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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 21 Recap

Although the three concubines are not good partners, they have been with Commander Duan for many years. If they say that they have no feelings, they are false, and they are even more false if they say that they have no feelings. Only with this horrible thing that cannot be torn away, Commander Duan really couldn’t say what he said about his concubine, and he simply let Adjutant Li act as a megaphone.

As soon as the voice fell off, the three concubines, instead of crying and begging as they imagined, left with the gold bars happily. Because of this, Commander Duan became more convinced of his wise move, and then hummed a little song to find Ah Wan, but the room was cold and lonely, making him mistaken for Awan and other vulgar women.

Just when Commander Duan was sitting desperately by the bed, crying “pear with rain”, he suddenly saw A Wan coming in from the door, and was overjoyed in his heart instantly, and hurriedly pulled her to discuss the marriage. At first, Ah Wan was in human form and did not understand the love of men and women in the world. He only felt that Commander Duan was very kind to her, and naturally he wanted to return it with sincerity, but for the time being he could not accept physical contact. Seeing Awan’s ignorance, Commander Duan no longer struggled with when to marry, so he promised that she would never force her with identity forces. The two lived this way for the time being, as if they were imitating the young people now, they would fall in love. Leisurely.

Lian Xuan visited the commander’s mansion three times, but he did not show up this time, but lay on the wall and waited for the snake to exit the cave. Xiao Qing was a little impatient, and simply pretended to be a ghost to intimidate the garrisoned soldiers. Lian Xuan understood what Xiao Qing meant, so he took this opportunity to visit him and pointed out that the mansion was haunted by the way.

Since there are livestock missing every night in the Commander’s Mansion, Adjutant Li had already believed a little bit about the evils, so he asked Lian Xuan to come in to catch the ghosts, and at the same time asked him to help the demons. Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing guarded the roof of the livestock shed, and finally waited until Ah Wan appeared in the second half of the night. It happened that there was an old mother passing by at this time. Lian Xuan was worried that the snake demon would hurt people, so she simply pinched her to the ground first.

Because of the exclamation of the old mother, Commander Duan was alerted, and immediately led the soldiers to surround Lianxuan. Regardless of Lian Xuan’s explanation, Commander Duan just didn’t want to believe it, especially when the old mother witnessed Lian Xuan’s injury, which made Lian Xuan unable to argue. Lian Xuan was arrested into the firewood room, Xiao Qing sneaked in to rescue him, but considering that if he escapes, I am afraid that it is justified and unreasonable.

The next morning, Commander Duan arranged for Adjutant Li to let him go. Originally, Lian Xuan thought Commander Duan was trying to figure out that he was deceived by the evil spirits, but he did not expect that Awan had asked him to let him go. Even though Commander Duan thought that Lian Xuan’s lie was unreliable, but the frequent occurrence of strange things in the barn made him suspicious.

Lu Jinzhi is a scholar, but his fate is not good. In the past few years, his parents have passed away. The family is too poor. Not to mention college entrance examination, even food and clothing is a problem. Seeing that Bai Ajiu often went out to steal chickens, Lu Jinzhi always felt that it was not a problem, so he decided to find a job in the city to make money. As for his dream, he had to put it aside.

After Lu Jinzhi left, Ye Ming took the initiative to find him. At first, Bai Ajiu was a little alert, but after some exchanges, he gradually deepened his understanding and simply believed that Ye Ming was a good person. Through Bai Ajiu’s narration, Ye Ming understood the process of her and Lu Jinzhi’s acquaintance, and the feelings of the two young people came to fruition.

Since the three aunts and wives have left one after another, the Commander’s Mansion has ceased to be noisy, but rather deserted. Commander Duan announced in public that Ah Wan was the only hostess in the mansion. As soon as the words came out, Ah Wan was shy, Adjutant Li was a little surprised and couldn’t help asking about the relationship between A Wan and Bai Jingang.

But Ah Wan didn’t know the identity of Bai Jingang at all, which was unexpected to Adjutant Li. That night, Commander Duan was so drunk that Ah Wan came to the barn again, and was finishing her appetite. When she was about to leave, she would drop the iron cage from the sky and trap her directly in it.

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