that Su Youxia was sensible and especially suitable for marrying home. Zhou Zixuan ran and sat aside, and the other party immediately persuaded him to take Su Youxia home. Zhou Zixuan was very angry and scolded him as a scumbag, but the other party thought they were unclear and insulted Su Youxia face to face. Zhou Zixuan was so angry that he almost punched him again. Su Youxia was still fighting, but because the other party insulted Zhou Zixuan as a Phoenix male, she slapped him angrily.

Zhou Zixuan threw out a bunch of photos and said that he would give it to his parents at the same time, and then pulled Su Youxia away. Su Youxia was a little wronged, no one had ever asked her what she wanted. Su Youxia didn’t want to socialize, so Zhou Zixuan took her to relax. Su Youxia recalled the scene when Zhou Zixuan got the offer and was going to study abroad. They played all afternoon and took a group photo. That was the only picture of Zhou Zixuan in Su Youxia’s hand. After secretly keeping it for many years, she kept wondering whether to tell Zhou Zixuan what was in her heart, so she gave him a diary.

What Xuan said. Zhou Zixuan opened the diary and it was full of confession words, and Su Youxia was finally able to speak out the love she had hidden for many years. Zhou Zixuan remembered the other party’s ridicule just now. He knew that he could not give Su Youxia anything. He also liked Su Youxia, but he shouldn’t like her. So Zhou Zixuan rejected Su Youxia.

Zhou Jianqing got up and found the breakfast and notes prepared by Gu’s mother. She went back and let Zhou Jianqing discover Gu Nanzhou’s advantages. Zhou Jianqing received a courier, which was a notice that she was selected for the finals. Zhou Jianqing threw into Gu Nanzhou’s arms with excitement.

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