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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Yunyun told Shen Xiaoyan that she could ask Gu Jiawei and let him find a suitable part-time job. Shen Xiaoyan was very grateful, and she wanted to help throw out the trash when she left her house. Lin Yunyun also threw the awakened vase into the trash, and asked Shen Xiaoyan to throw it away. Shen Xiaoyan didn’t know what was going on, it felt strange.

Xiwang went to the woods to find the puppy with Li Feifan and Siyuan, and wanted to attract it with ham. The puppy barked a few times, and Xi Wang liked it very much. Just when Xi Bin appeared, he took the puppy home. Xi Bin and Xi Wang bathed the puppy. Xi Wang was particularly reluctant to leave the puppy. They wanted to keep the puppy, but the phone rang. Xi Bin hurried to answer the phone. It was Wake who called to ask Xiwang’s homework. Xi Bin immediately covered and said that Xiwang had finished her homework, so she could go home slowly.

Xi Wang was about to take a shower, and suddenly remembered that he had not finished his homework yet and had a test paper to be handed over to teacher Miying. Xi Bin was anxious, and quickly let Xi Wang take a bath and go to bed. He used his left hand to help Xi Wang complete the test paper. After waking up and returning home, Xi Bin coaxed her sweetly and told her there was a surprise. I was very excited to wake up, but Xi Bin said that Xiwang is now very caring and very helpful to the development of a healthy personality. The result turned out to be that Xiwang’s favorite puppy took home. After I woke up and listened to it, I suddenly became emotional, thinking that stray dogs have various bacteria, and what to do if they are bitten. She hurried to Xiwang’s bedroom and saw that Xiwang was asleep on the bed, and the puppy was sleeping next to him obediently.

He Jinghua made an appointment with Teacher Wang of the art exam, and wanted to give Zi Ning a surprise, hoping that she could pass the art exam to go to school. Before the meeting, He Jinghua deceived Zi Ning to say that he had made an appointment with relatives and asked Jiang Bo to prepare a red envelope of 20,000 cash, and then secretly stuff it to Teacher Wang Yikao. Su Xing bought a lot of dog food online, but she was not sure whether she should continue to raise it, but looking at the pitiful person, she temporarily left the puppy. At this time, Su Xing received a call, and it was the teacher Miying who called to praise and praise.

He Jinghua always praised Zi Ning in front of Teacher Wang. Zi Ning performed two dances on the spot. Teacher Wang thought she was still very talented and thought she might succeed in taking the dance art test. Zi Ning was very happy. Teacher Wang asked her to step up her cultural studies, but she was anxious to leave before eating. He Jinghua hurriedly added a few words, wanting Zi Ning to dance assault on Teacher Wang right away. Jiang Bo quietly gave Teacher Wang a red envelope, but was rejected by Teacher Wang. This scene was seen by Zi Ning.

Xiwang was absent-minded in doing his homework, thinking about playing with the puppy all the time. Waking up made Xiwang do his homework well. If he was upset, he would send the puppy away, but Xiwang kept making requests, so that he didn’t have the patience to wake up. He Jinghua complained to Jiang Bo, thinking that Teacher Wang was too arrogant and didn’t reply to her own news. He wanted to block her and solve the art test of Zi Ning. I didn’t expect to be heard by Zi Ning. Zi Ning knew that the words Mr. Wang said were perfunctory between adults. He didn’t want to take any art exams, but he still wanted to go to an art troupe. He Jinghua felt so sad, thinking that Zi Ning didn’t understand her painstaking efforts.

Su Xing brought Xi Wang to Mi Win. The teacher praised Xi Wang’s good promotion papers and asked him how long it took him to finish. Xi Wang would not lie, only to say that Xi Bin told him the time. The teacher took another promotion paper on the spot and asked Xi Wang to do it on the spot. He didn’t expect many wrong questions to fail at all.

She woke up very angry. When she came home, she saw the puppy messing up the house again. She became angry and wanted to send the puppy away so that Xi Wang could study hard. The most important thing is to make a loud cry and make a loud noise, no matter what you say when you wake up. Waking up, I was very upset when I heard it. I picked up the puppy and would throw it away. I didn’t expect to be bitten. Regaining consciousness and crying, he tightened the puppy into the shelter. When Xi Bin knew about it, he accused him of waking up, thinking that she shouldn’t throw away the puppy, which was Xi Wang’s favorite. Awakening also expresses his thoughts, and has no energy to raise a dog while raising children.

The two of them couldn’t help but woke up and returned home and found that Xiwang had disappeared. The two looked everywhere, only to find that Xi Wang ran to Shen Xiaoyan’s. Xi Bin and Su Xing arrived, Xi Wang hugged Xi Bin and wept bitterly, thinking that the puppy could not find a way home, and was cruelly abandoned by Wake.

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