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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 19 Recap

Su Xing and Xi Bin returned home without seeing Xi Wang, making them both very anxious. After Su Xing received a call from Shen Xiaoyan, she knew Xi Wang was with her. Xi Bin hurried over, and Xi Wang hugged Xi Bin and cried bitterly, thinking that the puppy would never come back because he could not find home. Waking up wanted to hold Yuwang, and Yuwang’s first hand tossed her away, crying that Wakeup was a bad mother. I wake up and feel that I have failed, and I have no thoughts.

Xiwang was painting a puppy in a kindergarten by himself. Siyuan mischievously said that he painted ugly and snatched away Xiwang’s painting book. Li Feifei couldn’t see it, and helped Xiwang snatch back the painting book, saying that this was not an ugly dog, but the puppies Xiwang raised. Xinyue heard that it was a puppy and said that her mother hated kittens and puppies because of the many bacteria on them. Xiwang immediately retorted, saying that his puppy was clean and had a bath every day, and he also learned how to lick the crescent moon’s face with his tongue. Crescent moon immediately cried, thinking that she had kissed herself with scorn. The teacher came to comfort the new moon, made Xi Wang also apologize, and respect the girl. Xiwang just wanted to express the miss for the puppy.

Xi Bin packs up the puppy’s things, Xi Bin tells him not to pack it, Xi Bin comforts Xi Bin, the puppy has been adopted by the young lady, and has a great time and there are many delicious foods. Xi Wang was very happy to hear that, and told Su Xing that he wanted to mail something to Xi Wang. Seeing that Xi Wang became lively and happy again, he woke up feeling regretful for throwing away the puppy, and Xi Bin planned to raise a puppy again.

Lin Yunyun called the full-time mothers over for tea, saying that after Weiyun Education opened, she would have a career, and she also said that she was deceiving herself. A mother deliberately said that Xi Wang hugged the little girl in the kindergarten to kiss her. Everyone felt terrible after hearing this. Lin Yunyun had not heard Xinyue say before, and finally learned that it was Xinyue who was kissed.

Wake came to the original company to look for Boss Mo and wanted to return to the top to continue working. Boss Mo felt very strange, thinking that the person in front of him did not look like Wake. Shen Zihao is happy for her to see Su Xing returning to the design industry.

Lin Yunyun prepared milk for Xinyue. Xinyue won the first place in the live class. She was very happy, but Lin Yunyun asked about the kindergarten and asked Xinyue to play with well-educated boys. She became a princess and hoped that after the new moon in the kindergarten, she would tell herself everything, but this matter could not be told to Gu Jiawei.

Wake up to the kindergarten, the teacher said that Lin Yunyun had a strong reaction. It was originally a matter between children, and it was also a good way to get along. When I woke up, I met Lin Yunyun and wanted to delay her for a few minutes to explain. What Xiwang did at the time was just to learn the way puppies and humans get along. Lin Yunyun didn’t listen to the explanation, thinking that Xiwang just didn’t have a tutor, and he didn’t accept the apology for regaining consciousness.

Zi Ning is preparing to take the dance troupe exam. He Jinghua puts on the cheongsam he used to get married and wants to accompany Zi Ning to encourage her to prepare well. Wake up and go home, he sees Xi Bin playing with Xi Wang again, and fails to do his homework well, so Miying teacher wants to check. He woke up and was so devastated that he was absent-minded in doing homework.

Su Xing ran into He Jinghua in the store. He Jinghua mentioned that Zi Ning had to apply for the dance troupe and choose a good-looking costume. Zi Ning was ready to perform on stage, but it was unexpected that Teacher Wang would be the judge again. After Zi Ning’s performance was over, Teacher Wang said that Zi Ning had potential, and he went back and waited for the results. But after Zi Ning walked away, he heard that the judges thought that the No. 2 performance was excellent.

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