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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 36 Recap

When Sun Yihang was about to go back to his hometown, Ye Lang chased him and told him that Liang Yuxuan was seriously ill. If he didn’t stop Liang Yuxuan, she would go to the operating table without a loop. Pete told Qi Yue that there were too many people staring at the project of “Big Chinese Medicine” and they wanted to seize the opportunity. Qi Yue received a call from Julie saying that she was in the group and she was in the hotel. Pete was very angry after hearing it. Yu Jiaoqiao happened to be here, and she was going back tonight. Qi Yue was a little grateful and said that he would let Pete take her to the airport in person. Qingping and Yan Xi called. Yan Xi asked Qingping to get Qi Yue’s medicine for testing. Qingping complained to her that Qi Yue was tossing herself.

After Sun Xiaoai came back and met Ye Lang in the video game city, Ye Lang guessed what Sun Xiaoai wanted to say very early, and Sun Xiaoai also confessed that he had never thought of being with Su Xing. Qi Yue returned to the hotel and started coaxing Julie, saying that he would help her win the role in the next play. Liang Yuxuan packed her things and said she was going to perform in other places. Su Mu realized that she might have something to hide from them, but Liang Yuxuan just refused to say. Sun Yihang suddenly ran to stop Liang Yuxuan, saying that he would follow her wherever she went.

His life would be impossible without Liang Yuxuan. Liang Yuxuan told him cruelly that she didn’t like Sun Yihang at all, and Sun Yihang understood that she was lying. Liang Yuxuan decided to go for surgery because he wanted to do it for family and friends. Sun Yihang confessed in infatuation that even if Liang Yuxuan was disabled, she would take care of her. Liang Yuxuan was gradually amused. Sun Yihang wiped her tears and took Liang Yuxuan back home. Said that Liang Yuxuan’s performance had been cancelled, put down her luggage and ran away.

Liang Yuxuan and Sun Yihang came to the bar hand in hand. Potato Chip Liang Yuxuan had agreed to Sun Yihang’s marriage proposal. Chen Ge was immediately stupid and thought Liang Yuxuan was threatened. Liang Yuxuan said that this was a decision she made after careful consideration. Qingping went to the studio to find Su Xing and asked him where he went that night.

He was worried all night. Qingping quietly took out Su Xing’s favorite almond pastry and stuffed him, saying that he should go to him with Sun Xiaoai, but he couldn’t get away. Seeing the two sitting together, Qi Yue stepped forward to find trouble, clamoring that he had to use dumbbells, Su Xing hurried Qingping back to get the dumbbells.

Su Xing and Qi Yue played against each other. Qi Yue deliberately poured a bowl of water on Su Xing. The director was still applauding. Su Xing didn’t say anything, but the director refused to let him go. He wanted him to kneel and confess. Su Xing thought he was The person setting does not conform to this approach and refuses to agree, thinking that it cannot be affected by personal emotions. Producer Jiang and the director embarrassed Su Xing together.

The director said that he would change his role. Su Xing was angry and quit. He would never allow the character to be insulted. Ye Lang came to the bar to find Sun Yihang for a drink. Sun Yihang persuaded him to take action, otherwise Sun Xiaoai would enter Su Xing’s arms. Su Xing’s fall into the bottom would cause Sun Xiaoai’s maternal love to explode, and he could not accept Su Xing as his own Brother-in-law.

Su Xing came back from the set, and Sun Xiaoai was pleasantly surprised. Julie came to the crew to visit and brought snacks to everyone and a mask for Qi Yue. Pete quickly said to see Julie for something. Pete warned Julie that she didn’t make any sense without Qi Yue, and gave her two choices, one is to go to the other play to be the second girl, or to be a dragon around Qi Yue, and she won’t be able to get any resources in the future. Pete left, Qi Yue hurried forward.

Ye Lang had a meal with his parents. Ye’s father said that neither of his two projects had achieved the expected profit. He also said that they wanted to prepare a TV series and let Ye Lang be responsible for the entire project. Ye Lang readily agreed because he wanted to help. A friend, Ye’s father, took this as a condition and asked him to return to take over the group after finishing this project. Yu Jiaoqiao hopes that Qi Yue will return to the United States with herself after the filming, and hope that he will consider it carefully.

Julie is in entanglement, she doesn’t know how to choose. Liang Yuxuan sang a lot after falling in love. After the show, Sun Yihang took Liang Yuxuan home and said that she would cook her a supper, but because of her poor cooking skills, she could only eat instant noodles. When Sun Xiaoai went home and saw the two sweetheartedly, Sun Yihang took the opportunity to introduce her future siblings to her.

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