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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 20 Recap

After hearing the judges’ words, Zi Ning did not control his emotions for a while, returned to the dance stage, and questioned Teacher Wang why he would let himself go back to wait for news every time, but there was no result, thinking that Teacher Wang and the others were too hypocritical. Teacher Wang suddenly became angry, thinking that Zi Ning was too old, no matter how much she received before, but she was still too weak compared to the people in the dance group.

Zi Ning was not convinced, saying that she could practice harder, but she didn’t understand why she was denied. Teacher Wang asked the judge’s Xiao Sun to demonstrate on stage, but he didn’t expect Zi Ning to be compared all of a sudden. When He Jinghua saw this scene, he was very emotional and asked Teacher Wang to say a few words. Teacher Wang advised children like Zi Ning not to go the wrong way, and not to spend the good time on things that are not destined to succeed.

When she returned home, Zi Ning put away her dancing clothes. He Jinghua encouraged Zi Ning, thinking that there were other teachers who could recognize her and let her not be discouraged. Wake up and Ding Lan came to a place, very suitable for children to play. Su Xing wants to make a cake for Xi Wang on his birthday, praising Xi Wang for his great progress. Ding Lan bought a book for Xiwang as a birthday gift. Wake up wants to hold a birthday party for Xiwang here because Xiwang likes Thomas the most.

Xi Wang was very happy. He wrote the cards by hand and prepared them to give to the children in the class and invite them to their birthday party. Su Xing prepared a birthday present for Xi Wang, and Xi Bin was curious to open it, but he didn’t expect it to be a book again. Xi Wang suddenly lost energy after seeing it, and didn’t want to learn. Xi Bin borrowed from Uncle Zou’s words, the child’s good grades are a barometer for the family.

The mothers of the family committee got together and received an invitation to wake up. Their children liked the place where they wanted to have birthday parties. Lin Yunyun heard that the whole class was going, saying that she had no time for Crescent Moon, but she kept thinking about awake before robbing Aunt Yang with her, and cheating herself to decorate the store.

He Jinghua shouted that something went wrong, Jiang Bo ran out in a panic. It turned out that Lin Yunyun had newly established a WeChat group and invited all the children in the kindergarten to attend the birthday party of the new moon, and this day happened to be the same day as Xiwang. Jiang Bo lamented that the struggle between women was terrible.

He Jinghua felt that she couldn’t hide her awakening, so she called and told her about the matter, so that she could be mentally prepared. Su Xing knew that Lin Yunyun deliberately opposed herself, but in order to be ridiculed, she still wanted the parents to attend the ridiculous birthday party. He Jinghua went to the supermarket to buy groceries and wanted to ask Shen Xiaoyan what she thought, whether she wanted to attend Xiwang’s birthday party. Shen Xiaoyan refused, saying that she was going to the birthday party of the new moon. He Jinghua was speechless, but he thought so too.

Wake up, specially designed cartoon avatars for each parent, hoping that they can attend the Xiwang birthday party, but no one responded to her. Su Xing thought that Li Feifei and Si Yuan were good brothers of Xiying, holding a glimmer of hope, but Shen Xiaoyan said that it was not convenient for him to come. She wakes up and knows, she feels very sorry.

There is really no way to wake up, go to Lin Yunyun, hoping that she can reconcile, after all, the grievances between adults will not affect the children. But Lin Yunyun is reluctant, because she happened to be wiping the car. Awakening gave a step, saying that she could help her wipe, but this scene was recorded by Lin Yunyun with her mobile phone. In the end, Lin Yunyun still refused to give in and refused to reconcile with Awakening. Wake up and return home, crying very sad in bed.

Because Lin Yunyun helped arrange the work, Shen Xiaoyan went to Gu Jiawei’s company to do cleaning, so it was not convenient to attend Xiwang’s birthday party. Unexpectedly, she came to Gu Jiawei’s office with great joy. When cleaning seriously, she found a piece of paper on the floor with a footprint on it. She thought it was waste paper and threw it away. After Gu Jiawei came back, he found that it was an important contract and accused Shen Xiaoyan of not allowing her to touch her things.

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