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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 35 Recap

Director Xia admired Su Xing very much, and Ye Lang told Liang Yuxuan that her current situation was very serious, and also persuaded her to tell Sun Yihang about the matter. Liang Yuxuan just received a call from Sun Yihang. Sun Yihang was going to date her tomorrow, and Liang Yuxuan agreed. Liang Yuxuan didn’t like to say goodbye. It would make Sun Yihang happy all day. Qi Yue returned to the car and was very angry, saying that Su Xing had robbed him of all his scenes, and Director Xia also liked Su Xing very much. It was useless to please him. Pete quickly comforted Qi Yue and said that he had found a new project for him. Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang ate together, and Su Xing called to say that he was losing weight for the show, and the two were sweet.

The next day, Sun Yihang carefully prepared an appointment with Liang Yuxuan. Qi Yue’s fans crowded the crew, and the media came to interview Qi Yue, but they always asked about Su Xing’s relationship. After seeing Su Xing, he hurried up to leave Qi Yue aside. Su Xing simply said a few words and wanted to leave. Qi Yue deliberately stepped forward and said that Su Xing was dragging the progress. The reporter asked Su Xing’s lace news again, and Su Xing hurriedly left.

Qi Yue asked Qingping to run far away to buy supper, and asked him to get up early to clean up. Even if there is no Su Xing’s role, he wants him to come to the studio tomorrow. Sun Xiaoai was very angry when she saw Su Xing’s news, and she had a bad attitude towards Ye Lang. She wanted to go to the set to see Su Xing, even if she couldn’t help him.

Liang Yuxuan was suddenly dizzy, and then she broke up with Sun Yihang. He was different from what she liked. Liang Yuxuan didn’t like Sun Yihang at all, and Sun Yihang was lost and left. Su Xing was called to the set to play against Qi Yue, but he delayed the time for various reasons. Su Xing had to wait on the set. Jiang Production also specifically asked someone to move him to sit under the big sun. Qi Yue finally stopped working. , I went back to rest again because of heatstroke. Before I left, I saw Su Xing sitting in the sun and fell asleep, so I asked Jiang Production to say sorry. Su Xing woke up and there was no one around him, and the crew had finished work. Su Xing was very aggrieved and called the crew to let no one pay any attention.

Sun Xiaoai was on his way to the studio. Su Xing’s mobile phone was out of power and the phone couldn’t get through, so he could only walk back to the hotel by himself. Sun Xiaoai arrived at the hotel but couldn’t find Su Xing. He met Qi Yue at the entrance of the hotel, and Qi Yue looked at it. She went upstairs at a glance, Qingping said that Su Xing does not live in this hotel, he and other actors live in another one. The life director came back and said that they had forgotten Su Xing on the set, and Sun Xiaoai was very angry. Su’s mother found that Liang Yuxuan was not in a good mood. Liang Yuxuan took out all of her savings to Su’s mother, saying that she was afraid that she was messing up and let Su’s help to collect it, so Su’s mother accepted it, saying that she would save her dowry in the future.

Sun Xiaoai looked for Su Xing everywhere. Su Xing came to the lake, took off his jacket and jumped down suddenly. Sun Xiaoai burst into tears when he saw his things by the lake, but Su Xing suddenly appeared in Sun. Behind Xiao Ai, the two embraced and kissed each other tightly. Su Xing did not jump into the river, just because the weather was too hot to cool down. The previous Su Xing didn’t know how to cherish too many things he did wrong, he should take all the responsibilities, but God was fair, and sent Sun Xiaoai to him when Su Xing had nothing.

Ye Lang was worried about Sun Xiaoai and called her. Sun Xiaoai said that when she went back, she had something to talk to him. Liang Yuxuan insisted on surgery, and Ye Lang advised her not to be horny. She should make it clear to her family. Liang Yuxuan was unwilling to tell others, especially Sun Yihang, that she would sign a document, either to live or die, and she would never give herself a chance of complications. Liang Yuxuan was suddenly dizzy, and Ye Lang hurried forward. Sun Yihang came in to see this scene but misunderstood. He felt that Ye Lang was with Liang Yuxuan behind his back and left angrily.

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