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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 26 Recap

Although Lin Weina never put He Daye in her eyes, she has always been a must-have, but she would never bear any grudges until tomorrow, so she sent someone to sneak into the wedding scene prepared by He Daye in private and pierced all the balloons. . However, He Daye was leading Zhang Meng at the class reunion and exulted, because Zhang Meng’s outstanding appearance was really crippling Liang Sisi.

He Daye is not an irritable master, as long as the other party has a strange yin and yang sentence, she can prepare ten sentences to go back, and even satirize Liang Sisi’s plastic surgery outside the words, so that she can’t come to the stage in public. To help He Daye, Zhang Meng deliberately fell in love with He Daye Xiu in front of everyone, claiming that his previous marriage proposal had been unsuccessful several times, and the students were envious of this.

Liang Sisi drank too much, and took off his previous hedgehog-like defenses. He couldn’t help but confide in his heart with He Daye, admitting that he was jealous of her excellence from beginning to end. Although Liang Sisi seems to be married to a wealthy husband, she is not as happy as outsiders imagined. In addition to keeping the vacant room alone every day, she also has to do her best to make it beautiful, just to let her husband take a look.

As Liang Sisi talked more and more sad, she finally lay down on the table and cried bitterly. He Daye didn’t know how to comfort him. Zhang Meng happened to appear. Liang Sisi told Zhang Meng to cherish He Daye. After leaving the classmates, He Daye sighed for Liang Sisi’s married life, and felt even more that marriage was originally a beautiful thing, but those who entered marriage became more lonely.

Just as Zhang Meng was chatting with He Daye about marriage, he suddenly received a call and learned that the wedding scene was sabotaged, so he had to turn around and go to the hotel. He Daye informs Liu Dan to come over to work overtime, and Liu Dan intends to take this opportunity to introduce Luo Chang to He Daye. Originally, Luo Chang didn’t want to participate, but couldn’t bear Liu Dan’s hard work, and simply followed her to the hotel.

Seeing Liu Dan holding Luo Chang’s arm and announcing the relationship between the two, He Daye and Luo Chang were stunned, but within a few seconds, Zhang Meng watched this scene. He Daye tried his best to conceal his emotions, still a little disbelief in everything in front of him, until Liu Dan reminded him again, and said hello calmly. After going around for three years, they finally returned to the appearance of strangers, introduced themselves after shaking hands, and then forgotten each other.

When he stretched out his hand, Luo Chang already regretted it. He seemed to have made a very simple matter complicated, but before he could react, he saw He Daye suddenly showing vomiting symptoms. After being sent to the hospital, the doctor announced that He Daye was pregnant. Zhang Meng’s first reaction was the night of Shu Ying’s wedding.

Despite Zhang Meng’s obstruction, He Daye insisted on returning to the wedding scene, and then explained the fact that he was pregnant. Liu Dan was a little surprised, and Luo Chang was even more shocked. After he reacted, he immediately yelled at He Daye for his disorderly life. It was not until Liu Dan came forward to interrupt the dispute that he coldly said congratulations, which made He Daye. Quite injured.

Zhang Meng was angry that He Daye took his child to avenge Luo Chang, and simply made the promise of marriage as the father of the child. He Daye was sad, and finally squatted on the ground and wept loudly. Zhang Meng hugged He Daye silently and let her vent her emotions happily.

On the way Luo Chang sent Liu Dan back, he still scolded He Daye for his character, but Liu Dan was dissatisfied and quarreled with him. Liu Dan talked about He Daye’s difficulties over the years. Even after being escaped from marriage, he still managed to survive. He never said anything bad about that scumbag.

Liu Dan felt that the child’s father should be Zhang Meng and praised Zhang Meng’s character. He didn’t expect Luo Chang to be suddenly excited, saying that Zhang Meng had no money and no house, and he was not suitable for He Daye at all. Because of these words, Liu Dan almost became suspicious, and Luo Chang lied and went back, which made her stop questioning.

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