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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 37 Recap

Qi Yue did not reply to Yu Jiaoqiao’s news. Pete said that he could not have a stale relationship with Yu Jiaoqiao. He also said that he would give Julie the best resources. At least Yu Jiaoqiao should be coaxed before Xijiang Lengyue, otherwise Julie The resources will be out of play. The property urged Su’s mother to teach property management fees, and Su Xing was sad when he saw it.

Liang Yuxuan accompanied Sun Xiaoai out to go shopping. Liang Yuxuan asked if she was with Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai nodded and said that she always felt that she was tens of thousands of miles away from Su Xing, but they had been there since Su Xing’s accident. You can talk on an equal footing. Liang Yuxuan understands this feeling very well and encourages Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing really likes her. Sun Xiaoai quickly took photos of the casting activities of Da Guo Yi.

Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai returned home, and Sun Xiaoai went to cook. Su Xing felt a little sad about all the encounters on the set. Sun Xiaoai felt very distressed when he saw this, and sat aside to accompany him, and the two of them just sat silently. Qi Yue stopped work and came to Julie’s room. Julie put a camera in the room to take the intimate pictures of the two, and then put it on the Internet to reveal the news. Pete was very angry and warned Julie that Qi Yue was more than a woman, and Julie would not believe it. Yu Jiaoqiao was also angry when she saw the news, and ran to have a fight with Qi Yue. Pete asked him to make a statement that he and Julie were just ordinary colleagues, otherwise his role would definitely not be kept, and Qi Yue still agreed.

After the meal, Sun Xiaoai said that she knew that Su Xing liked filming, but didn’t want him to work so hard. They could open a rice restaurant in the future. Su Xing was very moved and thanked Sun Xiaoai for being with her at this time. He would definitely make Sun Xiaoai happy. Su Xing insisted on sleeping here, and was still rolling in Sun Xiaoai’s bed. Sun Xiaoai reluctantly asked him to take a bath first. Julie couldn’t get through Qi Yue’s phone. She drank and shed tears alone at home, and her heart broke down when she saw the statement he made. After Sun Xiaoai took a bath, Su Xing turned over and took Sun Xiaoai into his arms, and the two fell asleep sweetly.

Early the next morning, Sun Yihang said he was going on a date with Liang Yuxuan. Su Xing came out of the room to stare at Sun Yihang. Sun Yihang suddenly wanted to get crooked. Sun Xiaoai quickly said that Su Xing was just staying, but Su Xing told Sun Yihang that he would treat Sun Xiaoai. Responsible. Su Xing asked Sun Yihang where he was going with Liang Yuxuan. He felt that Liang Yuxuan’s vision was not so bad. Sun Yihang ran away quickly, and Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing started their sweet daily routines. What Sun Yihang told Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai, Liang Yuxuan knew their relationship a long time ago, so it was not surprising.

President Yu specifically asked Qi Yue to talk to him. President Yu said that Yu Jiaoqiao was going back to the United States and asked him if he had considered going with Yu Jiaoqiao. Pete quickly said that he would send him to the United States after a good time coordination. Yu Jiaoqiao is the jewel in the hands of President Yu. If Qi Yue agrees to go to the United States with Yu Jiaoqiao, he will establish a partnership with the company, and Qi Yue will be the leading actor. If he is not willing to film, Qi Yue can also come to his company to do business.

Qi Yue said that he could not sell himself for the sake of his career. Mr. Yu left immediately. Pete was very angry. Qi Yue said that everything he did was for Julie. Julie was very important to him and gave Pete two choices, or Take him to fight for a big Chinese medicine, or he will change his agent. Pete was anxious, so he could only call Su Xing and say that there is a small character to try.

Liang Yuxuan and Sun Yihang went shopping together on a date, playing around doing what a young couple should do. Su Xing told Sun Xiaoai Pitt that he had accepted a small role for him, and Sun Xiaoai yelled to join him in the group. She and Julie had been in the group before and knew what the crew was. Su Xing had to acquiesce. Julie dressed herself very haggardly, Qi Yue came to Julie holding a bunch of flowers, Julie was very excited, even dropped the flowers to the ground, Qi Yue quickly coaxed Julie to say that he did it for Zhu Li, if it weren’t for Mr. Yu, he wouldn’t have these opportunities, and he and Yu Jiaoqiao were just acting on occasion.

Julie’s emotions erupted, and she has never had a choice. The producer of the show that Pete picked up for her has been unruly with her for a long time, what should Julie do if something happens. Julie threw herself into Qi Yue’s arms and wept. Talents with capital have the right to choose. That’s why she will fight for Qi Yue by all means. Is she wrong? Qi Yue felt very distressed, so he wanted to become the man with capital. Qi Yue and Julie once again forgot to kiss her, feeling hard for herself.

Su Xing entered the group filming, just a small role, and there is no independent script. Su Xing introduced to everyone that Sun Xiaoai was his girlfriend and held her hand so that she would not say that she was an assistant in the future.

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