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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 27 Recap

Le Yan kept shouting Xiao Wu’s name in a coma, Gao Dou awakened Le Yan, Le Yan opened her eyes and asked Xiao Wu, Gao Du frankly told Le Yan that he had buried Xiao Wu Haosheng. Le Yan couldn’t cry when she thought of Xiao Wu. She took Xiao Wu’s death on her own body and asked Gao Du to accompany her to see Xiao Wu. Gao Du looked at Le Yan, who had no fear of herself in front of him, and couldn’t help but be surprised that Le Yan was not afraid of him. Le Yan had gone through twists and turns along the way. Now she is not even afraid of death, so how could she be afraid of Gao Du.

Looking at Le Yan, who had grown up through hardships in front of him, Gao Du felt distressed. He took out the Ping Talisman he had picked up at the time and wanted to make Le Yan a safe life. Le Yan only hopes that the people in the world can live in peace. As for the safety talisman, she still leaves it to Gao Du, hoping that the safety talisman can play its last role and protect Gao Du.

Le Yan and Gao Du came to see Xiao Wu together. The two filled Xiao Wu’s grave with white rice. Le Yan tearfully ate a bowl of white rice for Xiao Wu, hoping that the world would flourish and there would be no more. Refugees. After this, Le Yan has grown a lot. She no longer stretches her hand out of clothes and opens her mouth when she eats. The maid wants to serve Le Yan in the bath, but Le Yan refuses and only does it herself. After Le Yan finished bathing, Gao Du also received the letter from the Sage.

He hurriedly sent the letter to Le Yan, and accidentally ran into the appearance of Le Yan who had just bathed. Gao Du was shocked. Le Yan accepted the letter. She knew that the prince was coming to Luoyang and decided to stay in Luoyang for a few days. Gao Du mentioned the changes in Le Yan. Le Yan was no longer the innocent princess back then. Knowing the suffering of the people’s livelihood, but also knowing Gao Du’s cold face and kindness.

Long Song followed Situ and Sun Zhenren to Liuyun Temple, which took in many refugees. Long Song led a tour of Liuyun Temple with a woman named Abi and chose a quiet room as his place of residence. . Chang Ge has been practicing Situ’s swordsmanship, but she hasn’t been able to understand the way.

The eighteenth brought A Shi Le Falcon to see Old Qin and Xu Feng. When Xu Feng saw A Shi Le Falcon, it was like seeing an enemy. A Shi Le Falcon only called him friends with Chang Ge. He entered the Tang Dynasty only for this time. Looking for a long song. Old Qin has always had a vision. He knew that Ashley Falcon posted a notice of Li Changge’s death to protect Long Song, so he decided to believe Ashley Falcon and entered the city with Ashley Falcon to find Long Song.

When the prince arrived in Luoyang, he wanted to reveal his identity as soon as he arrived in Luoyang. Shuyu could not persuade him, so he had to go to the palace with the prince. The prince thought that his identity could make all the refugees grateful, but the refugees only wanted food, they rushed to the prince madly, and Shuyu had to protect the prince tightly. Le Yan lives in the government office. She knows the movement outside, and she does not hesitate to stand up as Princess Yongan to appease the refugees and soothe people’s hearts.

Shuyu was very happy to see Le Yan, he quickly pulled Le Yan, and assured Le Yan that she would never let Le Yan suffer any more in the future. At this moment, the prince’s maid came to report that the prince’s fever was not retiring and could not treat the refugees. Le Yan knew that the prince was pretending to be sick. She came to comfort the prince and hoped that the prince could grow up as soon as possible. Under the truth, sleep in Le Yan’s arms.

Changge has always stayed in the quiet room without eating or drinking. The master came to see Changge. She enlightened Changge and hoped that Changge could go out of the past and help Liuyun watch the world and save people. Chang Ge was finally willing to face the reality under the point of Guanzhu. She named herself Ali and decided to stay in Liuyun Guan.

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