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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 24 Recap

Seeing that Wang Xiaocong’s popularization and publicity work was done so well, Qiao Yuqian praised him a few words. Qiao Yuqian went out and Liao Yu apologized to her for what happened that night, but he still felt that he was right to reject Qiao Yuqian, but the method and method were inappropriate. He believes that love is sacred and should not be spoken lightly. Moreover, he is a foreign aid doctor, Qiao Yuqian is a local doctor, and even later a famous family. They were originally from two worlds. Qiao Yuqian could not understand Liao Yu’s explanation, so she turned her head angrily and left. An Fanny called Qiao Yuqian and asked her to meet up tonight.

Since the last passionate kiss, Zhou Yue was a little embarrassed to see Li Tiancheng. Seeing him and the villagers cheering inside the house, Zhou Yue couldn’t help but glance at it. Li Tiancheng chased it out, Zhou Yue plucked up the courage to ask him if he was serious about chasing himself. Li Tiancheng naturally admitted that Zhou Yue dragged him to the local place where he was throwing darts and asked him to stand at the target. Li Tiancheng was a little scared, but still stood bravely, making Zhou Yue feel that he was really sincere. The two play darts and then ask each other questions. An Fanny came to Qiao Yuqian and asked her to help Gnuwen, and asked her to ask Qiao Xiangwan for help, so as to avoid digging out the things behind her.

Qiao Yuqian was very angry, and she wanted to leave when she got up. An Fanny said that her mother had advanced liver cancer, and An Hao Wan said that if An Fanny could settle this matter, he would recognize An Fanny’s mother’s identity. Qiao Yuqian was sorry for what happened to Anfenni’s mother, but she still couldn’t obstruct justice and let Qiao Xiangwan interfere with Gnuwen. Li Tiancheng asked Liang Kelly a question abnormally. Liang Kelly said her understanding, and then she asked if he liked Zhou Yue’s question. Li Tiancheng said frankly that he loves Zhou Yue. When Li Tiancheng said the word love, Liang Kaili showed an unbelievable look.

Qiao Yuqian didn’t help An Fanny. When An Fanny left, she made an appointment with John. Qiao Yuqian also said that if she did this by herself, An Fanny and Anna might complain about themselves. Anna saw the conversation between Qiao Yuqian and John. Kaili Liang told Li Tiancheng that, in her view, Zhou Yue was a woman who kept herself safe. If Li Tiancheng fell in love with her and gave up on her, she might collapse. After all, Li Tiancheng was a person who would not settle down anywhere. Seeing that Li Tiancheng seemed to really fall in love with Zhou Yue, Liang Kaili promised that she would not test Zhou Yue again in the future. In any case, Kelly Leung is happy that he really found the woman he loves.

At this time, Zhou Yue also remembered the bits and pieces that let Li Tiancheng get along with him today. Although Liang Kaili smiled and blessed him and Zhou Yue, after Li Tiancheng left, she drank and became drunk and felt that she was a failure. The Friendship Hospital organized a training course for nurses. Many students were full of enthusiasm and awe for the profession of nurses. Ye Hong and Wang Xiaocong spare no effort to teach them. Jin Lei took advantage of the nurse’s carelessness to come to the hospital to steal the medicine, but he passed out in the hospital because of his serious illness. Qiao Yuqian hurriedly performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for him. Liang Kaili just walked by and saw, and took a look at his pupils, and found that his pupils were dilated and fixed, and he was obviously incapable of recovery.

But Qiao Yuqian didn’t believe it and continued to save him. Thirty minutes later, Ye Hong reminded her that Jin Lei could not be saved. Although Jin Lei had recovered his heartbeat, he lacked oxygen for too long and Jin Lei had been brain dead. Kaili Liang clearly reminded her that there is only one way now, and that is to let Jin Lei’s family give up Jin Lei by themselves, and Jin Lei’s family can’t afford the expensive medical expenses. Jin Lei’s wife couldn’t believe it, she wanted to hear the truest answer from Qiao Yuqian.

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