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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 26 Recap

Ashley Falcon asked the Great Khan for his order to leave the Hawkmaster, and the Great Khan spoke to leave Ashler Falcon. In his heart, Ashler Falcon was the best candidate to lead the Hawkmaster. Ai’er is the only bondage of Ashyl Falcon. Now that there is no Aier, Ashyl Falcon has decided to go. The Great Khan was helpless, so he had to agree to Ashyl Falcon and let Ashyl Falcon remember. Live, no matter where Ashley Falcon goes, he has a sincere heart for Ashley Falcon.

After the Ashyl Falcon left, the Great Khan scolded Sheer angrily. Due to Sheer’s unintentional, Ashyl Falcon is now no longer bound. The reason why he stayed Ashyl Falcon is precisely because Ashel Falcon has always been able to win people’s hearts. , Having Ashele Falcon is equivalent to having a hawk, and now Ashele Falcon has two hearts with him, which proves that the eagle cannot be his right-hand man.

Chang Ge was lying sickly on the donkey cart. She had no desire to survive. After saying goodbye to Daoren Sun and Situ Langlang, she wanted to leave alone. Sun Daoren asked Situ Langlang to stop Changge, and the two exchanged hands, Changge’s desire to survive was aroused, but she was not Situ Langlang’s opponent, and was only beaten up by Situ Langlang to vomit blood and fainted. Seeing the fainted long song, Situ Langlang had an idea in his heart, and he was ready to accept the long song as a disciple.

Sheer initiated a secret signal, and Ashley Falcon came to see Sheer. Ashley Falcon knew that the reason why he escaped the Khan’s investigation was because of Sheer’s help, but he was not grateful to Sheer in his heart. Sheer never thought of killing Ashyl Falcon from beginning to end. He regarded Ashyl Falcon as his opponent and hoped Ashyl Falcon could stay. Ashley Falcon is bent on singing a long song, and now Ai’er has left. After he settles down with the falconer, he will find his beloved even if he travels all over the world.

Seeing Ashley Falcon’s firm appearance, Sheer also understood the reason why he lost to Ashley Falcon. At this moment, Mi Mi and Mu Jin came to look for the two of them. Mi Mi asked Sheer to inform Changge whereabouts. Sheer told several people that Changge was rescued in the south by the Central Plains, and he also dropped Changge. The wooden hairpin was handed over to Ashley Falcon, and this was the only thing he could make up for Ashley Falcon.

Yi Cheng missed the Central Plains in the camp, and the Great Khan rushed to tear up the Central Plains drawings left by Yi Cheng, and angrily rebuked Sheer for his incompetence. Yi Cheng begged the Great Khan to give Sheer another chance. The Great Khan looked at Yi Cheng’s weeping face, and only told Yi Cheng clearly that the position of the Khan has always been obtained by those who can, and She’er is so useless. Not worthy of this position. In order to punish Yi Cheng, the Great Khan kept Yi Cheng in confinement for a month. Yi Cheng was extremely painful, but had to endure the humiliation.

Ashley Falcon got the latest news. There was a donkey cart heading to the Central Plains. There were two men and a woman on the donkey cart. He was sure it was a long song. Long Song is still alive, and Ashyl Falcon is now ready to set off to find Long Song. On the other side, Shiba also took the portrait to look for Changge on the street. She met Xufeng. Xufeng learned that Shiba had no harm in Changge, so he brought Shiba to see Lao Qin. Old Qin gave the eighteen a secret signal, and planned to cooperate with the eighteen to find the long song.

Situ fights against Changge every day. Although Changge has learned martial arts since childhood, he is not Situ’s opponent. Situ wanted to accept Changge as a disciple. Changge didn’t want to be a teacher, but when he heard Situ’s swordsmanship, he helped her get revenge, so he went to Luoyang as a teacher and went to Luoyang with him on the spot. On the other side, Shiba was looking for the long song, and unexpectedly met Ashyl Falcon, and both of them also came to find the long song.

Xiao Wu and Le Yan go to Luoyang, Xiao Wu sincerely regards Le Yan as his sister. The two met a group of refugees on the road. They killed the officers and soldiers of the Yamen and robbed all the food. Le Yan criticized this behavior, but was squeezed out by the refugees. Gao Du passed the news of Le Yan’s trip to Luoyang to Li Shimin. Li Shimin was very pleased. Now Luoyang is full of refugees. He intends to send the prince to comfort the refugees, but the prince is stubborn. Du Ruhui mentioned the post of Shangshu in the Ministry of War, and he also planned to go to Luoyang to invite Li Jing, a famous talent in the former Sui Dynasty, to take up the position.

Shuyu accompanied the prince to Luoyang. The prince was pampered since he was a child. He was not used to Shuyu’s casual patrol, and he complained while getting on the carriage. Le Yan carried Xiao Wu all the way to Luoyang. Seeing Luoyang was in front of him, Xiao Wu was getting weaker and weaker. He could not hold on for long. His only wish was to eat white rice. Le Yan has been inspiring Xiao Wu. As long as she has passed the previous checkpoint, she can take Xiao Wu to eat white rice, but Xiao Wu closed his eyes before entering the pass. Le Yan carried Xiao Wu and wanted to enter the Luoyang checkpoint. ,

The two were stopped at Luoyang Pass, and the soldiers did not dare to let the dead Xiaowu enter Luoyang. Le Yan cried to stop the soldier. She didn’t believe Xiao Wu was dead. Seeing the soldier was about to do something to Le Yan, Gao arrived in time and rescued Le Yan. Seeing Le Yan crying for Xiao Wu, Gao Du’s eyes were full of distress, and he hugged Le Yan, who was crying and fainted.

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