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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 25 Recap

Qiao Yuqian told Amin that although Jin Lei still had a heartbeat, he was brain dead, and he might not be able to wake up again. Amin couldn’t accept this cruel fact, and irrationally scolded Qiao Yuqian as a bad doctor. She cried and made a lot of noise in the hospital, thinking that Qiao Yuqian was too selfish. Although she wanted to save Jin Lei, she was now facing this dilemma. Whether she is sending Jin Lei to the Western District Hospital or giving up Jin Lei, she has no choice. She couldn’t afford the high expenses for the former, and she couldn’t be cruel to make Jin Lei stop his heartbeat completely. After questioning, the staff determined that Qiao Yuqian was treated when Jin Lei was unconscious and did not violate relevant regulations.

Amin was still in pain, but she had to sign a consent form and watched the doctor unplug Jin Lei’s oxygen tube, and then declared his death. Qiao Xiangwan knew about his sister. She was innocent and sensitive, and could not bear the tremendous pressure of being a doctor. He came up to the top of the building and had a heart-to-heart chat with her sister. Qiao Yuqian feels a little sad. On Zal Island, no matter how hard a woman works, she still has to marry someone else as his wife and enter someone else’s ancestral hall.

The internet upstairs was not good, so Ye Hong went to the restaurant to use her mobile phone, thinking about checking his son’s circle of friends. Zhou Yue reminded her that the Moments of Friends has a blocking function, and Ye Hong said that no wonder she couldn’t see the update of his son’s Moments. Wu Xin accidentally said that Qiao Yuqian had not eaten, and Liao Yu took the lunch box and went upstairs to find Qiao Yuqian.

Qiao Yuqian was in a bad mood and did not eat or drink. Sitting on the roof alone, Liao Yu went up to persuade her to be fruitless and pulled her down. Liao Yu handed over the lunch box, hoping she could eat the meal. The stubborn Qiao Yuqian directly overturned the lunch box, so that Liao Yu was not angry, and what she said was also very hurtful. But even if what he said hurts people, what he said is not unreasonable. Since Qiao Yuqian has decided to become a doctor, he should think of all kinds of emergencies. No matter what the result is, he must clenched his teeth and survived, instead of losing her temper and skipping meals. No one had ever said that to her, Qiao Yuqian was very broken. Liao Yu also softened his voice. He said that this society has very high requirements for the quality of doctors, and doctors’ dedication and ability to withstand stress are much higher than ordinary people.

Liao Yu’s persuasion made Qiao Yuqian figure out a lot. She cried and picked up the lunch box, washed it and returned to the dining room. Liao Yu prepared another meal for her. Qiao Yuqian was very moved and ate while crying. The work of intensive vaccines has temporarily come to an end. The friendly hospital has resumed normal work, the number of patients has also increased, and many of the nursing staff who had left before have also returned.

The anesthesiologist Du Yi’an invited by Li Tiancheng last time also came to work at the Youhao Hospital. He said that he would put into work as soon as possible and discuss the consultation fee later. Huo Xiang asked Li Tiancheng about the consultation fee, and when he saw the consultation gold bar Li Tiancheng handed over, he still felt that the friendly hospital could not afford it. Li Tiancheng said that the Department of Health still owed them the funds, and Huo Xiang directly asked him to ask someone from the Department of Health.

John invited Zhou Yue to have dinner with him. Zhou Yue tactfully refused. By the way, he handed over the information that John wanted and asked about Gnuwen, but it was a pity that Gnuwen did not cooperate with the investigation and the situation was not optimistic. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng tease their children when they are free, and Zhou Yue is moved by seeing Li Tiancheng’s appearance. As night fell, Li Tiancheng said that he wanted to get married with her, and Zhou Yue’s appearance made him, who originally belonged to the prodigal son, sprouted the idea of ​​starting a family.

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